Sunday, July 24, 2011

The best Bigfoot documentary ever produced

Nat Geo's amazing documentary about Bigfoot featuring Dr. Jeff Meldrum. In our opinion, one of best, if not the best documentary on Sasquatch.

The show begins by telling us a story about a man named Patterson who took film footage of a Bigfoot in Northern California in the late '60s.  Of course, debunkers immediately said it was a hoax -- just a guy in a suit. The show pretty well put the hoax claim to rest.

Without going into all of the details of each point, the main points were that Hollywood "creature suit makers" say the technology to make a suit look and act like the creature in the film did not exist in the late '60s and  still doesn't.  Anatomical experts say the proportions are wrong for a human and right for an ape.  Finally, it is possible to calculate the actual height of something in an image if you know the distance from camera to subject, the size of the image on the frame of film and the focal length of the lens.  The camera used at the time came with 15 and 25 mm lenses.  The 15mm lens was in use and the distance was stated to be 100 feet by the guy with Patterson.  Combined with image size in the frame (I think they said it was .44") this leads to a height of 7'6", give or take a bit.  Further, the length of primate feet is generally about 15% of body height.  Plaster casts of Patterson's Bigfoot footprints were measured at 14" and that comes out to about the same height.  There aren't many 7'6" humans.

The show also mentioned the numerous blood and hair samples that have been collected over the years.  They have found that some of the hair samples do not match the hair of any known forest animals like bears, elk, pumas, etc.  These hair samples are from primates but are not from any known primates like humans, gorillas, chimps, orangutans, etc.  The same holds true for some of the blood samples.  Of course, in science, proving a sample isn't something does not prove it is something else but the process of elimination certainly leaves the question open.


  1. The documentary is compelling. I agree with Dr. Meldrum that the true "scientific" community should take a real and unbiased look at whether or not this creature exists. They owe it to the spirit of scientific thought to probe for the facts. If it is thoroughly investigated and found to be a hoax, great. To assume it is a hoax from the start and not bother to probe is foolishness.

  2. 'Sqatch does not exist until you see one. After that, it is merely a fact. To me it is a fact. The idiot who claims to have killed two is likely telling the truth. He knew what it was, and he wanted to kill a human. Holding the young one in his arms while it died....tells more about the veracity of the incident than any other extranea from the report.

  3. seriously? they are still analyzing this footage even after patterson admitted on his death bed that it was a hoax? furthermore, the person that wore the suit came forward like 15 years ago?? believe me, i am still thrilled by the possibility of bigfoot and love watching these documentaries; but if you don't have any new information, then quit putting out new documentaries that simply analyze old footage that has no credibility!

    1. Actually it was Pattersons grown children said it was a hoax, and true there have been alot of claims made by people who came forth and said they were the man/woman in the suit, but never showed any evidence of it. I.E the suit itself, the exact location, or anything that could prove they were the ones in the suit.

    2. Patterson never said that. Multiple people have claimed to be in the suit, which is clearly not possible. Nobody can offer more proof other than a claim that they were in the suit.

  4. Things people should keep in mind. Here in Alaska, the natives, the early explores and prospectors have all reported for generations, that polar bears and grizzly bears mated and produced off spring. They also reported that grizzly bears will come out of their winter dens, sniff out, then dig out a black bear's den, then kill and eat the occupants and take over the black bears' den. All the experts, all the wildlife biologists and so called 'men of science' said, 'No, this can't be be true!" Well then, white scientists actually SAW grizzly bear/polar bear offspring. Hunters take the off spring occasionally here as well as Canada. And also,white scientists, Alaska Fish and Game Wildlife Biologists, actually witnessed for themselves, a grizz sniff out a black bear den, then witnessed it dig out the black bear, then watched it kill and eat it. This happened here in Alaska a couple winters ago.
    My Point?
    So, we may as well resign ourselves to the fact, until a white man of science witnesses and records a Bigfoot, there is NO possibility that Bigfoot can exist.

  5. November 22 Dude; Patterson never admitted any such thing, quit lying okay, and get the facts. PGF's real and no hoax. This latest hunter's story, who knows, kinda hope not because getting proof this way's not right.

