Thursday, April 7, 2011

Never seen before Bigfoot footage discovered!

Screenshot of the Bigfoot video from 1996

Update: Possible link between this video and the Paul Freeman Bigfoot video from 1994? Click here to read.

A user name PurloinicusFinch posted an extraordinary claim on He claims to have the best footage of Bigfoot, all 50 seconds of it. To prove his point, he uploaded a single still for us to gloss over. Where's the video? Well, you see, he doesn't know what to do with it. He has contacted a Sasquatch "Expert", but so far, there's been no word or update on this developing story.

Read his story:

Note: Some users were giving him a hard time about this.

"So here's the story. Back in '96 my family was on a camping trip with some friends in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. My dad is and has always been into documenting everything we do. Pictures and videos abound of anywhere we went.

Well on this particular trip he went up to find a nice spot to get a landscape shot. Sure enough, he locks onto a Big Foot about 100 yards away. The video is short, maybe a total of 50 seconds of Big Foot in frame, and mostly of him just kind of walking through a small meadow and sniffing some trees. Regardless it is the best Big Foot footage that has been released to date.

My question to Reddit is: What do I do now? Who should I contact? I am borderline destitute and would love a shot at making some money for my dad and I off of this. Any ideas?

EDIT: Here is a screen shot from the video. Kinda blurry all on its own. But hey, that 1996 for you.

tl;dr I have amazing footage of Big Foot how do I make money off of it?"

"I've spoken with my dad and he's not interested in being involved in any way. He has his own thing going on life-wise and isn't looking for people to show up asking questions about 1996."

"I know, it sucks. But I honestly don't care that much whether this gets released or not. I'm just in a pretty tight life situation at the moment and could use the help. If the community doesn't see fit to compensate me for the video then it'll just stay in my family."

"Thanks for the advice. And again, this wasn't a discussion of Big Foots existence. Obviously it is reasonable to doubt an assertion like that."

"This thread wasn't intended to be a debate on the existence of Big Foot. That's been done before. A lot. This thread is for ideas on what to do with a video believed to be Sasquatch. If all you're asking for is proof that I have footage of SOMETHING, then whatever advice you have regarding my post isn't likely to be what I'm looking for."

"This is actually an insane story. Here is how it went down.

My dad immediately whips this tape out when we get back home. Blows our minds. My mom wants nothing to do with it. And you'd kind of have to know my dad, but he logs it away along with all the other cool stuff he has. It then disappears into mountains of old tapes in the basement.

Fast forward five or so years and I'm on a mission to find it. It takes weeks of watching old family movies but I finally find it. I have literally just finished watching it the next day in the VCR with my friends when my sister hits the eject button and the tape gets jammed in the VCR. I convince my parents to let me destroy to the VCR to get to the tape out, but when I do, the film is all jacked up, torn, and pulled out of the deck.

I take it to a local guy and pay him out the ass to salvage it and burn it in a readable format to DVD. I eventually lose that sometime during college but have it saved to my failing laptops HD...which dies shortly after. I have a friend salvage all he can from my HD and get a new one. All the files on it are jacked, but last week I'm scouring the damn thing for some old songs and christmas photos when I happen upon the Sasquatch file. Jackpot.

Anyway, the reason I hadn't done anything with it up until this point was I was a kid and it was my dads video. If he wanted to do something with it he could. He didn't seem to want to so that's just the way it was. But I now have the only copy in digital form and am taking it upon myself to not let it go to waste.
tl;dr The video keeps getting lost and I now that it is found, I am committed to doing something with it since my dad doesn't seem to care."

"Affirmative. I just emailed a Sasquatch expert, we'll see what he has to say."

"I have no intention of putting it up on the internet."


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