Possible Bigfoot Caught On Trail Cam Near Massillon in Strasburg, Ohio

We could have sworn we've seen this photo before of a purported Bigfoot walking past the trail cam.

The photo is from a recent article published in www.buzzbinmagazine.com, and the story goes like this:
Editor-in-chief Michael Nasvadi received a tip about the sighting of the beast just south of Massillon in Strasburg. One of his sources presented him with photographic evidence (see picture above), captured by a deer cam, of an alleged Sasquatch.

The editor decided to send one of his "staff ace" to check out the source's claim. When he got there, he was shown the photo above along with references to show how big the figure actually is, compared to deer photos caught on the same trail cam.

When the editor arrived at the scene, this is what he learned about the photo:

We arrived an hour or two before dusk at the source’s home (our contact wished to remain anonymous), which lies on a winding road, surrounded by woods and sparsely located neighbors. The time of our arrival was planned to coincide with the activity of our subject: Maisel said Bigfoots are primarily active from dusk till dawn, though not exclusively nocturnal.

Our source invited us in to see the original photo sent to our editor as well as other photos of deer he caught on the camera, so we could get some perspective on the size of the beast.

In comparison, whatever was captured in the first photo was certainly not a deer, standing roughly six feet tall and with limbs too thick to be confused with the slender appendages of a Cervidae. From the photo, the creature appeared to walk upright, with arms swinging in a motion similar to that of a human. The source also showed photos of animals moving quickly across the camera, which only snaps pictures when it senses movement and heat. These photos gave us an idea of the type of blur trails the camera picks up during low light. It became clear that even a deer, standing upright and flailing its legs, would still not appear to have the mass of the animal caught in the photo.

He also explained to us the inability of the camera, in low-light situations, to pick up colors on subjects positioned close to it. While the photo appears to be picking up a white creature, that may not exactly be the case.

With an idea of the size and dimensions of the creature in the photo, we made our way to the location where it was shot.

Since this was in the far corner of the source’s property, it’s hard to imagine someone finding the place to conduct some sort of hoax. Our source also explained that the only people near him who knew his camera’s location were people he was with that night, celebrating New Year’s Eve.

As we approached the scene I let my keen journalist observational skills pick up on any of the clues Maisel told me about, including footprints, stick piles in unnatural places and Bigfoot’s signature odor.

“It is a sewer smell,” Maisel said. “A sewery, garbage smell, but not too overpowering.”

Of course, the snow that fell the night before would have covered any prints made during the days leading up to our arrival. With no physical evidence about, the source positioned the deer cam to focus on where it was when it took the photo.
We took a few photos with the deer cam to further establish size, all while keeping an eye out for other signs of Bigfoots: ape-like grunting sounds, knocking and rock-throwing.

We did a comparison check by increasing the brightness level on the original photo. Some more details emerged, and we noticed the "leg" taking on a different shape.

Brightness level increased


[via www.buzzbinmagazine.com]


  1. hmmm.. really dislike this stuff. Hair appears all uniform, arms appear very normal, looks like a pretty good forehead and no slope.

    Guess who ever was pulling the act was trying to pull someones johnson boat motors are the best.


  2. "The hair appears too uniform" comments doesnt do much for me. When I think of an animals coat, or see pictures of animals coats, like, bears, deers, coyotes, dogs, I always see complete uniformity. The more uniform and flow, the better the chance of it not being a hoax. IMHO.

  3. Out of all the wildlife photos taken this one HAPPENS to be blury?

    1. The subject is moving. in the other deer photographs, the deer are standing, and appear to be eating. if a subject is moving, of course it will be blurry.

    2. The subject is moving. in the other deer photographs, the deer are standing, and appear to be eating. if a subject is moving, of course it will be blurry.

    3. The picture is taken at night in the dark. The shutter speed is slow to enable enough light to enter the camera to produce an image. The slightest movement shows up as a blurry image. Bigfoot is moving, probably running because he smells something strange no doubt "man". I wouldn't expect him to pose for a picture.

    4. Exactly, but its not surprising now, is it? I don't buy the "Sasquatch is moving" crap either. The Buck is walking through and its not near as blurry. This is "crap" "as usual".

    5. Even the first deer picture is blurry. So if it's running by it would definatetly be blurry.

  4. Does anyone know how fast an object has to be moving in front of a trailcam to create that much distortion? Could a bigfoot (or man) create distortion like that by running/walking by the cam, or do you need the speed of bird/owl flying by to do that?

