Monday, September 5, 2011

Penn and Teller believes Cryptozoology is bullsh!t, especially Bigfoot

Penn and Teller - Cryptozoology

According to Loren Coleman: Cryptozoology is the study of "hidden animals," including Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monsters, yeti, Myakka Skunp ape, and hundreds of other cryptids.

This episode of Showtime's Penn and Teller Bullsh!t originally aired on April 24th 2006. Using humor and experts, the two Las Vegas magicians tried to debunk people's belief in famous cryptids such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

Loren Colemen, one of the world's leading cryptozoologists, was not amused by Penn and Teller's criticism about cryptozoology:
What can you say about Penn & Teller? They left no sacred cryptids untouched by their silence and their profanity.
Clever editing and the setups they picked made cryptozoology look like the "craptozoology" that Penn & Teller wanted it to appear to be. As we have already discussed in the days leading up to this airing, Penn & Teller have made an entertainment show presenting itself as science, but it is more about ridiculing people than being logical. You can try to find the humor here, but one does have to look hard to get a laugh out of this show. It is a biting satire with no giggling, as far as can be seen from viewing it twice. Of course, I’m bias. I’ll admit that.
The episode was also not well-received amongst the readers of Cryptomundo at the time:

You know I think it’s funny, when you look at the whole of human history as we know it, how whenever People come along that have a new or different or just unpopular view or theory, those who don’t agree or don’t want to see the ‘boat rocked’ will go to great lengths to discredit, defame, and yes sometimes kill those who are proponents of the unpopular view. Look at Galileo, for example, and probably a hundred other examples we could give. Penn & Teller are little better than the Medieval church. And by little I mean they haven’t killed, tortured, or maimed anyone that we know of. Also, I didn’t see the show, but who are they to say that the accounts of natives are unreliable? Just because they haven’t received Western educations? That makes them no less intelligent than anyone else. Uneducated perhaps, but lack of education and lack of intelligence are not the same. I’ll get off my soapbox now… but small minded people do irk me, and Penn & Teller have proven that their minds are quite miniscule indeed.


  1. Yea, I'm going to put my faith in two guys that until now have never set foot outside a densely populated metropolitan area.

    Penn and Teller, Pfft! Who better to analyze the existence of cryptids?

    The sad part is there are plenty of people out there with little to no knowledge that will eat up whatever these jokers say.

  2. Penn and Teller are fuckboys,that have never been to the woods.

    I can only hope that they are incapable of breeding.


  3. I used to watch Penn and Tellers until I caught them playing favorites on their show. I'll give you some background. They once did a segment on how endagered species laws were unfairly impacting people, stripping them of their property and rights. They interviewed one animal rights activist who stated that he couldnt find anybody that was negatively affected by animal rights laws. Penn and Teller than brought up one disabled woman in a wheelchair who bought a piece of property in order to build herself a home there, but wasnt allowed to do so due to the fact that it was discovered that a certain species of bird lived in the trees on her property. No development was allowed on the land, rendering the land worthless. So the woman couldnt build her home, couldnt get her money back, nor sell the land to anybody else seeing as how nobody wanted a piece of property they wouldnt be allowed to do anything with.

    A few episodes later they do a segment on children that are adopted by homosexual couples, claiming that there are no negative mental effects on the kids adopted by homosexuals. And they interviewed a homosexual activist who plainly stated that no study exists that shows such a thing. Which wasnt true. Just about a month before that episode aired, I read about such a study that claimed that kids adopted by homosexual couples do indeed mentally suffer more negatively than kids adopted by straight couples. But Penn and Teller allowed the homosexual activist to get away with this.

    Now, I'm NOT trying to get into or start a debate here about animal rights or homosexual couples adopting kids. Thats not what this forum is for, this is not the place for that. My point is that they didnt allow the animal rights activist to get away with feigning ignorance about how his ideas, when put into practice, can negatively affect people. Yet, they allowed the homosexual activist to get away with feigning ignorance about any evidence out there that may contradict the activist.

    After I saw them play favorites like that, I stopped watching their show.

  4. Penn and Teller's Bullshit is Bullshit. I love how they say "Dont go to myth's for crazy shit, check out nature, the Duck Billed Platypus was denied and the scientists thought he'd sewn parts of animals together, asshole". Funny how the Duck Billed Platypus is a prime example of a former cryptid, it even shows how reluctant mainstream science is to exept the existence of unlikely animals. Penn and Teller, I'm sorry, but your show is terrible.

  5. Yea. Sure. I may know Bigfoot exsist. I think there's other creatures out there somewhere. That may make me look foolish to some. But at least I'm not one of two con men who love to start drama and hood wink/bamboozle the gullible public with a bunch of lame smoke and mirrors,,,,calling it "magic". The title of their show probably fits the bill. Bullish!t from two notorious bulls!it artists. Lame.

  6. Hahaha holy shit look at you people rage and whine about penn and teller. They successfully pulled a hoax. Stop whining.