Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tim Fasano accuses TimberGiantBigfoot of being a Bigfoot Hoaxer

Drama, Drama, Drama. Look, we're all looking for the same creature and it's sad to see the infighting and bickering between Bigfoot Researchers. Fighting amongst each other and accusing each other of hoaxing isn't going to bring us any closer finding a Sasquatch. We have researchers in the field making hoaxing accusations against Tim and even threatening to sue him. Now we have Tim firing back at TimberGiantBigfoot stating "Timber Giant Bigfoot Is A Bullshit Hoaxer" on the subject of his blog.

Tim Fasano writes this about TimberGiantBigfoot  in his blog:

As a dedicated Bigfoot researcher who has been to hell and back paying his dues, I take great exception to a hoaxer like Timbergiantbigfoot of YouTube fame. Every one of his videos, in his eyes, is proof of a North American Sasquatch. This is simply not possible. Even Tom Biscardi would not claim such a thing. This guy is a hoaxer and very bad for Bigfoot. He goes 50 feet from a parking lot (you can hear the traffic) and he finds broken sticks that must be a shelter for Big Foot. He goes into an area with a clear road, says he saw hikers (even though no hikers come in here, he says) and points his camera at the ground while he says a Sasquatch is in front of him. Why is that video worthy of 25,000 hits and the ball licking from his following?

Derek Randles (One of the best Bigfoot guys in the world) said this about Timber Giant Bigfoot:

"I know this sounds rude, but why post that. I hope you don't fall into "every things a Bigfoot" camp. You tube is loaded with that shit. I feel like I'm qualified to say that because I'm out trying almost every day of my life. Wait until you got something CLEAR man. Good luck."

I should try to be like Forest Timber Giant and find evidence every step I take in the woods. I am a YouTube Bigfoot poster, but this shit is starting to lose credibility. How could this guy every time he goes out from a parking lot find, structures, footprints, howls, sightings, tree knocking, mounds, whoops, clear video, Bigfoot Home and shelter, water sources, food sources...and on and on it goes. I really don't want to be associated with this type of crap research that is being put up on youtube anymore. The video below is a BLOBSQUATCH. Yet his subscribers hold his balls in one hand and pet them with the other. I don't get it. This man is a hoaxer like Biscardi. He is total Bullshit.

Get the hell out of Bigfoot guy. You are a poison and your followers and now finding this out.

Tim also points us to an example of a hoax that TimerGiantBigfoot had uploaded.

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