Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Erickson-Lindsay Project: More on Sierra kills, Robert's take on Sleeping Bigfoot photo, thinks Dr. Melba Ketchum is hot

Sleeping Bigfoot / Sasquatch

Here's another Erickson Project update from Robert Lindsay just posted an hour ago.

Robert chimes in on the Sleeping Bigfoot photo recently released by Adrian Erickson. He thinks it's the real deal. Robert said at the end of the 4-5 minute video, the Bigfoot does wake up for some reason, possibly because she realized that she was being photographed.

It also looks like Robert Lindsay might be a little "friendlier" to Dr. Ketchum from now on. In the caption underneath Dr. Ketchum's new Facebook photo, to put it nicely, Robert wrote: "A new photo of Melba Ketchum, looking very beautiful indeed."

Bigfoot News August 24, 2011

Erickson Project releases video of a sleeping Bigfoot from Kentucky. We can verify that this photo is of a young female Bigfoot sleeping in the forest in Crittenden, Kentucky in 2005. The video was apparently shot by owners of the property in that year, not by the Erickson Project. Therefore, there is a question of whether or not the residents of the house were hoaxing the videos.

Apparently they were not, because when the EP moved Dr. Leila Hadj Chikh, PhD in Evolutionary Biology, and Dennis Pfohl into the site after purchasing it, both of them continued to see the Bigfoots on many occasions. Pfohl also apparently shot quite a bit of video of the Bigfoots at the site. Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD in Wildlife Biology, also saw the Bigfoots there on one occasion. Since the EP saw the Bigfoots at the site also, it is highly dubious that the owners of the site hoaxed the video.

It is simply not possible that the Hadj-Chikh, Pfohl and Bindernagel hoaxed their sightings and video. Not possible, no way. They’re not hoaxers. It’s also not possible that Drs. Hadj-Chikh and Bindernagel misidentified a known animal as a Bigfoot. These are PhD biologists here. This is reminiscent of the scene in the USSR where Russian PhD biologists saw Almastys and Yetis on a number of occasions in the 20th Century.

This leaves one alternative – that the EP at the Kentucky site was hoaxed by a bunch of guys running around in the forest in monkey suits for years on end pretending to be Bigfoots. Now how likely is that?

An absolutely superb video from RW Ridley showing enhancements of the sleeping Bigfoot image. The enhancements are excellent, and I believe that they are correct.

People have suggested that this video is a hoax for several reasons. First, because no one could get that close to a sleeping Bigfoot without being seen. Next, it was suggested that the Bigfoot would obviously wake up when being photographed and that Bigfoots would sleep in a nest, not on the forest floor.

The people at this habituation site had been habituating these Bigfoots for a long time and had gotten to where they could get pretty close to them. And at the end of the 4-5 minute video, the Bigfoot does wake up for some reason, possibly because she realized that she was being photographed. Also, witness accounts indicate that Bigfoots do not always sleep in nests. Sometimes they do just sleep on the forest floor during the daytime.

Even more amazing, check out this drawing of a sleeping Almasty in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwestern China in 1913.This Almasty was captured by villagers in the region of the Dam River. They drew a picture of the way she slept.

Note that the way it is sleeping is in some ways very similar to the way that this Bigfoot is sleeping. Almastys and Bigfoots are apparently related in some unknown way.

A drawing of a sleeping Almasty in Western China in 1913. Notice the striking similarity between this drawing and the photo of the sleeping Bigfoot. Enhanced drawing from Bigfoot Lunch Club.

A super enhanced screen grab from Bigfoot Lunch Club of RW Ridley's video of the sleeping Bigfoot. Notice the similarity between it and the sleeping Almasty.

Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot steak was very large – weighed 15 pounds. We believe that the steak that Smeja sent in to Melba Ketchum’s DNA lab weighed just less than 2 pounds. Smeja tells us that that was 1/8 of the total Bigfoot piece that was recovered. The total piece that was recovered must have weighed just less than 16 pounds, or about 15 pounds. Smeja cut it in half, giving one 7.5 pound slice to the driver.

The driver retains this large piece to this day. Smeja kept another 7.5 pound piece for himself, of which he cut off 1/4 of it, or about 2 pounds, and sent it to Ketchum. Apparently Smeja has retained, by his own oblique admission, 6 pounds of Bigfoot to this very day.

