Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who is Adrian Erickson?

Adrian Erickson

Adrian Erickson is founder of The Erickson Project.

Adrian grew up on a small farm in the bush of northern Alberta, Canada, hunting and trapping with his father at an early age to augment the meager income from farming. His first encounter with a Sasquatch was in 1959 when he was seven years old. By the age of 16, while still in high school, he was guiding American moose hunters, and had his second encounter with a sasquatch. After graduation Adrian expanded his guiding and outfitting business into reclamation work for the oil and gas industry.

Adrian's first love was hunting, and by age 26 he had switched strictly to bow hunting. Much of his hunting at the time took him to remote locations in Alberta and British Columbia where he had other sasquatch encounters. While in his forties, Adrian's companies (including drilling, construction and helicopters) had grown to a large international group generally working in seismic exploration for the oil and gas industry in many countries around the world. During this period his bow hunting took him to many countries in Africa where he successfully hunted all the dangerous game with only a bow and arrow.

In 2001 an encounter with a sasquatch crossing the road in front of him was the catalyst that drove him to find out everything he could about this elusive creature. Adrian’s research lead him to becoming an investigator for the BFRO in 2003 and by 2005 had literally talked to hundreds of witnesses who were relieved to finally speak about sasquatches to someone who took them seriously and who had seen them himself.

In the same year, Adrian had a vision of secluded estates set in nature, and created Regal Ridge, a world class acreage development in Osoyoos British Columbia, Canada, where his two sons Jason and Ryan work with him today.

In 2005 Adrian started The Erickson Project, the first multi-site field study of the sasquatch in both Canada and the USA with the goal to have the sasquatch recognized as a species.

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  1. Yeah. I had heard only a bit of vague info about him. His name is certainly getting bantered around a lot lately in association with BF killings. If he's legit, I hope he doesn't take on a Biscardi-type association with his name. If he's leaking info about this documentary and seems to be sitting on real evidence, then good for him, but if he's using sensationalism, it'll be another BF in a refrigerator and he'll lose all credibility. Here's hoping he's the real deal.