Why Can't We Find Bigfoot?

The new season of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot will be airing tonight and many of our new readers will definitely have some questions about Bigfoot. Sadly, due to the format of the show, many important questions will be left unanswered. Some common questions are:

  • Why has a Bigfoot body never been found?
  • Why has one never been killed by a hunter?
  • Why have none been killed by automobiles?
  • What other factors are involved in finding Bigfoot remains?

Lucky for us, these questions have been talked about many times before and one expert has an article addressing each of these questions. Ron Coffey is a veteran Cryptozoologist with nearly forty years experience in the field. He has researched cryptid sightings all across the United States and Northern Europe. He is considered the foremost authority on Bigfoot.

Here are his answers to the above questions:

Why has a Bigfoot body never been found?

One common question is: “If we can not find any bodies that is the result of a natural death, why hasn’t a hunter shot one”? They always follow this question with a remark like, “The woods are full of hunters.”

Firstly, hunters actually have a very limited number of mammals and fowl, that they can legally hunt. These limits on variety, coupled with fairly short hunting seasons, mean, that as a rule, there is a only a very small amount of time when hunters are actually in the woods. Thus a very small window of opportunity, if the hunter was so inclined, for harvesting a cryptid.

In reality, a very small percentage of the total population even are hunters, In almost every state there are literally thousands and thousands of acres of hunting lands, some are so remote that humans seldom even venture into these area. Using the term “The woods are full of hunters” is a terribly inaccurate statement. This vast expanse of hunting lands added to a small population of hunters further decreases the odds of a hunter ever encountering a cryptid.

Why has one never been killed by a hunter?

Another reason that no hunters are known to have killed a cryptid is due to the fact that most true hunters are always very conscious of safety and decency toward other living things and would never fire a shot at an unidentified target, which they would most likely only got a glimpse of anyway, or risk making an inaccurate shot that would only wound the animal.

On the very rare occasions when a hunter has reportedly encountered a Bigfoot, they always state they did not use their guns due to the fact that it looked “just too human.” All true hunters are also very aware of various game laws and they strive to follow these regulations. Few hunters are willing to risk the penalties associated with killing a possibly protected species.

Why have none been killed by automobiles?

People have asked “Why do we not have any road kill cryptids”? The answer to that question is that these creatures are thought to be too intelligent to place themselves in a situation where they would be struck by a motor vehicle.

Many witnesses report seeing strange animals on or near the roadway, but there are very few reports of any near-misses with their vehicles. Unlike most known animals, cryptids seem to understand the fact that they need to allow the vehicle to pass before crossing the road.

What other factors are involved in finding Bigfoot remains?

Other odds-reducing factors that contribute to the unlikelihood of discovering physical remains are related to cryptid behavior: A nomadic lifestyle, nocturnal travel and feeding, intelligent behavior, the tendency to remain in dense cover, a tendency to avoid areas where humans are likely to be encountered, the absence of aggressive behavior, in most cryptids, towards humans. And the apparent habit of, at least temporary, abandoning a habitat when humans do intrude.

At least for now, the likelihood of collecting any physical cryptid remains is a very remote possibility. However this does not lesson the odds of a chance encounter with one of these mysterious beings.

[via www.examiner.com]


  1. The simple reason Bigfoot cannot be found is: Bigfoot does not exist.

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Until I saw one. Don't care what other people think. Seeing is believing.

    1. Seeing sometimes is very misleading:

    2. And here 113 more examples why you can't always trust what your eyes see:

  3. Anonymous #1--You make no sense. Why do you go onto a site about evidence of Bigfoot to announce BF doesn't exist? Do you spend your day going onto Fairy sites telling people there are no fairies and elves? Onto UFO sites to say that no one has seen anything unexplainable in the sky? I'm just curious and perhaps a bit fascinated with the use of your free time, dear.

  4. There is alot more to the automobile issue.

    Number one- if they are nocturnal, there is a good chance someone who hits one does not really want to alert anyone because then they have to explain why they hit something at 3 in the morning. They dont want to answer where are you coming from, where are you going and the big one "have you been drinking".

