Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sasquatch The Quest The Movie [Erickson Project]

Sasquatch the Quest mock-up poster by Bigfoot Evidence

It's been a busy morning, and here's the latest scoop on the Erickson Project front. In the same article by Robert Lindsay about Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA press embargo, he released some tidbits about the documentary film "Sasquatch the Quest" that the Erickson Project had been working on.

Since the shutdown of website, Adrian Erickson has been pretty quiet lately. Some have attributed the shutdown of his website to the Bigfoot DNA peer-review study taking place. Others simply said that he had had enough of the Bigfoot community and wanted to put the whole Erickson Project behind him.

Okay so here's the scoop from Robert Lindsay about the project. The first line says it all:

Erickson documentary may be being worked on at a Hollywood studio now. We have discovered that around the middle of December, right around the time that Ketchum released Erickson from his NDA with her premitting him to release his video without her, Erickson apparently very quickly contacted Hollywood to get them to work on his documentary, perhaps in a matter of days.

We know this because on a Twitter account of a Hollywood director, the director twitted that he had been called away from his current project to work on the Erickson Project at a studio. So apparently he has working been working with Erickson’s documentary at a Hollywood studio since mid-December. What is probably going on is that Hollywood is fixing up Erickson’s documentary, adding to it, etc. Hollywood does this because they like to do everything their own way. Even if you take a finished film to them, they like to fix it up themselves prior to release.

If this rumor is true, and I believe it is, we could be looking at a release of the Erickson documentary quite soon, but I don’t have any definite dates. I also don’t know if the studio working on the film is fixing it up for TV or for the movies. I would guess cinema, but I’m not sure.

The old trailer for Sasquatch The Quest documentary by the Erickson Project:



  1. Well, I'm going to have to say that the poster for the movie turns me off completely. It looks like a bad remake of Planet of the Apes. They really should have taken the time to realize that a full-frontal BF piece of art would set the tone.

  2. Yeah, I also think that it looks like it was taken from the recent Planet of the Apes movie.

  3. It's from the Planet of the Apes movie. I used a special movie font for the text :)

  4. Maybe the censors were against frontal nudity

  5. After all the reports of human-like features, THIS is the look you come up with?

    You lost me.

  6. Shawn you shouldn't be misleading people with a fake poster.

    1. If the Sasquatch h ends up proven to be real then America's scientific community will look like idiots and the people that have done the research and went out into the field will look like like the smartest people in the world

  7. Guys, this IS the planet of the apes poster. Read the script at the bottom. It has the website. Someone just mocked up a poster. LOL

  8. Guys relax Shawn was adding some fun to the site. If you can't recognize that pic as Caesar from Planet of the Apes than you complainers need to get out more.

  9. I am the person who found the tweet and told Robert. I just want to correct a minor point. The tweeter was a junior studio tech, not a director, as far as I am aware. That does not change the conclusion, however, that Erickson and Hollywood are working together now, probably to polish the release version and get it properly distributed.

  10. Anon so what do you think does this project and Hollywood being tied together hurt the credibility?

  11. No, I do not think it hurts it. Having a poorly polished product would hurt the credibility more. Also, the studios control the distribution channels, so without them, Erickson could only access the 'independent' outlets. If the story is huge, then Erickson is right to go to the big boys. I certainly don't blame him. (Of course, if he had gone there BEFORE the DNA evidence was gathered, then his footage would have been dismissed as a hoax.)

    1. Very well said. I can respect that point of view. Only thing in question is every time someone tries to profit of Bigfoot, Aliens Ghost etc. It always falls back to being a hoax.

  12. Great. I hope he finds great success and some financial restitution for all the money he has put into the hunt for Sasquatch. He has been persistent and has played pretty fair in a field of players who slit throats at the drop of a word.

  13. Humm, I hope it doesn't go this route. But, even if it does, it's only entertainment/news for so long, perhaps even shorter than the build-up.
    It won't remain unique if the traction all these people hope for is achieved. Because that traction might attract some genuine study. Either way, we will be able to move on.
    About time really. Geez.

  14. A television or dvd release would return very little $ because it would so quickly be copied. A cinematic release would almost certainly gather a larger first chunk of change, then to be followed by a tv and dvd release. Thereafter, magazine articles, speeches, a book, etc. Maximizing the return.

  15. RL also suggests the embargo may be up Monday. Could this really be it? I hope it is as big as I think it will be. To all those who had the chance to do some real investigative journalism and instead took the easy way, ridiculed BF and anyone who reported a sighting, I say, whose laughing now. To the few who kept an open mind, especially at the risk of their professions and reputations, well done.

  16. BB there is always a first time for everything, I hope.

  17. I am the guy who posted Romneys comment on BF first. I joked, but I was really irked that after all thhs time, BF is still a fringe subject to most. I've been a believer for 35 years, and I'm 40 now. If this is the real deal, my kids(who I've been raising as believers) will be estatic. Not to sound in-manly, but I might even shed a tear. All those guys like Meldrum, Bindernagel, Gimlin, and the late Huvelmans and others will be VINDICATED!! I hope to God the study is true, and I will RUN to see this in the theater!!

  18. So bigfoot isn't even an ape, it's a chimp? Looks pretty goofy. Way to go Hollywood, never research anything.

  19. Umm anon above... are you serious? Do you really think that this is the theatrical poster for Sasquatch the Quest? It is based off of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes poster and has modified text. Shawn even said that he did it himself. Next time read the comments boss.

  20. Surprising to see how many don't recognize the poster image from Planet of the Apes, one of the most publicized and biggest hit films of the past year.

  21. I Talked to Someone from the Erickson Project &they Cant Prove anything!I Do Believe there is Something Out there But He Claimed to Have Absolute Proof!!! All Lies Again-Adrian Peterson YOU ARE A FAKE!!!

  22. BF,s are seen by roads as they look for road kill.
    they are all tagged.
    there are 1700 breeding pears left.

  23. you all know about Erickson past right? like how he used to be a costume artist and all of a sudden he becomes the go to bigfoot guy haha yea right....hey after i give u money about 30$ are u going to show me the bullshit of do i just get to read about it..... and how many have bought into it i mean 30$ from 1000 people that a good scam man....all in all i want to believe but why would they posture there discoveries like this...

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