Destination Truth: Some Vietnam Bigfoot Stories, The Creature They''ll Be Looking For Tonight On TV

The premiere of season 5of Syfy's "Destination Truth" that's airing tonight at 8/7c will feature the Bigfoot of Vietnam. While we're getting ready for two whole hours of fun with Josh Gates and friends, here are some great Vietnam Rock Ape stories. One is by Cliff Barackman and the other is by Bigfoot Evidence contributor Vicki W.


The Vietnamese version of Bigfoot is known as the Nguoi Rung or "Forest People". Here is one account of the Nguoi Rung from Cliff Barackman's father. Notice Cliff's use of the word "bigfooty" when referring to anything Bigfoot. This article predates the Finding Bigfoot show (where he's been heard using the word "bigfooty" on several occasions):

Posted: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009
By Cliff Barackman

I spoke to my father today, and he told me about an interesting thing that happened to him. I gave him a bigfoot t-shirt as a gift a while back, and he wore it to the gym for his workout. A man approached him and struck up a conversation about the t-shirt, and confided in my father that the man had seen a bigfoot a couple decades ago. This sort of thing happens in my bigfooty life all the time, but it was a new one for my dad. The incredibly interesting thing about this man's encounter is that it occurred in Vietnam while he was fighting in the Vietnam War.

The story, as relayed through my dad, is more or less that the man's platoon was exchanging fire with the enemy in the jungles of Vietnam. At one point on the adjacent hill, a bigfoot-type animal walked through a clearing, went back the way it came, and then went straight up a steep embankment or cliff before disappearing into the thick jungle. The creature apparently showed no difficulty in scaling the steep incline, which impressed the man greatly.

This man told my father that he doesn't talk about it much because he doesn't want people to think that he's crazy. Unfortunately, this fear is far too common among witnesses. It makes me wonder about the information that is still out there, yet remains hidden due to the fear of ridicule.

I had read of Vietnam veterans seeing bigfoot-like creatures in the jungles of Southeast Asia before, but this is as close to the source as I have ever come to one of these witnesses. Sightings from Vietnam are significant considering gigantopithecus fossils have been found there.

Below is an article by Bigfoot Evidence contributor Vicki W.:

Thanks to 'mike44920' for uploading this segment of a fascinating Discovery channel program relating the stories of so-called 'rock apes' that inhabit the jungles of Vietnam. During the Vietnam war, soldiers brought back tales of large man-like apes they called rock apes. These creatures are reported all over the Asian continent, known by many names. The Vietnamese call them 'Nyguoi Rung', China calls them 'Yeren', and the people of Laos refer to them as the forest men.

Join journalist Linda Moulton Howe as she travels through Southeast Asia to speak with locals about their experiences involving forest men sightings and legends. Of particular interest is the villages of Laos, where many sightings have been reported. Villagers explain that as children they were often warned to stay quiet in wooded areas, lest the forest men come and get you.

This segment includes witness interviews and descriptions, the memories of American veteran Tom Jacobs during the Vietnam war, and the story of the Minnesota Iceman, which has been rumored to have a connection to Vietnam according to American soldiers. This one is must see.


  1. I know it's being shown on SyFy in the United States, but will it play on OLN in Canada?

  2. People saw a lot of shite in 'nam.

  3. Destination truth? Not finding any evidence for Bigfoot every single episode. I guess that is the truth.

    1. They don't look for bigfoot every single episode. Get your facts straight.

    2. Well, consider that not one of the shows on TV ever shows anything tangible. If they did have anything tangible, it'd hit the airwaves fast, and not wait for months to get a segment produced for the SciFi channel! So one thing that can always be counted on for every single show on TV related to bigfoot is this; nothing substantial will ever be revealed. If something tangible ever surfaces, it will be on the news, or on the internet, or some crazy blog.

    3. destination truth found a yeti footprint and hair of an unidentified primate in the himalayas that started ketchums craze with bigfoot. Please stfu

  4. Great friggin show tonight! Nice footprints. Either completely hoaxed, or it has to be real. I vote for real myself.....

  5. Watch it. At least go in with an open mind. It re-airs tonight. If nothing else, Josh Gates is funny, Ryder is HOT and Dr Meldrum is in it. I'm telling you...pretty cool finds.

  6. Belize wasn't a serious investigation; it was just an excuse for a vacation.

  7. So, it's the Josh and Ryder show?

  8. haunted highway fail. blair witch project wannabe.

  9. wonder what the ratings are - saw it a couple years ago, nothing since. think they were in the himalayas

    looks pretty cool, do they share tents?

  10. This is the cryptid show to watch. I love the mix of travel and cryptids makes this show super fun to watch.

  11. Didnt catch it in time - but Haunted Highway is the gayest shite I've ever seen. Target audience 12-21

    Jack Osbourne should be piss drunk and out on a quad like daddy. This doesnt suit him

  12. I watched it and thought it was the best episode yet. Seem's plausable to me that something could and probably does exist in such a dense and remote area.
    I mean if they would of stayed there a couple of weeks, who knows what type of evidence would of been discovered.
    Also, Meldrum is starting to put on some age...haha

  13. Hey Sam. I have not seen it yet but will catch a rerun soon as time permits. I agree with you and due to the sheer number of reports both past and present, something unknown is in this area. As Dr. Anna Nekaris has stated, to paraphrase, when the locals are talking about creatures in their area, it is her experience that they are probably telling the truth.

    We are going to the Upper Peninsula this weekend for a family vacation and Rush and I will be taking to the woods in Mackinac, Luce, and Schoolcraft counties, looking for evidence of our elusive friend.
    Take care and talk to you soon.

    Your friend, Chuck

  14. Josh Gates is a good host, but he's the Stephen Colbert of the paranormal. He doesn't believe any if this crap, but he makes an entertaining show nonetheless.


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