    Number two- this question assumes that everyone who hits an animal in a remote location, at what is likely a very late hour will stop and search for the creature. I dont know how one can assume the impact and the nature of the creature would allow for the easy discovery of a body. In these areas the body would likely never stay on the road.

    Number three- you can't assume a kill on impact- if its night in areas known for Sasquatch one that is severely injured would likely still be able to avoid capture and dies someone else- really meaning people would have no idea where to really look.

    Number 4- this assumes the population of Sasquatch is so large that one could be struck with none of the aforementioned conditions? What is the liklihood of this. Think about the number of accidents involving deer in relation to the actual number of deer and times they cross the road. Then remove all accidents that take place where a deer has wandered into an unfamiliar habitat. The remaining accidents in relation to the deer population is small and compared with Sasquatch estimates shows how low a chance is one would actually be hit- let alone not be impacted by one of the factors above.

    Number 5- it is extremely intelligent- you dont hear about people seeing it cross roads in areas where cars travel at a high rate of speed. It unlikely one would be hit- let alone by a car traveling fast enough to immediately kill it. Who can imagine someone speeding up and trying to hit it dead on. Nobody wants to damage their car and be potentially killed. People would avoid hitting one like they do other animals and breaking and swerving only makes a non-lethal impact to the creature much more likely.

    Number 6- this assumes the driver would survive any accident severe enough to be lethal to a Sasquatch and the driver in such a case would walk away unscathed and be able to immediately search. If the driver perishes as a result then how would anyone know a possible Bigfoot carcass in the area. Accidents are not discovered for days in these areas. Scavangers may not leave much to discover especially if those eventually on the scene do not know where to look.

    This "question" always bothered me because I always thought it was a question that boiled down to asking why something very unlikely to begin with never happened?

    I always thought the hunter question would be better answered after the discovery of a body. This question also assumes that hunters who run across one all have a weapon with them powerful enough to kill one with one shot. For a hunter to get one he would have to have a powerful enough weapon and be able to get off a clear shot, that would almost immediately kill it so as it can't flee and hide and die where the body will not be discovered.

    The creatures body make be such that its like a Grizzly and to be sure you get one your gun better be powerful enough.

    Again this assumes an immediate kill shot is something easy to get. Later we may find that certain factors made a hunter getting one pretty much impossible.

  5. I agree with the last poster. Mathmatically speaking, it would be an anomoly to find a bigfoot carcass from an automobile accident. Millions upon millions of deer populate North America. When we consider a large Sasquatch population to be approx. 2000in the North American continent, how can we expect to find a bigfoot lieing dead in a ditch from a car collision? Possible? Yes. Probable? No. The math along settles this argument.

  6. I lean toward the bigfoot does exist camp. There is certainly a lot of idiocy associated with bigfoot (e.g. much of what can be found on this site). However, there are the Grover Krantzs, Jeff Meldrums, Jimmy Chilcutts and others who were/are willing to risk their professional reputation rather than summarily dismiss evidence that they believe points to the likely existence of such a primate.

    For decades, the type of equipment necessary to locate a very rare and intelligent animal in a vast and dense wilderness was very expensive and only available to people who, for the most part, were not using it to hunt for bigfoot (military, government, corporations, etc.).

    Now that much of this technology has significantly come down in price and is available to bigfoot enthusiasts at relatively modest costs, it is my personal belief that if a sasquatch specimen (a capture or kill), is not provided to science within the next few years (I'd cut it off at five years), then I would conclude that bigfoot does not exist.

  7. I would really like BigFoot researchers to also accept the fact that they are in a small minority. Skeptics are also a small minority most people really do not care.

    I will tell a personal story as to why I think this is really clear. I became interested at a very young age and actually went to an area outside Yakima on a trip. We stayed with a "real cowboy" on a working farm. He told us when we arrived "Dont get worried when you hear shots at night- the coyotes get close and come after the cats so I have to shoot them to keep the population controllable. He also carried a pistol on his belt because of rattle snakes and other animals that can just show up.

