Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old But New Alleged Bigfoot footage

Part 1

Part 2

Interesting clip of what seems to be a very old footage of a Sasquatch messing with the water. It's not clear if the Bigfoot is trying to catch a fish or cleaning itself.

There's no additional information on this except that it was just uploaded by "videohistorytv" today. The channel contains other video clips from history such as the Space Shuttle Launch disaster to Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech.

The video description says it's a "Footage of what was, and still is believed to be 'Bigfoot'".

Update: Here's the full version. In color!


  1. I think you'll find these are from the 1976 Ivan Marx film "The Legend of Bigfoot." It's on Netflix right now!

    From what I understand, these are clips of Marx's wife dressed up in a suit.

  2. Those are well known fakes. arms to short, thin like a distance runner.

  3. I believe those were perpetrated by Ivan Marx. He did many hoaxes including a white bigfoot which I think he presented on Johnny Carson in the 70s.


  4. Ummmmm......yeah, all the dimensions are wrong for this to be real. This is Ivan Marx's wife in a suit. Unfortunatly this stuff is still out there giving more fuel for the fire of skeptics.

  5. Ivan Marx (1921-1999) was an Animal Trainer & Nature Photographer for Walt Disney Studios back in the 50s-60s. He hunted and trapped for his food and pretty much lived off of bear meat. He started off in 1951 as a serious researcher, but as he struggled to find tracks or film a creature, he decided to start hoaxing and teamed up with Italian-American Las Vegas Promoter & Showman Carmine Thomas Biscardi (1947-present) they started the company 'Amazing Horizons, Inc.' and made three Bigfoot feautre-length films. Legend of Bigfoot, Bigfoot: Alive in '82 & In the Shadow of Bigfoot. In total, Marx made 30 hoaxed films of his wife in a suit. He found real tracks in 1951, filmed a real Sasquatch in 1958 in Nevada, was a member of the Slick expedition in 1961 and found the Bossburg Cripple with Rene Dahinden and Don Byington. But he made ALOT of hoax's which can be seen in his 3 feautre-length films.

    1. Let me get this straight. This known hoaxer found the "Bossburg Cripple" tracks, the tracks that convinced Dr. Grover Krantz that bigfoot is real?

  6. The account of the person who posted that on YouTube is terminated for copyright violations and it is a cigarette company who complained.