The slice sent to Ketchum was from a thigh. A 15 pound slice of a Bigfoot thigh must have been a large portion of the thigh – but how large? A Bigfoot thigh probably weighs about 25 pounds. So this slice was about half the thigh of the female Bigfoot.

It is extremely dubious that a 15 pound piece of Bigfoot thigh was found by Smeja and the driver when they went back to the site soon after. Anyway, Smeja was in no condition to go back right away, by his own admission to one of my sources. He could not possibly have gone back to the site a few days later with the driver and found that piece. If he went back later, someone else must have gone with him. I suspect that that someone was a team from the Olympic Project.

We have been intensively criticized for writing that the Bigfoot steak weighed 15 pounds. The figure was arrived at in the following manner. I told a friend of mine, who is a statistician, that the dimensions of the steak sent to Ketchum were 7″ by 4″ by 2″. We then calculated the dimensions of the steak based on those figures and came up with a figure in cubic inches.

He then told me how much the steak with that cubic dimensional figure must have weighed in pounds, based on his knowledge of the weight of human-type flesh (it weighs just less than water). The weight of the sample came to just under 2 pounds. Since Smeja has told us in his own words that the steak he sent to Ketchum was 1/8 of the total, we then multiplied the weight of the sample he sent in by 8 and came up with about 15 pounds.

Helicopter trip to the Sierra Kills. About five months ago, in March 2011, Dave Paulides of the NABS Bigfoot organization chartered a helicopter for a very strange trip to the Sierra Nevadas of California. There were only two passengers on this trip – Paulides and his helicopter pilot, who must remain nameless. The trip was to the Dixie Mountain area of California west of Frenchman Lake where the Sierra Kills reportedly took place.

Apparently Paulides had good information on where the kills took place in that region, much better information that I have. The helicopter landed, and the two men got out and looked around for a while. Suddenly, Paulides become very alarmed and insisted that the two men go back to the helicopter. This behavior was very unlike Paulides. Paulides would not say what had alarmed him so much. The pilot wanted to stay and look around, but Paulides insisted that they go. They flew back to wherever they took off from.

Paulides does not have the money to rent that helicopter. There is only one person in the Bigfoot World who has that kind of money and that is Wally Hersom. I assume that Hersom rented the helicopter for the flight to the Sierras.

One question remains. How did Paulides find out about the Sierra Kills in March 2011 before the story broke, and how did he know the exact site to go to? NABS and the Olympic Project do not cooperate at all, and Paulides does not like the OP, who he considers competitors.

David Paulides a fearsome character, widely feared in the Bigfoot World. Paulides, who runs the NABS organization is a former cop who was forced to retire for beating up a suspect, among other things. We have now learned that he is highly vindictive, has a legendary temper, is very controlling, runs his organization like a dictatorship, and is quick to retaliate against anyone who goes against him. We believe that even most of the people who work with him in NABS are afraid of him.

I always thought he had mean looking eyes, and he has a huge ego. I heard him on the radio with Melba Ketchum and I was expecting to hear a nasty person. Instead, Paulides sounded very polite and pleasant, like a really nice guy, very friendly voice. Apparently he’s a complicated person.

David Paulides and Matt Moneymaker of BFRO hate each other’s guts. There is tremendous competition between these two narcissistic men with notoriously huge egos. Paulides had a spy inside the BFRO for a long time feeding him secret BFRO information. It’s a symptom of how ridiculous this game has gotten that these groups even have secret information in the first place. Why aren’t they all cooperating in the search for Bigfoot. Because they all have Bigfoot fever, and they all want to be the first to discover Bigfoot.

Moneymaker found out who the spy was and fired him. He soon made his way over to Paulides NABS, where he can be seen to this day with his very own photo on the NABS team page.

Melba Ketchum has a publicity photo up on her Facebook page.

A new photo of Melba Ketchum, looking very beautiful indeed.

Well, there is the photo. I am surprised that she looks that good. I think she is very beautiful, and she’s one of the best looking women in Bigfootery. A number were smitten with the photo of her that was previously online, showing her standing in the desert with a cross around her neck. However, it is little known that that photo is about 20 years old. One of my sources told me that time has not been kind to her, and she didn’t look anything like that old picture. Judging by this new photo, I think my source is wrong.

But really, what’s with this photo? It looks like a publicity photo, no? Is something big about to happen?

Ketchum’s business not as successful as people think. Sources have told me that Dr. Ketchum doesn’t even need the money for this Bigfoot business, and she runs a very successful business. It’s true that she is very good at what she does, and she does contract work for various governments, including forensic work. Ketchum helped identify bodies from 9-11 via DNA. She must be good if they gave her that work.

