Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indiana Bigfoot Hunters, Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison live on Wild World radio tonight (10pm ET / 7pm PT)

Remember those Bigfoot hunters from Indiana who said that pretty much have all the evidence needed to prove the existence of Bigfoot, except a specimen?

According to the team, in their seven years of research, they have collected various forms of evidence, including hairs, footprints and sound recordings. They believe it's only a matter of time before the we have definitive proof.

Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison are still looking for members, and they're going to be on Larry Battsons Wild World radio tonight at 10 pm eastern time (7PM PT).

If you like to be part of Tyler and Austin's team, feel free to contact them at:

Click here to tune in tonight:

Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison have been researching Bigfoot for the past seven years. They say they have found various forms of evidence, including hairs, footprints and sound recordings.



  1. What was the name of the pair of vampire hunters in the Lost Boys, the frog bros or something like that?

  2. SP--haha. That was good. I loved those guys! Damn, now I'm in the mood for Lost Boys. If they're finding evidence of BF in Indiana, good for them. I still find it hard to wrap my head around the concept of BF being in such states, but hey they are damn good at secreting themselves.

  3. I wish the lads safe and happy searching.Good luck to both.

  4. @Autumn Forest

    To me, the claims that bigfoot is all over North America actually weakens the case the creature is real.

    If the creature is real only the Pacific Northwest makes sense to me. It migrated across the land bridge then ran into obstacles that kept it from going anywhere else (I'm thinking of large plains with no trees.)

    If someone has a map of how bigfoot could have migrated beyond the Pacific Northwest and remained hidden, please share.

  5. @Atheist in Fundyland

    Simple answer. The Missouri river basin/ watershed. And by this I mean before it was populated significantly. It is also true that many areas of the great plains were often wooded with Oaks and Cottonwood trees, contrary to modern opinion.

    Another pathway is the great north woods during summer (and maybe winter, too).

    I will agree that it seems a difficult to believe the idea that such a creature could inhabit apparently barren states. It is, however true that recent decades have seen quite a bit of reforestation. This is because most homes are now heated with fossil fuels rather than wood, and so the woodlands have prospered. Many states such as my own Iowa have vast areas of at least partially wooded tracts where our friend could at least hide during the day while it plots its next night time move.

    It is fair to say that our topic creature would need rather large wooded areas to remain hidden and prosper. A half hour or so of google earthing will answer the question you pose. Keep in mind that the forest has ebbed and flowed as the centuries have passed and mankinds effects varied.

    I would also remind you that the land bridge wasn't likely wooded entirely, if at all. Perhaps our subject has only recently began to limit itself to the understory.


  6. Well if were going back to land bridge era. I would tend to think there wasn't anyone in North America to hide from, especially if the Native Americans got here the same way. So they could have travelled freely without worrying about hiding from anyone. People have guessed they are a type of nomadic people (at least back then, now they would have to limit their territory to reduce the risk of detection) and they can travel great distances with very little effort.

  7. Grant's right. If indeed the Native American migration occurred through the Bearing Sea Landbridge of the Ice Ages, them most probably the Hairy Men of the Forests followed along. The Native Americans spread out throughout the entire continent. Makes since that the Hairy Men did also.