Saturday, October 8, 2011

More government cover-up of Bigfoot: Forest Service Biologist disappears after finding Sasquatch footprints near Cougar Washington

William Jevning
Author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch"

38 year veteran sasquatch investigator William Jevning just tweeted another bombshell today.

Last week Jevning talked about the U.S. Forest Service in Mt Adams area of Washington state and how he suspected them of covering up tracks after receiving reports of Bigfoot tracks found by hunters.

This latest government cover-up story happened near the town of Cougar Washington in the early 1990s. It sounds like an episode of the X-Files television show.

Read below:

I was last talking about those who mentioned any sort of cover up regarding the issue of the Sasquatch, I wanted to mention one other.

The second time I knew of anything odd was also in the early 1990's, I used to stop in the Eagles Cliff store and campground

Thia is a few miles from the town of Cougar Washington at the base of Mt. St. Helens

I became friends with the owner, and stopped by to chat when ever I was investigating that area.

On one such visit, his sister who was working the store tols me that a forest service biologist from the nearby forest service center

had come by a couple hours previously, and had tole her that Sasquatch footprints had been found by a nearby creek that morning

he said he had fully documented the hundreds of tracks found there, and had taken dozens of photographs

I was fortunate to have several members of my field search team with me and knew the area where the tracks had been found

The report of the footprints was credible since both the owner and his sister knew the person who originally discovered the footprints

The person who found the tracks while fishing was very credible.

so I decided we would go and see for ourselves the tracks, since it was a fresh find.

my team and I thoutoughly searched the creek area, finding no footprints, this was very strange because of the high credibility

of the person who found the tracks and the statement of the forest service biologist, so something was wrong here

The next logical step was to go to the forest service facility and ask about the biologist's findings

I had the biologists name and thought it would be a simple matter to find him, but when we arrived and asked for one had ever

heard of him before, they did a search for the name we gave and no such person worked for the forest service!

No photographs, no report, no this person wore a forest service uniform, so just who was he???

where did he go, and what happened to all the footprint evidence???and why the apparent deception? now with no direct indication

of a cover up, something very strange was going on here

If you have never heard of William Jevning before, he is the author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch".

Here's a tweet from Jevning asking for support:

I do want to ask anyone reading my information, if someone can tell me how to get exposure for my book, it is selling but not a lot yet

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