Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Erickson Project website taken down

We've just checked and this is what we see. Any theories? Click here to read what we posted earlier about this.

In related news, the Bigfoots could not be reached for comment, but close friends have affirmed that "snickering" and "belly laughs" could be heard coming from the woods in Kentucky.

Matilda goes back to sleep...


  1. Seems like they've been leading us for a lot of years and teasing with lots of amazing evidence no one has seen. If they don't want to go by way of Biscardi as total posers, they're smart to retreat and regroup. Now, I wonder how long before the genome project goes into another year and another year and then "oh, sorry, seems the data is inconclusive."

  2. I don't care about this topic anymore. HOAX HOAX HOAX. I am sick and tried of getting played. THE ONLY THING THAT IS CREDIBLE IN THE BIGFOOT FIELD IS THE BFRO. PERIOD!

  3. Hahaha.... People never learn. As the saying goes "there's a sucker born every minute".

  4. I am spent on trying to make makes sense of it...of course, I am not privy to anything that isn't on the net. I suppose I must assume most of it as ill-informed as the "Nature" rumor.

    I have high hopes for a DNA study and all the evidence to move forward including all the players. But, perhaps in this case... this is BIGFOOT - we are talking about (don't forget the world thinks us insane!)... the truth shall eventually come to light.
    In the meantime, I must return to contemplate more fruitful endeavors!

    It just may be, that the removal of the website signals the apparent rather public impasse btw the EP project and Dr. Ketchum has been resolved and everyone is on board and happy with the now internally (or not...who knows? hehe) disclosed status of the study!

    And this Christmas we shall all be wathcing the Quest with egg nog and rum...smiling wryly we knew all along!


    That is my hope.

  5. Apehuman, I hope you're right, but its really looking less and less likely as the days go by.

  6. I just want to see the videos...if they have them at all.

  7. Yes all this talk about the videos...where are they?

  8. If there are videos, they are probably as laughable and blobsquatchy as the "sleeping bigfoot" pictured above. If this is like the evidence they say they have, no wonder they shut the site down. I just hope everyone involved with the project shuts the heck up until they produce some real evidence. I'm tired of it all and so disgusted.

  9. I am new to this blog and do not know the full story behind this "erickson prokect" but am I supose to belive that that picture above of a sleeping dog is supose to be a sasquatch?

  10. The vaporware seems to be evaporating.

    As I mentioned on another post, if the Erickson Project is calling it quits, it reflects poorly on all the other projects because they were all intertwined.

    As for my position on bigfoot, I've gone from Temporarily Agnostic in Practice to Bigfoot is Probably Bullshit.

    And no, the BFRO is NOT trustworthy. Matt Moneymaker has locked away the Skookum cast and won't let anyone else look at it. I heard that on a Skeptic magazine podcast.

    Plus, I find the methods used in the Finding Bigfoot series very suspicious. It would only take one hoaxer to keep things lively. The hoaxer could tell someone where the Finding Bigfoot crew was going. Or if there's a way to lock onto someone's GPS signal, a person could simply follow the Finding Bigfoot crew.

    With night vision, our bigfoot stand-in, clued into the location by a single hoaxer, could climb a hill overlooking the Finding Bigfoot crew. He could throw rocks, break branches, howl, whistle, whoop. He could peek out from behind a tree to show part of his heat signature.

    Why hasn't Ranae accosted anyone about this obvious way to fake an encounter? Maybe Ranae IS a hoaxer. We don't know any of these people. We can't trust them. They're promoting a TV show, for Christ's sake!

    -Atheist in FundyLand
    -Bigfoot is Probably Bullshit

  11. I still think Bigfoot is a living breathing being regardless of "The Projects".So far all I've seen and read is a lot of chest beating.
    Put up or shut up,it's that simple.
    In the case of the alleged DNA study,perhaps they should've zipped their lips until the study was ready (immediately) for release.
    The fish hook in the mouth gets sore after awhile.
    It really is no wonder why the scientific community scoffs and laughs at Bigfoot researchers as a whole.
    I sure would like to know why the Erickson Project cratered.Were they bought out?Did they just give up?

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