Sunday, November 20, 2011

FB/FB is "No-Kill" when it comes to Bigfoot [Video]

"These childish attitudes are no different than arrogant
intellectuals who think man is the smartest thing on the planet."


FB/FB (Facebook Find Bigfoot) brings up an interesting observation of human intelligence versus animal. Some will disagree with their conclusion about shunning certain people with outdated or strange beliefs in regards to capturing a Bigfoot to study them. They believe capturing or killing an intelligent creature like Bigfoot would be arrogant and absurd.

This was their conclusion:
We are cheering for Sasquatch

The human population is not read for them.

We don't understand that other animals can be smart. Maybe smarter than we are...

We don't understand the difference in intelligence.

There are people who want to KILL a Sasquatch to prove it. How arrogant.

There are people who would put one in a zoo and study it. How absurd.

Why not put Native American, or African Americans in zoo and study them? Just as absurd.

It is time that the Bigfoot community start to shun all people who have these beliefs.

Killing one, capturing one.

All these beliefs come from the same old line of Human-first thinking.

Sasquatch research should also shun all people who use in Orbs, UFO's, inter-dimensional craziness to explain Sasquatch.

They are akin to people thinking witchcraft caused sickness and God's retribution caused Lighting.

These childish attitudes are no different than arrogant intellectuals who think man is the smartest thing on the planet.


  1. I don't always agree with FB/FB but in this case I agree 100%.
    We do not need to capture a Bigfoot or kill one to prove they exist.
    The kill/capture mentality is for the quick fix in my opinion.
    Sacrificing even one Bigfoot just so humans can be satisfied they exist is selfish.

  2. I agree with citizentruth. If they do exist, it would be a crime to kill one just to satisfy human desires.

    Look at what we've already done to the world around us. It's very sad.

    A few years ago I went to Big Trees State Park. On part of the path, there's a huge tree trunk that was chopped down. Why? Because it was there.

    I read the description of the discovery of the tree. A man was hunting a grizzly bear when he came upon the biggest tree he'd ever seen (California redwood). He stopped what he was doing (driving the California grizzly to extinction) so he could round up some buddies to chop down the tree. The resulting trunk could function as a dance floor.

    What a sad commentary on the human condition. I'll never see the subspecies of grizzly that used to live in my state because of people like this asshole. And I'll never see this particular tree alive because of this particular asshole with his particular mindset.

    If bigfoot exists (which is very much in doubt), it would be akin to murder to kill it. If it does exist, maybe it knows best: It is better off staying far away from Homo sapiens.

  3. Great post by FB! Good to see the dig into what we do know about animals and wild minds, humans. nature has a great video "Murder of a crow."

    So, yeah! Totally down with the not hunt, harrass thing. In fact I feel even "habituators' (what i did) are not doing "good anthropology" I

    would go so far as to restrict those "adopting" this modern view to limit themselves to remote video/sound and gentle tracking.

    Example: famous vid on net last year of BF nest...great probable evidence, guy has a bunch of folks with him..everyone excited, poke around. No follow-up vid b/c when he went back nest was destroyed! This is a REAl cost in calories and safety not to mention hassle

    So we have to begin to think of them as a "TRIBE" With all the respect and dignity we would afford any modern/primitive peoples.

    I do not agree with 'shunning" at all! Really for "harmless fringe groups". This is too broad a group to condemn and shun - It would include Paulides! LOL so no. it harkens to less than an objective community. We have had enough of power groups!

    We must allow open minds and..well back to the idea of a standards committee - so acceptance and rejection of evidence is not arbitrary and capricious...

    Seriously you FB FB with 15000 fans! you guys can start that effort.. a Standards rather than shun a group, create a group to join and meet high standards (but please no for-profit power weirdness groups..a standards committee across all!)

    The BF community needs to quit inspecting people's personal beliefs and/or friendships and rely more on the science and demonstrable evidence. Scientists are all religions/politics/sexual orientation/neurosis and yet they still manage "science."

    So YES i applaud any support of good and modern's time....

    And I would support any REAL cross group effort at a type of certification on amateur techniques/data/ and perhaps venue to publish... a Journal of Sasquatch Society LOL

    Thanks again Shawn - you are making it too easy to stay abreast!

  4. It's always been my POV that we need to proceed as if this is a human entity until we determine what the hell DNA/behavior/intelligence constitutes a "human." Let's not do to BF what was done to Native Americans by conquerors. We should have matured past that ignorance and arrogance.

  5. Just found this site... I will definitely now be following.... cause bigfoot is crazy delicious!!!

  6. Make sure of what you are seeing through your sights. Take kill shot. Haul ass to body and cut off hand, as is easily removed. Wrap hand in a scent- proof piece of clothing.Wash hands with pure water vigorously. Grab the chunk of charcoal you took from this mornings fire from your pocket and rub it on your hands to kill more scent. Mark the position of the body on GPS. Sprint to car as life may depend on it. Drive directly to the nearest news station and go as public as possible. Sell no part of body but instead donate it to science making sure you have exposed the reality first. What no one seems to understand here is that no matter how many videos, pictures, or even if this DNA study turns out to be legit, there will be those who will say it's a hoax. Those who will deny the reality no matter what. And they will be the ones that matter when it comes to the conservation of this animal. Scientists, Government, and Loggers won't recognize this animal until there is a specimen. Wish it weren't so, but if saving this species is a goal you must first have a body. If they exist the way we think, in isolated pockets or roving bands then doing what you think is right by quietly observing so that the woods aren't flooded with people trying to catch a glimpse of a previously unknown animal, then you're not thinking it through. The longer they stay unknown the more likely the species slips away. You want protection for these creatures then present a body. John

  7. Shunning people sounds like the Salem Witch trials may be just around the corner Wow ! So you all know so much about BF know 100% he is smarter then us and deserves to be left alone. Prove it ! Also ifyour so into not bothering these creatures please shut down all your websites making money off of them informing everyone about them OK !

  8. Unless a bigfoot is captured or killed, all of this useless, inconclusice "evidence" collecting will continue to go on as it has been for decades. If you're trying to prove the existence of bigfoot, foot prints, photos, footage, thermal imaging, DNA testing, hair samples, scat, etc. etc. are all a useless waste of time. They have proved nothing (except to those who already believe), and they will continue to prove nothing to skeptics. Skeptic will always have a way to refute evidence. The only thing that science/skeptics will not be able to refute is a sasquatch body, live or dead. The late Dr. Grover Krantz was 100% correct when he said that a bigfoot needs to be taken out. Of course, those who make money from the bigfoot mystery don't want the existence of bigfoot confirmed; otherwise, they'd lose their source of income. If you sincerely want to prove the existence of bigfoot, a capture or kill is the only way it's going to happen.

  9. The bits on animal intelligence were cool. The inferred pareidolia in those videos is a bit troubling though.

  10. Right on. Everyone needs to stop wasting time trying to prove the existence of sasquatch with any other thing besides a capture or kill. What can be done to capture a sasquatch? Any ideas?