Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Samurai Chatter', the spoken language of Bigfoot

This recording was obtained in a remote part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in california. Ron can be heard immitating one of the Bigfoots/Sasquatch's to encourage it to keep making vocalization sounds.

Did you know that Sasquatch has a language? Yes, it is true, and R. Scott Nelson has created the "Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard" so we can have a standard to use in all future transcription attempts.

I am sure you are saying to yourself, "What the hell? This is a joke right?". No, this is not a joke at all, but an actual professional translation document created to "standardize all future transcription of suspected Sasquatch Language and to facilitate comparison of language articulations by future researchers; the ultimate goal being the recovery of Sasquatch Language."

So who is this Nelson guy and what is his deal?

R. Scott Nelson was a Crypto Linguist for the military with a long career and lots of experience in working with foreign language including foreign langage code breaking.

During the 1970s, Ron Moorehead and Al Berry recorded hours of vocalizations purported to be those of a family of Bigfoots from a remote location in the Stanislaus National Forest, above Sonora California. The tape contained a series of disputed audio recordings of the alleged chatter of Bigfoot. This recording is famously known as the "Sierra Sounds".

One day, R. Scott Nelson's 12 year old son (like most 12 year old boys) wanted to write a school report on Bigfoot.

As he was at home, clicking around the various internet links trying to do "research", this 12 year old came across some alleged Sasquatch talking known as "Samurai Chatter" from the "Sierra Sounds" recording.

Scott immediately recognized these recordings as language (since he was a Crypto Linguist) and was totally blown away.

This started his intensive 2 year research project, studying the "Sierra Sounds" and transcribed the "Samurai Chatter" found there.

Scott Nelson gives anexcellent presentation about the possibility Bigfoot has a spoken language at the Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference 2010 at Atoka, Oklahoma.

This is his result.

Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet

Submitted by R. Scott Nelson

Scott R. Nelson

The Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) will alternately be known by the more formal denomination, Unclassified Hominid Phonetic Alphabet (UHPA), until such time as the subject Being is scientifically classified, or documented linguistic contact has been established. “Sasquatch” is used here as a generally accepted term for the subject Being. A variation of the English Reformed Phonetic Alphabet is used, as transcribed from the Berry/Morehead Tapes (BMT).

The existence of the Sasquatch Being is hereby assumed, since any creature must exist before his language. Any argument for the existence of Sasquatch or his language should be given outside of this standard and outside any transcription endeavor that uses this standard. Transcripts should stand alone as tools for the language researcher; whereas SPA transcripts and excerpts should be freely used in other works to support linguistic arguments.

The purpose of this is to standardize all future transcription of suspected Sasquatch Language and to facilitate comparison of language articulations by future researchers; the ultimate goal being the recovery of Sasquatch Language.

Sasquatch Language is spoken approximately twice as fast as any known language in most analyzed recordings, therefore it must be slowed down to be transcribed accurately. 50% of real-time will be the standard; transcription at any other speed will be noted, e.g. (75%). Real-time will be noted as (rt). Tape-time hacks will be given as minute:second.1/100thsecond, e.g. 17:23.54.

Since this is an unknown language, transcribed for the first time, the grammar and syntax of it, likewise, cannot be known. Therefore, to differentiate between small and capital letters is useless and misleading. Sasquatch articulations will be transcribed using capital letters, human voices are to be transcribed by the standards of the language that is spoken (proper English, Russian, etc.). This eases reading of the transcripts when human and Sasquatch voices are mixed or alternating. Since words cannot be known, and only suspected in cognates, Sasquatch utterances will be given as individual morphemes (or syllables). An umlaut (Ä) is used rather than a macron (-) to avoid confusion with the English use of the same symbol.

Small letters within parenthesis will be used, in accordance with military transcription standards, to abbreviate specific notes, e.g. (2-3m) to mean (two or three words or morphemes are missing or inaudible here). Untranscribable vocalizations such as grunts or screams will be noted with capital letters within parenthesis, e.g. (G) or (SC). An abbreviation key follows the phonetics key.

Any document using this alphabet should be labeled (SPA) or (UHPA).

Use in first-hand witness accounts:

This alphabet is not intended to be used solely for the transcription of recorded language, but will be highly useful in first-hand witness accounts of Sasquatch phenomena where the witness perceived spoken language. Researchers, when documenting witness accounts, should endeavor to transcribe each Sasquatch utterance as accurately as possible using this alphabet. As an invaluable aid to the language researcher, several questions should be asked of the witness to correlate with the utterances of the Sasquatch Being:

  • What was occurring at the moment of each specific utterance?
  • How many Sasquatch Beings do you believe were present; how many were speaking?
  • Did you feel that the Sasquatch Beings were speaking to each other or to you (the witness)?
  • What do you think the Being was trying to communicate?
  • What do you feel was the emotional state of the Being (for each specific utterance)?
  • Was there interrogative inflection in the utterance (did it sound like a question)?
  • Was there imperative or command inflection in the utterance (did it sound like the Being was telling you or another Sasquatch to do or not do something)?