    I asked him "Do you believe in Bigfoot" he told me. I dont care, if it is out there it has been for awhile and does not impact me. I have had problems with cougars and only worry about animals I know I have to deal with. He also said a recent sighting was in an area we drove through to get to the farm. A guy said he saw one sitting there and he said he did not believe this and that he knew that area and if they were around alot of people would see them.

    He was a nice guy and it was an experience to know him but this was really his whole opinion and knowledge base. He would take me and the other kids to lunch and he would call over people who knew more to talk to me and his neighbor was a big hunter and would go on alot of trips.

    Even people who knew more about it really did not care. It was always- alot of people see them- I never have, so I don't know. You dont hear about them attacking anyone so it really does not matter. It has always been this way- some people claim they are there, others say it is not and there is no reason to spend time thinking about it.

    The most interesting thing I was told is that everyone believes in it at certain times. If four guys go camping and hear a strange noise, the consensus is Bigfoot and they get uneasy. Maybe later they discount it and explain it away but the consensus opinion was when you are alone in those woods and something really strange happens the first thing anyone thinks is Bigfoot.

    One story was very interesting. A group of people were on a hunting outing and staying at an old cabin. They build a fire cook dinner and are joking and then a loud screech, that was terrifying they all looked at one another immediately made the fire bigger and everyone got a gun. They said "if Bigfoot does exist then that was it". They slept in shifts and nothing more happened.

    I got the impression then that there is probably alot more evidence than has been discovered just because people who may run across it dont care. The local hunter with two small kids who manages to get away for three hours on a sunday will likely say he runs across many strange bones- if he is asked- he doesnt think about it otherwise- does not take samples and does not run into people who would think to or want to ask him these questions.

    If every single resident of Washington and Oregon would think "we need to prove Sasquatch exists for one month the job would be done. They dont think like this so evidence goes unnoticed and we dont have knowledge of all thats available.

    Prediction- in 15 years we get to the point where we can station trail cams on satellites- meaning we will have satellites that can get a view of an area just like a trail cam. They stop knowing the areas to avoid and we get better pics.

  8. @AutumnForest

    What people believe dictates their actions. Belief in bigfoot is fairly harmless. The worst it does is make people take time away from doing more constructive things and devote it to chasing after a creature that doesn't exist. Yes, I'm fairly sure now that bigfoot does not exist. However, I'm always open to GOOD evidence. I still think there's more of a chance bigfoot exists than gods, ghosts or fairies.

    It's important to me that I believe as many true things as possible and disbelieve as many untrue things as possible because beliefs inform decisions. Beliefs dictate how much time and money you spend on certain activities.

    Take religion. It has caused so much harm and yet people still cling to it. AIDS is rampant in Africa, but the Pope tells the citizens there that condoms actually make it more likely for you to get AIDS. Here in the US, the Mormons poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into passing California's Prop 8. A recent study showed that among all "minorities" atheists are the most reviled simply because we don't buy into fairy tales.

    Right now any Christians reading this are hating me simply for being an atheist and pointing out facts. It's amazing how many Christians have told me to go to hell, how many have told me to go away, how many have cut off communications with me, how many of me have said they'll be laughing while watching me burn, how many turn their backs when they find out the truth. Strange how they liked me just fine until I said I didn't believe in the same magical sky fairy they did.

    I always point out how very much like Jesus they are acting. :)

    There is a significant correlation between crime and religion. The more religious a country is, the higher the crime rate. This works in states, too. The more religious people per capita in a state, the higher the crime rate. The Bible Belt has the highest crime rate, per capita, in the US.

    Correlation does not equal causation, so no one knows why this correlation exists, but it does. I'm sure further studies will shed light on why this is so.

    There are many, MANY more reasons to be suspicious of religion, just as there are many reasons to be skeptical of bigfoot.

    Even though believing in bigfoot doesn't lead to the negative things belief in religion does, it does show a tendency to believe in things without good evidence. When you believe things without good evidence, when a fairy tale is more important to you than the welfare of actual people, you become part of the problem.