  5. Good question Beer-Man. I think a lot may have to do with proximity, as well. I can't imagine that most trail-cams have a huge variety of autofocus and shutter speed flexability. Although, I've see some fairly good action shots of wildlife, so I'm siding with proximity on this particular shot. It took me a while of staring, but I did manage to turn the subject into a bird (owl)... BlobSquatches are kinda like those 'Magic Eye' books!
    David from the PAC/NW

  6. Definition of a blobsquatch right there... proves nothing, and it's slightly suspicious being the only photo taken with blurring sufficient to render it inconclusive. However, i will say it's definitely not a deer, and in all likelihood not a bear. the proportions are wrong for that. The slope of its shoulders and from what little you can discern from the shape of its arms make it look bipedal. My guess, devil's advocate, guy in a suit. They were celebrating new years eve which means there might have been booze involved, and combine that with the boisterous vibe synonymous with new years and you've got a perfect set up for a silly prank. Of course there's no way to tell one way or the other...

  7. Well it's interesting. Who knows for sure?

  8. I live in this area and have trail cams out for deer. When something walks passed that
    close it is often that blurry and that color. The arm is quite defined for suit but hard to tell. I always tell the kids to watch out for(Adam) in the woods behind the house. I was just playing but it might be true. Can't wait to show them this lol.

  9. There was another trailcam pic like that from a few years ago. Someone will eventually come up with it I'm sure.

  10. So sick of these fake pictures!

  11. This proves that bigfoots are naturally blurry animals when compared to the deer photos taken with the same camera.

  12. Looks like larrys BF, the head I mean. Anyone else see the resemblance ?

    1. I have a Moulton trail camera and some off the most suddell movement will cause the blurry photos. Especially at night. The only thing that gets me IS the forehead normally they are sloped. But I believe this photo to be real

  13. I wish the Tralcam was set to movie mode, the subject would have to be moving along to blurr the picture. Maybe you should get that guy to try that.

  14. This is just outside of "The Sasquatch Trangle" here in Ohio. Maybe Don Ketting can investigate this ??
    Also, any other evidence like "prints" ???

  15. hoax to the 10th degree....more junk from the hoax masters...with all this Finding Bigfoot stuff going on, ow all te pranksters are opping out of the woodwork. Dont forget we just had an Ohio episode recently.
    They love it when bigfoot dorks...er..researchers..go out and investigate their crap...they are just laughing at tem on the inside....bigfoot reasearchers...er..dorks...they are just to gullable

  16. Looks like a bird flying past the camera.

  17. I thought the face looked extremely like Larry's as well

  18. That is a bird, if you look in the forehead region, you can make out the beak. Looking in the arm area, you can see the trail of the swooping motion the wings make.I wouldnt really call this one a hoax, just a misidentification.

  19. 2012, the year the entire BigFoot / Sasquatch effort is deemed a massive public hoax by massive public hoaxers......

    That is the way this year is shaping up. Still waiting for some convincing evidence that will once and for all establish the existence of this creature. Would love to see it. This type of crappola just continues to dilute any goodwill.

    new anonymous

  20. Isn't there new photoshop technology that deblurs photos? Maybe it hasn't been released yet.
    Actually, here's an example: http://prodesigntools.com/photoshop-sneak-peek-image-deblurring-adobe-max.html

    Clearly (no pun intended) the most important use for this technology will be deblurring bigfoot photos.

    A.N. Mous

    1. If you follow the links, it shows that this only works for camera shake, not blurred subjects. Maybe someday.

  21. Mitch Hedberg was right: Bigfoot *is* blurry; it's not the photographer's fault...

  22. Why is it that every single time there is a video people want to say they are all fake and run their fonts? Why is it that everyone cant seem to get along and cooperate about something that is apparently a mutual interest? All i ever see is negative crap. I think someone could have an actual bigfoot for evidence and people would still claim it was a hoax.

    As far as the cases of blurry pics and video (not trail cam) i can see how a person might be anxious given the excitement and potential fear of being around the creature in all probability would be a little shaky.

  23. When I mention 'uniform length', I think of costume designs. Can you see a darker circular shape that conforms to the shoulder of a sleeve?
    The 'hair' doesn't lay down, it sticks out giving an appearance and showing the approximate same length for the entire arm and body. The back doesn't even curve or show anything but the hair sticking out at a uniform length. The curvature of the neck over the shoulder shows the neck in the same approximate position of a person. Squatches for the most part appear to have no neck, or the head is further forward. Look at the gorilla pics that have been placed recently and compare. Even the hair from the head and neck appear the same length.


  24. This image does resemble the only photo of the Lake Worth Monster of the 1960's. Google the LWM and find the comparison photo. Almost uncanny.

  25. I see a guy with a hooded jacket on

  26. I see a thumb and a right hand in motion shot.

    1. Exactly! Before I read the comments I tried to think of what could produce this image that is more likely than a mythical creature, and now I can't look at it without thinking it's someone's right hand. Probably they're standing behind the camera holding their hand out in front of the cam to adjust something. I can see the thumb and even the thumbnail. The fingers make up the "head" and the creature's "right arm". With the hand up close to the cam it's quite easy to explain why it's overexposed by the cam's built in light and it takes only a small amount of motion to cause this much blur (not to mention it tends to be blurred by being closer than the cam's focusing distance). Well done, sir!

