Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recent Sighting Report: Sawyer County, Wisconsin Man Claims to Have Witnessed Two Bigfoot, an Adult and Juvenile

Date: June 26, 2011
Persons: Young man who works for the state
Location: Nelson Lake, Wisconsin
Context: While fishing from his canoe, the young man spots a child sasquatch with "very thick brown hair all over it's body" and saw a large ape-like head rising above the lower tree boughs.

I received this email last evening from a young man in Sawyer County, Wisconsin who claims to have witnessed two Bigfoot, an adult and juvenile, while fishing:

Sir - I am writing about a sighting I had on June 26th around 8:00 pm at Nelson Lake, Wisconsin. I was fishing from my canoe about 30 yds. from the shore near Tannings Point when I noticed a whimpering sound. It was coming from the woods at the shoreline. It sounded like a dog whining, so I stopped what I was doing to watch the woods to see if anything appeared. After a few seconds I saw a child scampering from the woods. I didn't get a very good look but the child had very thick brown hair all over it's body and was very small (human toddler size). It quickly showed itself then bolted back towards the woods.

I sat there in shock. But within seconds I heard three distinct and angry 'grunts'. I then saw a large ape-like head rise above the lower tree boughs. The eyes were barely visible but I could tell that it didn't want me there. That was enough for me so I started to paddle towards the north show when all of a sudden I heard a loud 'plop' then 'splash' from behind the boat. I turned around in time to see another rock heading in my direction. It was many yds. from me but I got the message.

I was shaking from the time I witnessed these beasts up until a few hours later when I was in my home office pondering what I had seen. I think it may have been Bigfoot. I Googled 'Wisconsin Bigfoot' and your blog came up. Was this a Bigfoot? I'm not an outdoorsman though I enjoy canoeing and fishing. Have there been other sightings in this area? Is there a danger? I appreciate your help.

I am a state employee so I would prefer my identify remain confidential. Thank you.


  1. wow, that's interesting. no chance of it being a bear?

  2. Bears do throw rocks...and this is typical of BF behavor. They throw rocks as a warning to leave the area.

  3. It was a squatch period!!!! They are real it's not even a f..... ? Anymore. The question is what r they and how do they live??? I saw what I believe to b a non natural structure this weekend 6/2/2016 near cheeaunegan national forest while out on a walk w my dog and looking for evidence. THEY ARE REAL AND RIGHT UNDER OUR NOISES.