This alphabet is expected to grow as additional verified recordings of Sasquatch Language are collected and analyzed, and new extra-human articulations are documented. For example; the well-documented howls, whoops, growls, screams and whistles of Sasquatch may someday be found to have linguistic meaning; wood- and rock-knocking or tooth-popping may be found to be encoded. It should not be discounted that manipulated tree, limb and stick formations could be graphic expressions of Sasquatch Language, much like runic or pictographic human writing systems.

Since auditory perception is subject to the same limitations of all human perception, review and revision of any transcript by other qualified Crypto-Linguists or voice- transcription experts should be welcomed. With the recovery of Sasquatch Language being the anticipated outcome, cooperation and consensus between language researchers should be the first rule of this study.

The first two pages of Berry Tape I transcription are attached as an example of the prescribed usage of this alphabet.

Phoneme Key

  • Ä = a in father
  • A = a in can
  • B = b in bib
  • D = d in did
  • Ë = a in make
  • E = e in set
  • F = f in fife
  • G = g in gag
  • H = h in ham
  • Ï = i in machine, ee in meet
  • I = i in sit
  • J = y in yes, i in union
  • K = k in kite, c in cut
  • L = l in lull
  • M = m in mom
  • N = n in nine
  • Ö = o in lone
  • O = o in log
  • P = p in pipe
  • R = r in roar
  • Rr = rolled r, as in Spanish or in Scottish Brogue
  • S = s in sister
  • T = t in tight
  • Ü = u in plume, oo in boot
  • U = u in run, o in union
  • V = v in verve
  • W = w in way
  • Y = oo in book
  • Z = z in zebra, s in is
  • ′ = glottal stop
  • c = tongue click, not evident in BMT
  • > = phoneme drawn out

Compound Phonemes

  • ÄÏ = i in like, y in my
  • JÜ = as in you, u in fume
  • KH = ch in Scottish loch, x in Spanish Quixote, x in Russian (khah)
  • SJ = sh in shirt
  • TSJ = ch in church
  • ZJ = z in azure, s in treasure
  • DZJ = j in jail, g in age
  • NG = ng in sing
  • Δ (Greek Delta) = th in then
  • Θ (Greek Theta) = th in thin

Abbreviation Key

  • (rt) = transcribed at real-time
  • (75%) = transcribed at a speed other than 50%
  • (h) = human vocalization
  • (1-2m) = one or two words or syllables are missing or inaudible here
  • (int) = interrogative inflection
  • (dr) = Inflected as a direct response
  • (imp) = imperative inflection
  • (w) = whispered
  • (q) = very low audibility, quiet, almost imperceptible at normal speeds
  • (im) = human imitating a creature
  • (ma) = possible male Sasquatch Being
  • (fe) = possible female Sasquatch Being
  • (ju) = possible juvenile Sasquatch Being
  • (G) = grunt, growl or grumble, possible language
  • (W) = whistle or squeak, possible language
  • (SN) = snarl, possible language
  • (SC) = scream, possible language
  • (TP5) = tooth pop, number in sequence, possible language, not evident in BMT
  • (WK3) = wood knock, number in sequence, possible language
  • (RK4) = rock knock, number in sequences, possible language

Transcribed by R. Scott Nelson

Time - Utterance
0:4.5 (W) (W)
0:8.62 (W) (W) (W)
0:16.70 WAM VO HÜ KHÖ KHU′
0:18.82 NÄR LÄ
0:21.25 Ü KÜ DZJÄ
0:21.76 FRrÄP E KHÜK LE
0:22.65 ÜN Ï KÜ O GÜ AKH (int)
0:23.85 DÖ WÄÏ NÖ (dr)
0:24.52 MÜ Ï FWI KÖ PÏ KHU′ SJ΄
0:31.43 (ma) HU Ö NÖ> KHÄ HÜ
0:36.95 (ma) FI KÜ ÄÏ> KHÜ′
0:45.03 NE VER GÖ ΄ ÖM KHU′
0:47.03 FÖ WÄ Ï>
0:48.08 WA KHU΄ KVÄM
0:55.34 NÖ ÄÏ ÄKHSJ HÜ
0:57.13 (h) Come on, boy.
0:58.04 (h) Come on, let’s eat.
02.99 MÖÏ PISJ FE KHE KHU′ (h) Come on.
1:11.58 KHU BEK
1:12.63 KHËÄ KHU′
1:13.77 Ä LÄF
1:14.46 MÖ VE KHÜ
1:14.86 LAF KHU′
1:15.35 NÖ KHÏÄ
1:17.49 BÜ GÄ TÄÏSJ KHU′


  1. I'm amazed that this guy came up with this entire language with such a limited sampling.

    In fact, I find it hard to believe.

  2. I can't hear anything in those tapes and I have a good ear. Of course, it could be the quality on the video with the background of rain.

  3. I just realized these vocalizations were recorded in my county of residence: the "Sierra Sounds" recordings. :D

    I wish bigfoot really existed, but I'm doubtful. The idea of bigfoot having a language is particularly hard to believe, but I listened to the whole thing.

  4. I heard nothing but mad monkey talk for 10 years until i read the transcribed text

  5. @Anonymous

    You said, "I heard nothing but mad monkey talk for 10 years until i read the transcribed text."