  6. First off, I would like to state the fact that there was a large sub-species of chimpanzee found in the early 2000's that the natives had been talking about for years, and scientists wrote it off as a legend because they had never seen any of these creatures, at least until they found them and had to base them as a factual creature. Also, look at how people took to the platypus. They thought that it was a elaborate hoax as well until a live specimen was brought back to England as proof. Long story short, large animals, especially intelligent ones can hide for ages, second, science should not write off what they can't explain until there is inexplicable proof that it is myth or truth.

  7. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, but I cannot help but point out that the figure in the Patterson footage, if it's real, is a female. Must be the use of the original film, not a copy, that made it so clear to me. When the right arm swings up, just as it turns to look back, there are breasts, that bounce up and down realistically. I am a woman and I hope this post does not come off as inappropriate. Again, Im sure I'm not the first to notice, but this is the first time it's been so clear to me!!! The narrator uses "she" a few times. That aspect is too realistic to be someone in a suit.

    1. I'd just like to repete what
      i've been saying all along, There are many reports of them in the Bible and from what Joshua reports in the book of his name several tribes of humans lived in Caanan and these giants were one of them. Joshua thought that 'god' thhru Moses I suppose told him to go kill all the inhabitants and claim it for the Hebrews, just as the zionist Jews are doing to the Palistinians today. All Im have to say is 2000 years is a long time to claim absentee ownership, and ethnic cleansing is a crime as well as the sin of multiple murder. But Zumzim mim will survive as they learned early on to avoid us.

    2. This is the most asinine post that I have seen on this blog to date. You managed to come on here and link Bigfoot to the lame crap that is going on in the mideast and then pitched an anti-ethnic cleansing add. WTF is wrong with you?

    3. Way ta go, Bill!! "Nother useless Arab!!

  8. This is a great documentary that proves that the film is real not a hoax. Now on to finding more proof with DNA once that’s completed there will be no doubt.

  9. What about the cropping of the Patterson film that had taken place. Or the airbrushing of the lips, in one of the later recopying of the original film. Ask Bob Gimlin and watch his reactions! So much evidence points to there having been more than one bgft shot at Bluff Creek...

  10. Not knowing, but I wonder how much actual in the field research Prof Meldrum has, or is his findings based on other's work or theory as yet unproven? He certainly is resistant to anyone else's approach or findings that do not co-incide with 'his'. hmmm

  11. I have seen this film done over and over, with the restorations and all that. I live in Montana, and this state is famous for the millions of acres of untouched forest and mountain ranges. The possibility of such a creature remaining hidden is there, and like deer and other animals, has deduced that man is a threat and will avoid them.

    The woman above stated the breast swinging, and I agree. That is one part of a body that would be extremely difficult to copy or fake, especially in 1967. Not finding a body is not clear evidence that they don't exist, given the amount of Earthly terrain where one of these creatures could go to and lay down and die. Critters would then scatter the remains and the environment being wet and forested would then destroy bone material rather quickly.

    Their existence is PLAUSIBLE, but again, all the critics need a body of proof to finally say yes. Above, someone used the biblical references, so let's look at that. God has never been seen by man that I know of, yet billions of Humans claim he exists. No body, no form, no photos, yet he exists according to them. So, without definitive, physical proof, can we say he/she exists? It is taken on FAITH that he/she does. I am not trying to offend, but pointing out a fact as a rationalist. I believe in the higher power myself, because FAITH tells me he/she exists.

    It is highly probable that such a creature does roam our untamed, unexplored Earth, hidden away and avoiding the hairless, aggressive, and destructive primates that share the planet with them.

    1. I'm Christian and believe that Sasquatch could exist. I'm very fascinated in these documentary's. My buddy from church even had a Sasquatch encounter while he was hunting.

  12. Here is something that wsn't brought up on this documentary, the strides when the bigfoot was walking. When people see bigfoot foot prints, don't they notice how far apart the tracks are? It had to be a very big man who can take long strides when he walks, if it was a man in a suit, also, if bigfoot was 6 hundred to 8 hundred pounds in weight, wouldn't it leave foot prints deeper into the ground than a hand carved foot made of wood?

    1. It looked like a man taking strides. How do you know how big those strides were when there is almost no reference as to the size of the subject? Is it 8 feet tall? 6 feet tall? 5 feet tall? There's just no way to tell. Anyway, it looked just like a man walking with exaggeratedly long strides for dramatic effect.

