Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Town hall meeting in Saltville, Virginia

The cast of the Animal Planet TV series "Finding Bigfoot" will be investigating bigfoot/sasquatch sightings around Jefferson National Forest in southwest Virginia beginning Monday 10/17/11. They will also host an open town hall meeting in Saltville, Virginia, on Tuesday, October 18th at 7pm. The meeting will take place at the historic Palmer Mill at 618 Palmer Avenue in Saltville.

According to Matt Moneymaker:
The green swaths represent the Jefferson National Forest (gray swaths represent Washington Nat. For.). The Virginia counties in this region are Grayson, Washington, Smythe, Wythe, Tazwell and Bland. We want to meet witnesses from these counties specifically.
Anyone with pertinent information is welcome to attend the meeting, but seating is limited. The venue can only seat 50-60 people comfortably. Arrive early. Parking and admission are free.

We will be contacting witnesses in this part of Virginia who have submitted sighting reports to the BFRO over the years. If you are one of those people, please be willing to come forward and describe what you saw. If you are usually hestitant to speak about your observation, you won't feel that way at the meeting. You will be among (new) friends -- other witnesses from your area.

There is a very healthy population of sasquatches in the Appalachian Mountains. Many people have spotted them over the years. There is likely a small but permanent population of them in and around the Jefferson National Forest.

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  1. Hey guys about the bigfoot sighting in Saltville (my home town), if you want another witness call 276-496-4674 and ask for Brady Stiltner.

  2. Me and my dad try to go hunting them. He lives in Saltville and owns land on Henry Town Rd. At night, I always hear Hollaring in the woods. it's crazy... I'm scared to be out there at night by myself and sometimes during the day when the sun starts coming down.

  3. has I hear still house hollow has alot of weird stuff happening up there! has anyone seen or heard anything in still house?