Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Evolution of Charles Middleton's Bigfoot eyewitness report drawings

Charles Middleton got involved with sketching Bigfoot profiles about two years ago. He lives in a small town in lower Alabama and has been a senior powerhouse operator for 35 years. When he learned that Bigfoot sightings were very common in his state, he started searching the web for Bigfoot related websites and got in touch with Mike Mclain of AlabamaBigfoot.com.

All his life, he had always been interested in art. Charles took some art classes in college and although his classes were geared towards the modern art movement, he had a passion for wildlife art. He was inspired by Robert Bateman's "very" life like paintings.
"I studied all the information I could get on his techniques. I tried as hard as I could to mimic his style. But I realized that I could not replicate his work. But I started to notice in my art that I had a certain style of my own. So I started to develop my own style."

Artist Robert Bateman

When we discovered his album of Bigfoot sketches from eyewitness reports, we were amazed at the level of detail portrayed in his drawings. Charles notes the progression of sketches taking on a more “HUMAN” look. "This new direction is haunting," he says.

As I looked at drawings made by witness’s. They were very crude and not very informative. I then decided that I would use my art talent to bring this creature to life. So I started doing drawings for the eye witness’s reports. As time we on, I was able to start to formulate a rough draft to the sameness of the reports. I used my artistic license to expand on the features seen. Over the past 2 years I have noticed that my renditions were taking a new direction. As more people began to work with me, I was able to continue to refine the image. If you look at my beginning pieces compared to my recent paintings , you will see a stark different image emerging. The creature is slow to reveal his true identity. But I am hot on his trail! I am finding that through the recent reports that Bigfoot is taking on a more “HUMAN” look. This new direction is haunting. This whole venue is taking on a mystery element to it. I find its kind of like a treasure hunt. Very exciting!!!

If you find my art interesting and intriguing please contact me for purchases. If you have a eyewitness sighting, and have seen this creature up close, contact me so we can bring it to life.

Happy hunting!


  1. Excellent artwork! So human in the facial features...

    The world awaits confirmation.

    Anonymous #1

  2. hey Shawn, you really are bringing a great variety here, I love it. It seems most bitten with Bigfoot Fever, with any ability, seem compelled to draw them for us all... Sasquatches are quite a quite a mystery.

  3. I meant that nicely, I too try and draw what is just not clear to me yet... I was the "of any ability" reference! ...not Charles, his ability obvious.

  4. Some very nice work. I'm going to order one for our great room. It is sure to freak my wife out.

    Chuck in Ohio

  5. I enjoy all kinds of art and I like these.I can see his style developing in his work.
    It's great to have these relaxing kinds of articles Shawn.It gives us a bit of a breather,lol.

  6. The Sierra Kills hunter Justin (General) identified one of these as most looking like what he saw. Anyone recall which?

  7. if anyone knows which of my paintings he picked as being close. please let me know. i would also like to work a project with him.

  8. Charles, on the BFF General had quite a few posts re: what they looked like. In the "Sierra Shooting from A-Z" thread check out posts: 306, 307, 311, 327, 328, 335, 348, 378, 412, 413, 416 and 423. He chose #1011 from your gallery as being the closest from the selections there -- "minus the cone head". In post 412 he commented that the altered picture of Patty looked very similar.

  9. I just asked Justin and he wants to get together with Charles. I sent Charles an email a minute ago.

  10. Shawn, good to hear. Charles e-mailed me an altered picture of #1011 w/out the cone head and asked me to pass along to Justin for comment. Unfortunately, I don't have Justin's ear. Glad to hear you jumped in.