    1. Funny.....it would seem to ME that the bible belt (as you referred to what I can only assume is the south, bc the bible belt went away with slavery) has the highest crime rate bc it has the highest population of minorities. Funny how your own prejudices form your opinion. Also funny how you attribute your beliefs on "fact" lol. What good evidence do you have that God doesn't exsist? What evidence do you have that religion, while at times the cause of conflict has also been a source of inspiration, motivation and unity for billions of people on earth, is a fairy tale? I find it harder to believe that this universe we are blessed to be a small part of happened by chance then I do believing that a supreme being orchestrated it. Every single civilization since the beginning of time has believed in a higher power. You're probably way smarter then all of them though lol.....

  9. Athiest

    How do you know religion caused these as you plainly say? Were you there every step of the way? Do you have every single factor that went into what you suggest?

    I do not doubt your beliefs are sincere and you have thought about it but you just do not know- it is what you think. Do you want enlightenment? Then acknowledge what you don't know simply because you cannot know it. This is beyond you and beyond everyone, Just because something is likely does not make it fact. Just like just because something is unlikely does not mean it is not true.

    You mention religion as a cause and then an effect. If you do not believe in god how can you say this true. No higher power means the universe is random. A boiled down chaos theory is when things are random the butterfly flapping its wings can cause a flood half way around the world. Of course the water would have to be high enough to begin with so another factor at random caused this impact. Off course the wind also had to be just right for the slight change in impact to then effect a weather pattern that would allow this.

    For you to believe one thing you cant believe the other. For you to be right everything has to be a combination of the right amount of factors. Are you an atheist or do you just hate religion?

    I know many atheists and they dont bring it up. They believe in one thing and operate accordingly which is not to concern themself with religion. If anything a true atheist embraces the idea of religion because it often prevents people from giving in to random acts of the universe.

    People who need to define themselves by a belief ad take every opportunity to argue that belief are just trying to convince themselves and not others. So you dont have to figure out why here goes: for no higher power to exist then everything is completely random, if this is the case, these same random acts prevent people from seeing things their way. The nature of a universe with the lack of a higher power means that the randomness may simple prevent a certain thing from happening- knowing this you dont waste energy on what is beyond your control. Atheists are the smart enlightened ones with everything based on science and logic so a true believer knows it defies logic to attempt you from doing something that may very well be impossible.

    Look your not going to find anyone to argue with that will make you look in the mirror and feel "yes I am the person I am portraying".

    Attacking religion does not make you an atheist, it makes you someone who did not like Sunday school, thinking like and presenting thoughts like one does.

  10. I also would like to know how religion was the cause of every bad world event when we do not know how the world would have been without it. Would mankind have survived to this point? If it did not then the things you mention are actually necessary because the alternative was much worse. If there would have been nothing without it would that have been better?

    You can't have it both ways- you can't say this caused this but maintain the universe is random.

    A true atheists view on the aids epidemic- it was caused by random acts which led to a natural phenomena, strain of virus, unlike anything ever seen before because of the random nature of how rare it would be for all the factors to come together. The outcome does not come as a result of any response to an initial action but lays in the initial action or event.

    If there is no higher power the universe came as a result of the big bang. What caused life to form? That question is not answered. The theory has no validity unless someone accounts for this. They do by stating the factors are so numerous we have yet to isolate them. We are not there yet because we have so much to consider. This is the basis of a belief in no higher power- no question is so simple that one thing can explain it all.

    This is really to easy. What is religion? An explanation of what we are, why we are here and what is our purpose. An atheist's religion is therefore science. Religion is anything that attempts to answer mankind's greatest questions and help deal with difficulty. Science does this just like the others.

    The studies you speak of mean nothing because they involve things with too many factors you would need to control to get a real answer. This is why so few answers exist in psychology but many theories are considered.

    This is why it is so clear we are dealing with a pretend atheist. True believers in science would ever make such a conclusion. They dont think this way. They view it like this: What caused this? First lets look at the genetic makeup of the people. Are certain people because of the conditions in which they live impacting their immune systems, more vulnerable? No ok then its impact cannot be predicted. It can strike anyone. OK, this is unusual, normally this plays a role, the fact most people believe if you appear healthy, then you are healthy, may cause many to severely underestimate the threat to them. This and other factors that we may not identify in time may make this outbreak devastating.

