Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bigfoot Community News: Fake Georgia Sasquatch Footage, Tim Fasano Votes, Yeti de Bourganeuf Photos From Russia With Love

Update: The purported Minnesota Iceman Photos are actually photos of Yeti de Bourganeuf. Thanks to our commenters for this info.

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. This post combines some of the latest news and happenings around the Bigfoot community that we're not able to get to.

Fake Georgia Sasquatch:

This video is unlisted and you can't finding it by searching for it. We've seen the exact same video popping up on several other accounts. We believe this to be an attempt to make the video go viral. The description reads: "We found this poor guy's camera phone on the back of Lookout mtn. ga. The hiker has never been found."

Tim Fasano Votes:

Florida Bigfoot researcher, Tim Fasano shows off his "I Voted" sticker above his Tampa Bay ♥s patch at a voting precinct in Tampa, Fla. Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post.

Voters in the Sunshine State — more than in the first three states’ contests combined — cast their ballots Tuesday in the Republican presidential primary.

Minnesota Iceman Photos from Russia:

These photos of the Minnesota Iceman Yeti de Bourganeuf came from a Russian website:

The forum poster wrote this:

Serious question. Object shown in the pictures have disappeared along with the owner to an unknown destination (1997, France). Owner's name was fictional, so do not know who to look for. And, as noted here for another reason: there is no body - no matter ...

But based on analysis of photographs and eyewitnesses gominologi some consider it the present. I am including.


  1. Good to see Fasano voting. Anybody that excercises that right, that was fought for us by past generations, should be commended.

  2. I wonder which jerk Fasano voted for? The 250 million dollar flip flopper or the serial cheater/liar?

  3. these photos are tied to Borganeuf France. look up scott elliot white/ hominologist christian le noel.... 1997. photos appeared in france journal du berry.


  5. all i know is this that iceman looked very cold! unless that was robert lindsay's latest attempt at getting famous. all yuk-yuks aside those pictures of the iceman were from some fla. hospital right after mrs. fasano gave birth to her little timmy boy.

  6. When are you people going to stop mentioning the name of the proven HOAXER Fasano? He has been busted and publicly humiliated, convicted domestic violence abuser, a self admitted money scammer that can afford to pay his rent or pay money borrowed from his job, but he can taked their taxi cabs out on wilderness trails and make his thousands of 2 minute video's of nothing.