Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tale of giant upright-walking, fish-catching, lion-killing Chimps in Congo called “BILI”

Bili caught by local people

The gigantic-sized of the chimpanzee, discovered in the deep in the Congolose jungle. They are called “BILI”. According to the local people, the species is bigger, stronger, and fiercer than the normal chimpanzee. Why? This type of gigantic-sized chimpanzee catch fish, kill lions, and even howl at the moon. WOW! That is scary. Some people believe that BILI is a hybrid of gorilla and chimpanzee.

Gigantic-sized chimpanzee
 Compare with these chimpanzees!

Smaller and tamer
Closer to human


  1. it's a good thing josef stalin didn't have access to these bad boys. they have said old josef tried to make some sort of monkey/human back in the days of the cold war. he wouldn't need no hybrid. he could of trained these super monkey's and gave these bad-boys a ak-47 and a uniform and no human would be able to take it off of them. gald they found this super monkey now and not then. just imagine one of these beasts comming at you with bad intentions. wow! no thanks!!!

  2. Not 100% sure but I think both of the chimp photos are of Bonobos. Older Bonobo photos will be labelled Chimpanzee. The photos also look like youngsters.

    The first two pictures certainly are of larger than average chimps but the comparable pictures also look to be smaller than average.