    As for your laughable view of your referenced "studies". Militant regimes also account for much of what you mentioned. Then compare countries with militant regimes across the world. Military regimes are not all linked with religion, they live outside of it. If the same thing happens without religion then how is it the cause?

    A study looks at something we think may be true and examines it further in an attempt to see if we are right. Your referenced studies say one thing. Compared to certain areas without religious influence these things are worse. This proves that these two places have one major difference- the influence of religion. To get anything you then have to ask? Is this the only difference? Different forms of government. How are they different? Militant- you then move onto comparing militant governments- does religion create these? Of course not, dictatorships always existed.

    You find the study is part of a conclusion that is religion is an effective means for a dictator to control his people.

  11. The people will call for war on behalf of Allah, and will line up at 3 am with a goat for sacrifice to allah, they will not piss on the streets, or yell because Allah, in the form of soldiers line the streets with guns telling them on his behalf.

    Any believer in science knows it is always about pealing away layers to discover the truth. It is always complex, nothing is as simple as it appears. One result may be a fluke, more testing must be done.

    No Atheist not looking for attention will make an emotional non-sensical argument on their own behalf. These arguments come from people who think the world would be better without religion and we should ignore it, not that science holds the answer.

  12. Maybe angry one can comprehend it this way.

    Your entire line of thinking is just so off from what an atheist is. Atheists are not fascists which is what the last paragraph says that you are.

    You don't want people believing in religion because you think its wrong. You dont see that the fact you would discount them and believe your way is better is simply fascism. If you control how people think then how do you allow them to learn what is right and wrong. If they must simply do it your way and do what there told then what happens when there is nobody around telling them? That is how society falls apart. People must be allowed to think and believe as the like so as to ensure enough of a bond to agree on basics that keeps society going.

    The thing is Athiestswannahavefun is that all of your arguments and studies have been around since the turn of the century. These studies are not new. Your not saying anything that has not been said. But by referencing these you are showing that you just hate religion. Entire books have been written on how an Athiest is not an Athiest if they have an opinion on religion in anyway. It needs to be something that plays no role in their view of the world- that is the point science is the biggest factor in life religion is in some way a natural result of science and a phenomena that exists. They believe it cannot influence anything that is why they discount it.

  13. I think that bigfoot is real. I think this only because of all of the sightings. How can there be this many false sightings? It just doesn't seem logical to me. I think that it is real but I am not certain. It might not but I think that it probably is also because of all of the face to face sightings too. There can not be that many liars and why would you lie because if you do not have footage why would you say anything because it is not like you will get tons of recognition for it.

  14. It can't be that difficult to build some type of trap, a pit trap perhaps, that will capture a large primate. Why can' this be done? There's got to be some way to capture a live bigfoot. No nine foot 800 pound bigfoot is going to get out of a 25 foot hole (of course, neither will a park ranger, hiker, or camper).

  15. I have always questioned Bigfoot as a possibility but never believed in it I am one of those people who has 2 see it 2 believe it well recently me and my friends decided to go camping and were out goofin around in the woods 30 miles in either direction from any town which any town in either direction has a population of 5000 max cause we live in Kansas and as of recently many trees have started many wooded areas here due to the Eisenhower project where Kansas used tO be just prairie anyways the point to my story is we came a cross some tracks that we're 6 inches wide at the heal and 16 inches long with rounded toes there are mountain lions here with tracks similar but never that large

  16. The fact that no body has ever been found is evidence enough for me that Bigfoot does not exist. Shot, ran over whatever, they aren't immortal and like all living brings, will die of natural causes at some point in time.

  17. i have a lot to say about all this, reply if you want to know what i have to say

  18. Ciqana means (Little) my middle name is mato (Bear

  19. You have Deer season, Bear Season, Turkey Season, Duck season, etc....there are specified times when you can hunt with a rifle, a bow, and a muzzleloader. Hunters also scout their locations in the Summer, build tree stands, set up bait traps, use camera traps.

