Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wilkeson Washington Sasquatch elk killing 1980 [Government Involvement]

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by William Jevning (@bukwas01), 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator, and author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch". Read more about Jevning at his Bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Researcher.

This incident I investigated in 1980 was not a cover up, but its interesting since state game officials were involved in investigating the killing of two elk by at least one sasquatch. The following is my recounting of that incident:

One evening in 1980, an old family friend named Charles Welcome called me. He told me I should come to his house in the small town of Wilkeson Washington, he had something important to talk to me about. I said that I would come right away, and drove to Charley's home.

When I arrived, he told me he had official visitors earlier that day. I asked him who had visited him and why. He told me that the local fish and game officer had stopped by asking him if he had been hearing any strange animal screams at night, Charley had an idea what he was asking about but didn't say anything. He instead asked the officer why was he asking?

The game officer didn't answer at first, but knew Charley for a long time and decided to confide in him, he told Charley not to discuss this with anyone, and proceeded to relate the events of the previous day.

A mushroom picker had been in the forest a few miles in the mountainous area above Charley's house, and had come upon a grizzly site. This person happened upon the corpses of two elk, and immediately contacted game officials and reported what he found, at first thinking it was the work of poachers.

Game officers went to the location and were shocked by what they found. The game officer said the elk had been "dismembered without the use of tools".

He told Charley that quietly his superiors were talking about a Sasquatch, and that was what they were seriously looking for as what had torn the elk apart.

Charley never let on what he knew, and just told the officer if he heard or saw anything that he would notify the officials. The game officer thanked him and once again asked him not to talk about the incident with anyone, then left.

I decided to drive up to the site the next day when I had daylight to see better.

When I arrived at the location, the elk corpses had been removed, and it was not long before I did find sasquatch footprints, I photographed a number of them.

I didn't find any additional evidence, and went home. I never heard any more from Charley about the game departments involvement in the incident.

I sent a picture of one of the footprints to John Green in British Columbia, he said it was a pretty good track, but nothing more came of the incident. Since then the region around the small town of Wilkeson has been heavily logged. Sasquatch are still in that region, but no sightings have been reported in that area. I have not been able to locate anyone from the game department who will talk about that incident.


  1. Shawn and I recently did a sightings interview with a man who was at Mt. ranier, and when he tried to show to F&W Rangers pics of the tracks he took with his camera, they quickly clammed up and would not broach the subject. Their must be a policy of intent not to confirm the presense of BF by the Department.

  2. we can point to Robert Lyle Laverty and his meteoric rise from first summer as a fresh-out at the Bluff Creek filming (he photo'd the tracks) to his eventual position under Bush, Jr as our Asst. Secretary of the Interior..
    one can conclude either:

    1. Humboldt University gives out degrees in Forestry and our Government promotes those graduates as leaders w/o good scientific sense or curiosity.


    2. Humboldt does teach good science and our Government rewards such and did so for Laverty...right to the top of our Interior Department...w/o ever addressing or providing a meaningful venue for witnesses...much less a public study of at least the "phenomenon" and a conclusion.

    Instead he left a legacy of coy statements (and traumatized and marginalized witnesses) and managed to get through the Senate Confirmation hearings w/o one reference to his witness at B;luff Creek in 1967..or his role in timber sales..

    huh, go figure

    And did so with the complacency (or support) of many government employees?!

    Bigfoot Witnesses must be insane!


    Until you are one.

  3. Mr. laverty is still alive. He is no longer Asst. Secreatryy of the Interior. He, I beleive, tried to start a type of RV Vacation Lobby thing...if you Google around there is somewhat of apparent attempt to be a lobbyist or something...

    But, either the financial crisis or perhaps for personal reasons those efforts (when I looked say 1 -2 years ago) seemed to have been "arrested."

    Seems to (how does one title an ex-sec?) Mr., now would be a good time to look to the wonder if perhaps as you lived their life with all the conflicts we modern humans might have done things differently? Given how you now feel, unencumbered by your Government, is it finally time to write a "tell all." It would be a best seller for sure, probably make that RV thing look like peanuts..and what a legacy for your kids..the Truth and all it's pressures?

    Anthropologists note Human generational learning though our elder's "antique value" - that you young ambitious folks, raising kids and so forth, slaying the world for their progeny...keep us old ones around for our knowledge..

    And it does work..we are more civilized than we were...and we, even with our problems, seem to still hold compassion., mercy and Truth as the highest ideals?

    And so i am suggesting Mr. Laverty's antique value is long overdue!

  4. lol srry for all the pronoun/noun switches.. I couldn't decide if I wanted to be personal or safely general..
    I missed both targets!

  5. lol don't beat me up for saying "more civilized" I now that is open for debate!

  6. You just know game and fish has to have a lot of insight into BF. What surprises me is that they don't take reportings seriously from their staff and just block off areas where they know might be natural habitat.

  7. hypothetically speaking...if there were sasquatch in the area and wildlife management knew about it, then you can bet there would be policies in place discouraging the spreading and/or confirmation of such information. from just a pragmatic standpoint, the divulging of the news would attract a ton of people hoping to bag themselves a bigfoot. you can imagine the ecological and logistical problems that could arise with the sudden influx of wild-eyed, would-be bigfoot hunters.

  8. Question, how does a sasquatch kill elk?

    Chase...alone in a team? Chasing an elk by itself would be a poor use of calories and to kill two would require somekind of planning.
    Wrestle them and break their necks? Other than throwing rocks and bending branches there does not appear to be tool use.

    So the reports suggest an omnivore, who competes with
    bears for the same food supply. What happens when they meet? A test of interest would be presenting bears with a life size sasquatch mock up and seeing their reaction.

  9. Fake...who goes paintballing with a video camera? Who happens to just lift it up and viola there is a bigfoot crossing the frame.

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