However, sources have told me that she doesn’t have nearly as much business as she wants to have. In fact, she’s lacking customers much of the time, and she may well have a hard time paying her bills, which may be considerable. Further, she has a very hard time keeping employees and there is continuous turnaround at the lab. This is because no one wants to work for her as due to her personality.

Erickson and Ketchum continuing to feud. As we reported earlier, Adrian Erickson sent Ketchum all of his Bigfoot samples, paid $70K for sequencing and never got any results. We believe that Erickson is very upset about this. We also believe that by this point, both parties have retained attorneys, and I assume that they have threatened to sue each other. Sources have also told me that the Ketchum-Erickson feud is what is behind the delay in bringing these projects to the public, or is at least part of the delay.

Derek Randles, pillar of rectitude? Randles has an interesting reputation in this super sleazy field as some sort of a Mother Theresa in terms of honesty and moral uprightness. I don’t know the man, and I have no personal feelings on whether he is honest or not. I will say that Randles is a man who chooses his words very carefully. He should have gone into law, diplomacy or pubic relations. To me, it’s not so much that he lies as that he is a very careful talker.

However, one source with decades in the field has told me that Randles has a long history of extensive lying in Bigfootery going back decades. The source said, “Derek Randles is a pathological liar. If I were you, I would not believe a word he says.” So there you have it. Mr. Randles has obviously not won over everyone.

Randles also works very closely with that charming lump of humanity known as Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO. Hmmm.

However, I will admit that the Olympic Project does excellent Bigfoot work. These are the boots on the ground guys, and they are highly professional. Randles appears to have a good reputation in his Washington landscaping business, which can be found via web search.

Erickson habituation sites revealed. The EP had habituation sites in the following locales: Crittenden, Kentucky; Maple Ridge, British Colombia; Texas (exact location unknown); Alabama (exact location unknown); Tennessee (exact location unknown). We believe that verified Bigfoot DNA samples were probably taken at each one of these locations.

Ketchum Bigfoot DNA samples revealed. We previously reported that Ketchum has produced DNA from 20 separate Bigfoot individuals. But whose samples made the final grade? We believe that all six of the EP’s samples were proven to be from Bigfoots. We also believe that hair samples from a project in Oklahoma made the grade. We also believe that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills, from the Olympic Project, made the grade.

That leaves nine separate samples, referring to nine separate Bigfoots, as making the grade. This leaves 11 other samples yet unidentified.



  1. Wow, looks like a glamour shot. Which means she's probably ugly....But she looks good in the picture. The sleeping giant still looks like a dead cat. Are you guys with that AZCRO group that puts out the photos of blown up nothing? I have an easier time find BF in clouds than in Vic O.'s pictures.

  2. Maple Ridge, British Columbia as a habituation site? Have you guys looked at a map? It's impossible - it's a fully developed urban area. Are they going up to Golden Ears Provincial Park? What are the real facts here?

  3. I think Ms. Ketchum needs to get her butt in gear. She's taking much too long getting her sample testing done. She hasn't been keeping up her end of the deal very well either. If she doesn't have much business I think she would have time to work on the samples she already has. Get the results out there! Matt and David should try to get along a little better too. Really, there shouldn't be any secrets in the Bigfoot world. There's too many different organizations. If you want to be the one credited with discovering proof of Bigfoot then maybe you should stop keeping your "evidence" secret. Start showing people what you have if you want more believers. Seriously, COMMON SENSE!

  4. It was in golden ears park. See the maple ridge news article posted here on aug.4

  5. Did I read that right? "Erickson project releases video o sleeping bigfoot". If so, where can we see it?

  6. I-have-seen-a-clear-picture-of-sasquatch-face.It-was-taken-in-2008

  7. Looks like a bear. Also, count the number of clear face images contained in the body area, at least 6 can be construed..pareidolia aplenty.

    new anony

  8. No photos of two dead Bigfoots? No "big foot" cut off? No head? Ovaries would have been excellent material.
    No skeletal remains? If this material exists, great, otherwise there are huge questions about all of this.
    Maybe the "steaks" will be convincing...the crypto world waits....and waits.

  9. It's funny how they claim to have video. Yeah, we've seen the sleeping matilda, it's old. Show us the part where she wakes up and faces the camera. If it's real and not a dead cat that is.