    Hunters are in the woods constantly.

    but what about Hikers too? Wild life lovers? Bird Watchers? Photographers?

    They have fossils and evidence of Animals that have been dead hundreds of thousands of years and nothing on Bigfoot.

    I'm sorry to say it, but if you believe in Bigfoot...you have in fact been duped.

    1. Same oh same oh. Everyone that uses the word *fact* needs to stop because they, including me, don't know for a *fact* that Bigfoot does or doesn't exist. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but that doesn't make them right and everyone else wrong. Put simply either prove it or don't say it because nobody knows for a *fact*. That's all I have to say on that.

    2. Same oh same oh. Everyone that uses the word *fact* needs to stop because they, including me, don't know for a *fact* that Bigfoot does or doesn't exist. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but that doesn't make them right and everyone else wrong. Put simply either prove it or don't say it because nobody knows for a *fact*. That's all I have to say on that.

  20. If Matt Moneymaker has been tracking bigfoot for 25 and still hasn't gotten one, then he should think about changing careers because he obviously isn't good at what he's doing now.

    I personally think all four of "research team" on Finding Bigfoot are idiots.

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  37. 1. Regarding the question of bigfoot remains: Actually there are some remote areas in the Lower 48 but I'm always amazed at how no matter how extremely remote I think I get, I still may run across a string tied to a tree, a bottle cap, maybe a stack of stones clearly left by humans. It's one of those glass half full things; you may choose to see the abundance untouched remote places or you may choose to be amazed at actually the extrordinary number of them that actually are touched.

    2. Also I'm aware that Sasquatch believers point to some Native American legends of creatures in the woods but I don't believe in my gut they were extremely prevalent legends. if Indians were here for 20,000 years (or even 15,000) I would think the existence of a large ape in the woods would be an established fact. For example many tribes have migration stories traveling across ice to get to North American. Even tribes deep in the center of North American knew there were oceans to the east and west thousands of miles away. They could tell you where the major rivers are, etc. I would think in 15,000 years the existence of this animal would have become established as fact pervasively among the indian population (even given the supposed shyness of Sasquatch because the indians (many of them) were nomadic hunters in the woods for thousands of years. Also, one VERY prevalent Cherokee tradition sites "little people" living in the woods. Does that mean there are little people?

    IN rebuttal to myself: There was an American military pilot who crashed in dense CA forests in like the 1950s (I'm sorry I can't remember the details and a quick google was not successful. However this event hapened and can be easily verified). He was thought to be dead but he emerged from the woods like 55 days later and had survived there all that time. Try as it might the military could not locate the plane crash site so many suspected the pilot of perhaps having flown the jet to Russia and then somehow snuck back into the woods as a cover story. Anyway I don't remember the exact number of years but the guy spent his life trying to clear his name and he ended up dying in a plane crash. Then decades later (perhaps 40 years) some hikers did find the crash. Moral: stuff can lie unfound in the woods for 50 years. If that wrecked plane was instead an alive animal and trying not to be found it seems feasible that it could elude human eyes.

    In rebuttal to my question on indian awareness: if they are very very rare creatures and the indian population at the time was far far fewer than humans in Northa America now, a real sighting may only happen fewer than once per generation. Therefore the fact hmay have been difficult to establish in collective consciousness.

  38. The reason we can't prove Big Foot's existence is shown in the photos. They are fuzzy and out of focus. They apparently have a force field around them that disallows approach. When they die, they evaporate, leaving no evidence of their existence. They weigh nothing so they leave no footprints. And last, they are obviously the most intelligent creature in the world. They are the only animal on earth that can evade humans at will. They have to be smarter than us. They are toying with us. We can never win. My backup theory is that they don't exist in the first place. Either theory explains everything. I just don't know which is correct.

  39. I don't believe it. Until I see 4K video footage of one in the wild. all these videos are shitty quality. seeing is believing

    with 4K video you could zoom in on a small area and blow it up and it would still be Crystal clear. just like cropping a higher Megapixel image. the higher resolution the smaller the thing you can blow up and not loose clearity


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