Prank Alert!: N.O.B.S. Group Claims 'Bigfoot' Sighting In New Orleans' City Park

Alleged Home Video Catches Suspicious Creature

Update: Wow! These guys even came out with a press release of their own, how professional. Click here to read.

This just in from, New Orleans. Looks like an amateur prank to us, but we'll let you decide:

NEW ORLEANS -- In what appears to be a wink and a nod to the recent sightings of wildlife around New Orleans, a group calling itself the New Orleans Bigfoot Society has taken to the web to share a video of what they claim is bigfoot spotted in City Park.

The video, posted Monday on YouTube, is introduced by a man claiming to be biology doctorate Xavier Jenks. But Jenks appears more likely to be an actor, and the video a well-produced prank.

The "home video" Jenks obtained shows a man catching a fish in a pond at the park, and in the background -- when the video is slowed and zoomed -- something bigfoot-esque can be seen on the opposite shore.

In a news release, the group claims to have taken hair and fecal samples from the location of the sighting, and it sent those samples to a lab for analysis.

"The New Orleans Bigfoot Society (N.O.B.S.) was founded in 2001 by a group of Sasquatch researchers and enthusiasts in the Greater New Orleans area," the news release says. "It's a little known fact that there are more Bigfoot encounters in Louisiana than in any other region of the USA (other than the Pacific Northwest)."

Take a look at the video and judge for yourself: serious bigfoot believers or slick pranksters?

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  1. I don;t know, that is creepy!

  2. lol. this made the news? must be a slow news day in New Orleans.

  3. i cant wait to hear how the hair and fecal samples come back... i think the idea that the opening of all the spillways down trhere from the overflowing of the mississippi could have driven him a bit east...?

  4. got a better idea. how about TeamYin do a breakdown on this footage? they'll confirm it's a squatch on 6 different points.

  5. east Texas has more sightings. that fish is dead. and the "doctor" is hilarious and cute!

  6. Since when does Bigfoot wave to the camera?

  7. N.O.B.S. just released the lab results of the New Orleans City Park Sasquatch Incident!


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