    Are you serious?

    Also, the top "video" (only a recording) sounds like a person to me but for some reason after watching the Scott R. Nelson video I want to hear a bit more.

    Also, where exactly was the Sierra Sounds recording made? it's been 30 years, but it still sounds fun to make a little trip up the hill, even if I don't believe in the big guy. It would be fun to scare the hell out of myself and a few friends.

  6. It's pretty hard to take any of this or these people seriously when I keep clicking on dead links. The video posted above (the first video) is no longer available because "the uploader has closed their YouTube account". Really?? And you expect me to take you seriously when you can't even keep a YouTube account active?? I do believe these creatures MAY exist, however I don't believe in many of the people allegedly "searching" for them. If they would put as much work into their hunting as they do into their hoaxing they may just find some REAL evidence. Is it really THAT important to be right? Or are they just in need of some attention from the world?

  7. Wow, customer acquisition is extremely difficult. I'm just now reading about this and listened to the 1 hour long video.

    Oct. of 2011 and here it is practically Oct. of 2012.

    Meldrum has listen to these talks a few time and he is the only famous one.

    I have some comments:

    I thought the video of the crypto linguist was cool. As for the venue that was picked, it took a while for me to get over the Oklahoma picnic shelter and the rain storm, also the electricity going out. This is important as people tune out. Go to the library at mid-day and reserve a space or do so at a university auditorium.

    As for the tapes and the background story, I feel I've finally gotten the entire story of the Moorehead Tapes. Took forever.

    I've been reading all I can about BF since 1986 on and off.

    To the speed of the speech, do you speak spanish (I do) and if so have you ever tried speaking to Island puerto ricans or Island cubans. First of all the puerto ricans butcher the language by cutting out letters, like for instance Calo, is a name known as Carlos. They are capable of speaking the language so fast that I tune out and pick up every 5 word. I then collect the words and try to figure out context.

    To Cubans, imagine speaking to a Country Redneck with Twang in their voice, now impose this on a Cuban speaking spanish at 3 to 4 words per second and muffled.

    Also when these spanish speakers know each other well they can finish each others sentences.

    Since we are on spanish, obviously I speak it but I've been on the futile hunt over the years for certain words that I use that are not spanish. Some unknowingly claim they are native american after all my family does seem to have some roots in that direction. I couldn't tell you what native tribe though and I don't care. Two (maybe 3) of my grandparents elderly pictures resemble very much the native americans from the 1800 hundreds that were captured on early photography, Worlds Fair, etc.

    The ethnicity is basically thought to be Spanish and Native.

    Ok, about influencing each other through contact in language - I can believe some of this. One of my grandparents (being born in the States - the border literally crossed their grandparent's generation) never spoke English but would occasionally reveal that they clearly understood what was being ask or said - how? By laughing at the joke, statement or by giving a semi-response to the question or request. But it was always stated that they did not know english and it was rarely if ever discussed even the possibility of them knowing english.

    One of my last observations or recollections comes from several years ago. I, as many on these site, recall that a woman was interviewed years ago and she said a BF would visit her at her back door and ask for items. When I first heard this I laughed out loud. I still laugh out loud. My thoughts is this that the interview was done after she heard of this topic through the grapevine and not that she was/is into habituation and regularly visits with a BF. So, I think the freaks will come out. I think the interview was included in one of the many TV specials that exist on BF.

    It is difficult to say "I believe BF can speak English or knows english words" but looks like that maybe where some evidence is pointing.

    To be continued


  8. If I think of the very intelligent people that I know in a particular subject field and then consider how very stupid/ignorant they can be in other areas; then I can easily believe that BF can speak English.

    Let me give you or myself some examples. I know a physicist that is smart bookwise but didn't have the wherewithal to care about self defense when living in a ghetto; I hope he learned after his beating, near death.

    Another physicist, I once mentioned BF casually since it's mentioned in Native american stories at the Smithsonian Museum. They gave a clueless look and I mentioned it'd "simple be an unclassified ape species". Still they balked; all the while being a city dwelling cough potato. Have they hiked? No. Have they hunted mountain lions with dogs? No. Have they even driven across the United States over 3 to 4 days, No? Have they even flown in an air plane? No.

    O, the hubris and stupidity of these people.

    Another woman, real arrogant NY'er. I asked if she been to Michigan, No. She's only ever been in NY manhattan or DC.

    The listed people above are really smart types.

    The next person that I will mention is a 10 year community college/University student hoping to one day teach elementary but can't pass her teacher exit exam - the math section. This person can't tell you what 15% of $100 is.

    So can BF speak English - likely so.

    Cheers Mr. Nelson, it was a great talk.

  9. Ridiculous but he found a way to make money.

  10. Very good job indeed. This research is not a faith, it is not a matter of "uh I don't believe it" or "wow I want to believe", it is a matter of studying and understanding new evidence brought about and made possible by recent technology. We have to accept that science doesn't know everything and there is much more to the world we live in, like it or not. Your life is too complicated already and don't want any more surprises? Why are you visiting this site then?

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