Monday, December 5, 2011

10 other mythical creatures from around the world, other than Bigfoot

Our main theme here at Bigfoot Evidence blog is Bigfoot, but we realize that there's more strange oddities, and unknowns other than Bigfoot residing in different parts of the world. Here's a list of 10 lesser known mythical creatures around the world by David Queen from

10 lesser known mythical creatures around the world by David Queen. We all know who Bigfoot is. That hairy beast that has been reported endlessly in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Yet, what other mysterious and unidentified creatures are out there lurking in the jungles, the forests and the darkest recesses of your travels? Local folklore? Demonic evil spirits? Elaborate hoaxes? Perhaps only those who claim to have encountered one can truly decide…

For the more adventurous travellers among you, here we explore a list of ten “lesser known” mythical creatures from all over the world. And by lesser known, I really mean moving beyond the well known legends of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Yeti. Even the Chupacabra and Jersey Devil are too much of big shots for this list.
10. Yeren – China

9. Trunko – South Africa

8. Issie – Lake Ikeda, Kyushu, Japan

7. Yucca Man – Joshua Tree, California, USA

6. Bunyip – Australia

5. Am Fear Liath Mòr or The Grey Man – Ben Macdui Mountain, Scotland

4. Old Man Snake Monster – Thailand

3. Nandi Bear – Kenya

2. Pope Lick Monster – Kentucky, USA

1. Dingonek – Democratic Republic of Congo


  1. 10 mythical creatures other than bigfoot. Number 10: bigfoot...

  2. Pope lick monster--I think there's another name for that; altar boy.

  3. Awesome Autumn just jealously you got to it first. LOL

  4. Back in the early to mid 90's, when I lived in the Palm Springs, CA area I often visited Josua Tree National Park. I scenery was awesome (boulders the size of large building) and hiking to the top of the Little San Bernardino Mts., offered spectacular views of the Coachella Valley. I also viewed the comet Hyakutake in spring of 1996, as no lights for over 20 miles.

    In Mid December of 1995 my neighbor Chris and myself decided to primitive camp and explore with a metal detector on the northern boundary of the park. In the late afternoon we cooked up some cornish hens and veggies, built a roaring fire, and drank a few (or more) beers. Around 4:00 AM Chris woke me up and was very frightened. He said something was circling our tent. I listened for about a minute. He was right. He thought it was a mountain lion, but I was very tired and told him it is just some cyotes come to get our scraps and they wont bother us. However the noise did not sound like cyotes, but we were armed and I was not worried. Also we were camped on the top of a rocky hill with views for miles and had not seen another person the entire time. In the morning the scraps had not been touched which puzzled me, but I did not give it a lot of thought, we packed up and went home.

    I had never heard of the Yucca Man ( obviously a desert Bigfoot ) at the time. Where we visited by him?? In retrospect I wish I had peeked out the tent.

  5. How amazing our world would be if these animals were real. And how come the Kappa wasn't mentioned? If any cryptic animal is famous in Japan it would be the Kappa.

  6. Also Champ the lake monster in Lake Champlain in Vermont. Lake Illiamna monster in Alaska. The nomes of Iceland. The little people of the U.S. about 3 inches tall. There's also a lake monster type creature seen in Africa called the Mokele Mbembe,plus a host of other's not yet discovered by western science but seen and witnessed by others in foreign and distant places.We keep up the search!!!!!