  13. What this documentary confirmed is there is no such thing as bigfoot, and there never was. As for Patterson-Gimlin, if you think "the technology didn't exist in the 1960s" you are pathetically naive. How do you explain Lon Chaney as The Wolf Man in the 1930s?

  14. The problem with the skeletal overlay is that it makes an assumption that we are looking at an anatomically correct creature. The long arms, for instance, I have noticed for years that they were dangling freely, as if they were deliberately made much longer than the arms of the man that was in the suit. So, the bottom foot of the arm, from the fingertips to lower arm, were floppy because there was nothing inside the suit at that point. They were dummy forearms and hands.

  15. "Torso leans forward, and the knees remain bent" - But, so what? Again, another assumption, that a human actor wouldn't know enough to try to dramatize his walk or gait. This analysis presumes human actors are too stupid to "act like a bigfoot".

  16. "Four way stretch fur like this did not exist until the 1980s" - But, that's not what we're seeing in Patterson-Gimlin. In fact, the Hollywood costume designer Peter Brook is really living his wish list as he tries to design a suit, after the fact, according to how he would do it today. He is making things far too complicated since the subject in the PG film didn't look that good really. There is a seam in the back, not an "adhering to muscular structure. There's a fat, flat butt. The face looks fake as hell. The breasts have fur, as if whoever made the suit didn't really understand primate morphology, or failed when they tried to make it just a little bit too fancy.

    "It does seem to stretch," says Brook. Oh yeah? Show us where in this low quality, grainy film you see stretch? I don't see stretch. Maybe you are imagining stretch, filling in the parts of the film that are absent because of poor quality.

    "The creature seems to have more anatomical detail than 1960s costume technology allowed." - That's just it, there isn't much detail. In order to say "more detail" you actually have to be able to see more detail. I'm sorry, but that detail just isn't in the film. Even more, how can you say 1960s costume technology wasn't capable of producing a bigfoot costume, and then turn around and showing us scenes from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes??? You are contradicting yourself.

    "Certain muscle groups, like the gluteus maximus (etc.) become visible..." No, they aren't really visible. You have to imagine they are visible, like every other detail that isn't really there. Your mind is starting to fill in the gaps the the poor quality of the film doesn't show. Like, um, details. "Massive erector muscles can be seen along the back" - Well, not really, but continue...

    "The high trapezius muscle, which attaches to the back of the skull is consistent with the smaller brain case, the Sagittal crest, and relatively large jaws seen in gorillas." Yeah, sounds like a...gorilla costume?

    "...all factors that make a case for a living creature, not a vintage Hollywood costume." You mean, all factors, providing you misinterpret the data or have to inject non-existent data, and ignore a great deal of the data.

    "With such a realistic suit, beyond even Hollywood's capabilities at the time..." Wha??? Again, you say that, and in the next moment you show us realistic looking gorilla actors from 1968 Planet of the Apes. Talk about contradicting yourself!!!

    So, with all this high tech camera analysis, in the end the camera analysis shows a creature 4' 8" tall. Now, wouldn't that invalidate all the previous camera analysis about bone structure, etc.? I would think this problem seriously calls into question the modern camera analysis.

    This documentary really is more sensational than intellectually honest.

  17. there is only so much information on a frame of 16mm film. you can't see muscle movement or anything else that is offered. what you can see is a shitty suit and a human who is walking at a speed that would be seen in a parking lot. the p&g film is just bad enough that it will never be authenticated.

  18. why is it no one can get a clear picture of bigfoot!!when we have state of the art cameras.

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  46. Ive always been interested in the subject and have been fascinated with the Patty film since I was a kid but the truth is that freaking film resolution is so bad there's just no way to properly analyze it. Even with a mpeg video from a few years back its hard for people to get good footage, even with an iphone, or android 1080p camera we still dont have "great" footage and then theres the ole super 8, or whatever it was! When people blow up the video the bottoms of the feet look like house slipper and the bf boobs might just be where the suit bunches up where its being held up around the waist with some type of belt. I would love for it to be real but the truth is that video is just to old to get anymore from it....

  47. Does any1 know how long the stride was in the Patterson film? I've never heard a mention of stride length.