Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exclusive: Ukrainian Bigfoot Mystery Solved?

From: SDNikitin  | Mar 18, 2011

We received a personal email from SDNikitin, the person who captured footage of Bigfoot in Ukraine. The video was taken by two hunters with a cell phone camera. Once it hit the internet, it caused a major stir in the Bigfoot community and the debate was split into two camps. One group claim the Bigfoot in the footage is real, the other claim it's just another hoax. "This shows how close the American Sasquatch is to the Sasquatch of the Crimean Peninsula," said one group who posted a "breakdown" video on their Facebook page. They explained the how the creature in the video confirms "long arms with gray palms... cupped hands... Coned head with gray on face... and a compliant bent leg gate." Another Facebook group in agreement said the creature looks like the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin footage. "Looks like Patty, walks like Patty," said the group.

In a statement from the BFRO, on their organization's website, they said, "there is no history of sightings in the Ukraine. The closest area with a history of sightings is the Caucasus Mountains, about 1,000 KM to the East." They explained that "this recent clip from the Ukraine may have gotten some traction in the press due to a recent news story about a Russian effort to study Russian bigfoots with academic support." "The footage itself indicates fabrication. The unnatural movements and tone of the cameraman, combined with the movements of the figure, strongly point toward a crude hoax," the BFRO added. Being the biggest and most respected Bigfoot Research organization in the world, the BFRO proudly proclaim the footage to be a hoax. But this did not sit well with some groups who have already broken down the footage and already proved it to be a real Sasquatch.

"Matt Moneymaker should retract this post immediately. it's ridiculous.," the Facebook group demanded. "Note to all: the Crimean and Caucasus Mountain ranges are practically connected. Crimean sightings are under 100 miles from Caucasus sightings. FB/FB has spoken to the Youtube poster. Moneymaker has not," they said. As it turns out, BFRO's Matt Moneymaker could be right about the video. If the message to SDNikitin is authentic, the creature captured on film was actually an actor who was staring a costume of Sasquatch for the latest video of mobile operator Kyivstar. Sergei, the person who sent a private message to SDNikitin said the shoot took place in March in the woods not far from Yalta. "Obviously, you filmed an actor in a break between shooting scene," said Sergei. Sergei provided SDNikitin with a link to the video and some photos of the alleged Bigfoot creature. Below is the personal message to us from SDNikitin:
Hi! I've got a message from Kiev advertising agency Adventa Lowe about my video and I think, that it would be right to let you know about it. Here it is:
Hi SDNikitin! We saw, that your video ( caused a lot of discussion and debate among the experts, many of whom are inclined to think that video really captures the real bigfoot. We decided to bring some clarity into this discussion. You accidentally captured an actor who starred in the costume of Sasquatch for the latest video of mobile operator Kyivstar ( The shooting took place in March in the woods not far from Yalta. Obviously, you filmed an actor in a break between shooting scene. Here is his photos: Sincerely yours, Sergei (Last name editted out)
Courtesy of Kiev advertising agency Adventa Lowe
Courtesy of Kiev advertising agency Adventa Lowe
Courtesy of Kiev advertising agency Adventa Lowe


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