    2. That's what I saw in seconds. How can anyone be so dumb to not see the thumbnail? Makes the whole site non-credible.

    3. I was wondering if someone saw that too. Come on. The deer are in focus and the hand isn't? Fake!

    4. Well, close. It's not "fake" in that the picture has been altered in Photoshop or similar program. And why a hand up close to the lens is out of focus while distant objects are sharp is something you learn about in either the first or second photography lesson in school. But I agree it's definitely fake in that it is incorrectly being interpreted as a bigfoot. More like a "bighype".

  27. It's an elephant. A wooly mammoth. Juvenile obviously. It can't be a Bigfoot because they only live in the Pacific NW; the rest of the country is just jealous. So it's an elephant.

    Seriously, I don't know what it is and neither does any honest person looking at the image - there just isn't enough info to draw a conclusion. To '2/8/12 10:11 PM Anonymous' who complained of the negativity... ok, for every good soul like yourself there are 30 trolls on the internet. Like Bigfoot their species is yet to be identified (maybe this kindred is why they are here... hmmm) and they don't care about Bigfoot or evidence, they care about getting a rise out of good people like you. When you acknowledge them you feed them, they get bigger, multiply asexually, and then there are more of them... go to YouTube for proof of this. Think of them as evil tribbles that hiss instead of purr. Rob them of their power - ignore them.

    Dave the Photoshop from WA
    (i can't be real, there is already 1 David from NW)

  28. just a distorted photoshop of a bear

  29. It looks like a white fake sasquatch suit a guy was wearing in a commercial I saw on TV the other day.

  30. Actually, I think they're going about it the wrong way, but hey - what do I know?
    My 2 cents suggestion is: I think that Bigfoot can pick up the human scent, especially theirs and knows when those guys are around thus staying away. What I suggest they do is to set up surveillance cameras in areas frequented by Bigfoot along with a tape recorder and speakers set up really high in different trees playing SMOOTH JAZZ and see what the camera(s) catches! In so doing there will be no human scent for Bigfoot to pick up thus appealing to their curiosity as to what it could be! Wouldn't be surprised if they capture some on surveillance.

    1. I think its smoke. They said something about checking the camera on new years eve. Probaly through a fire cracker in front of camera. Im goning to try it when i get a chance. Don't mean their not out there!

    2. Oh yes, its a fool proof plan which will no doubt allow people to capture more "hands" in the quest for the elusive Bigfoot. What a joke. What planet are we on?

  31. Looks like the Wampa monster from Hoth

  32. kind of looks like a slightly cuped hand. You can sort of make out a thumb nail where the shoulder should be and finger nail where the extended hand is ...

  33. Question, why was the game camera positioned with a tree infront of it? It looks like it was strapped to a tree with a big bush 4 feet infront of it. When I set my cameras up I like it to have a large field of view. Its like they were trying to see how often deer pass that one bush. So theres my 2 cents, what do the rest of you think? Im thinking hoax based on the odd camera placement,

  34. Yeah right, if you notice the photo date it just so happens to have taken place on a Friday night on New Years Eve! That's a red flag if ever there was one.
    (It aint a party til someone puts on the yeti suit)

  35. It is clearly a deer's butt, with the deer very close to the camera. The "head" is in fact the tail. Look at it again, you won't be able to see it as anything else.

  36. It looks like "Bumble" from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  37. This is obviously a right hand of a person behind the camera (see the thumbnail).

  38. i think bigfoot is real and in my woods

  39. my dad reported 2 sightings of white bigfoots one behind his house in 1967 walked up one about 7 ft tall.and a yr latter down poor valley rd saltville va saw a second white sasquatch in a field n walked off up the mt side was around 8or 9 ft, he was in vietnam a yr latter ,washington county va is nothing but giant mts n rivers streams deer bear n bigfoot theres alot of reports in that area

  40. WHAT!!! This is a bigfoot!! It looks like someone took one of those cheap toys with the ink-stamp feet an waved it in front of the camara! Plus it's the only picture out of the other ones that's blurry!

  41. Nothing better than hillbillies wasting there time making fake bigfoot videos. sooooooo lame.

  42. You douchebags can't see that its a hand? Really? This past time is a joke, a monumental waste of time. Nothing more.

  43. it's amazing to me how many inconclusive video's there are out there, yet there is not conclusive.

    People are infatuated with faking this creatures existence, and others seem infatuated with wanting to believe that something "unbeilevable" is out there.

    just do the math. w/ the amount of video and pictures being taken in the woods. People find all types of animals they never see in the wild...but the cameras find them. They've never captured a BF though.

    a breading population would be found. End of discussion.

  44. Its someones right hand you can see the thumb nail

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