Understanding Sasquatch and His Four Senses

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at www.sasquatchlives.com.

In many of the encounters with Sasquatch, many have been caught off guard by the creature’s presence or did not even know he was there, until they review a video they had taken or notice a strange figure in a photo taken of a family member. If you remember the Alaska episode of Only America with Larry the Cable Guy, YouTube user Bigfootinvestigation spotted a strange figure lurking in the background while Larry is shown quartering a moose with Palmer Alaska football team players. The amazing part about this is, over 30 people were present and no one notices the dark figure slowly observing the event. So how is Sasquatch able to sense us in his natural habitat?

First of all let’s start with what some will call natural attunement, in which an animal becomes one with its surrounding or niche. This is a potent and deadly trait, just like predator’s humans can also attain this attunement which in our primal beginnings we were masters of. Many people around the world can and do survive in the harsh backdrop of a wild forest or wilderness, living their lives by feeding on the natural resources.

These people through many years of surviving in these places have become aware of how exactly their surroundings work and how to thrive in it. They know what to eat and not to eat; they understand the subtle changes and sounds in their environment to a point that it could seem magical. If Sasquatch has been surviving in its own specific environment for thousands of years, then it would make sense the creature is well attuned to its habitat and the stimuli that disrupt its territory on many occasions.

Sasquatch senses may work way more efficient than ours, but it would make sense that they have been enhanced genetically as it evolved due to its environment. Maybe some very particular senses in Sasquatch are dominant traits which either are genetic or heighten by the environment they live in.

Below are examples of what could possibly be the main senses that Sasquatch needs to detect us very easily in its habitat.


Sound waves are one of the most prolific sources for an animal to understand what is going on in a habitat that sometimes very difficult to see what’s around you. The pinnae (external ears) help localize sound by gathering more of it and by blocking sound from some directions. This causes, specifically in humans for us to turn our heads towards the direction we think the sound is coming from because we hear much better at what we are looking at. Unfortunately we humans are not good at pin pointing sounds behind us and even worst, sounds that are above us. Humans can generally hear sounds that range from approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz (vibrations per second).

Could it be that Sasquatch has evolved super hearing or because it has lived so long in the wilderness of North America its hearing has adapted so it can hear sounds at high or low frequencies and pint point them from any direction.


Olfaction is the sense of smell, it is found in specialized sensory cells in the nasal cavity of vertebrates. Many vertebrates have two very distinct olfactory systems, one is the main olfactory system and the other is the accessory olfactory system (used mainly to detect pheromones). For Humans, the main olfactory system detects volatile chemicals, and the accessory olfactory system detects fluid-phase chemicals.

If Sasquatch hunts and lives in an environment where having a keen sense of smell would be an advantage, it could probably smell us from a very far distance just like many of the critters of the forest. It would use this advantage not only to invade us but to know exactly the direction we are coming from.


In prior post we talked about a specific type of night vision is only common in two known primates. Night vision is what causes the reflected light that we see in the eyes of animals with this adaptation. To be more precise, a membrane (Tapetum lucidum) in the back layers of the eye reflects more light into the eye from the initial light source, giving the animal the ability to see at night. Know I could be 100% wrong about Sasquatch having this ability, but it can make you wonder if two species that are hominids have it why not Sasquatch.

If he does or may not, could it be a different adaptation, we humans In fact could have the best the vision of any animal, why? Many animals have special types of vision, for example, eagles have extremely sharp vision, but lack color. We humans have every single type of vision. Our cones in our eye, see color, eagles' cones aren't as adapted as ours. We can detect around 10 million colors and focus from Miles/km to inches in less than half a second, we have around 180 degrees of vision, even our vision is sharper than a camera, we can see detail in a bright light, or even during night time.

Our brains record images at around 30 frames a second…give or take a few frames and some people can even notice flickers of 1/200th of a second. Like many other adaptations caused by the animal’s environment at a genetic level, vision comes is a variety of forms, eagles may have sharper vision, but humans... we have it all!

If Sasquatch has developed incredible sight, then it could explain another adaption in its favor and the possible reason he can evade us so easily. Sasquatch has been caught off guard at times but other more extreme factors that conflicted with its senses may have been the reason for the slip up.

Skin & Hair

One particular touch sense that like always would seem fantastical is skin and hair. Yet hairs in animals can sense subtle movements in air, these movements in hair shafts are detected by nerve receptors in the skin and by hair follicle receptors through displacement and vibration of hair shafts. In humans hair have a particular purpose like eyebrows and eyelashes help protect the eyes from, dust, dirt and sweat.

But what if in Sasquatch hair can sense more than just the vibrations cause by the movement of the hair because of wind or passing close to and object, what if he can sense the vibrations cause by your footsteps or other sounds we humans tend to make and we are usually are very noisy in the woods. We can tell this just by how quiet the animals in the forest usually become, well the ones that are usually food for predators. As we walk into the woods all the critters become aware… Does Sasquatch do the same when he feels our presence?

Now it would be ridiculous to think that these senses are super human, but if Sasquatch is real, is more of a combination of them which makes these creatures so great at perceiving us in their habitats. Combine this with a high level of intelligence and adaption and you will have a creature capable of ninja like abilities. If we ever want to truly understand such an amazing creature we need to go out in to the wilderness and spend something within it, so we can become once again attuned to our primal selves and maybe get a better understanding of why Sasquatch is capable of sensing us and always seems to have the upper hand in a world we once ourselves called home.

Damian Bravo

Contributing writer:




  1. If you see nothing until you review the tape 4 days later. It is officially a blob squatch

  2. Did you have any blobsquatches on all the pics you took with fasano? Except for the obvious one that you saw stand up and turn..You have balls even posting on a blog

  3. and passing yourself off as an expert

  4. Perhaps, if your senses were more developed, you would not have mistaken a "blobsquatch" for a Bigfoot when you worked with me. My video camera clearly shows you claiming you saw a large dark upright hominid with locomotion. You were taken in by your inexperience in the woods.

    You then refused to put up the reams of video you shot that day that clearly show I did not hoax you. That was not ethical (not even for an armchair guy like you) .

    Like everything else in life Damian, there are those that do and those that teach. Your essays unsupported by field research mean little.

    I challenge you to release ALL the videos you took when you worked with me. They show I did nothing wrong. The only mistake I made was trusting you and your groups motives.

    You can skype from your mothers house all you want but you will not find Bigfoot there.

    Kevin and I have logged endless miles in the field since the outing with you. What have you done? Skype.

    1. You say that Mr. Bravo is not a expert, but where does Damian State he is, I have never seen him say he is a expert on Bigfoot. Also what videos are you saying he has, since I do remember in one of your videos he was recording at the same time you where recording. Mr.Fasano, even at the moment you said he saw something you where also recording and I do remember he has a cam in his hand just like you.Also you stated in your own video that Mr.Bravo had a class "A" sighting, which he never stated or said in the same videos you posted yourself.

      I think you need to let go and grow up, your making such a fool of yourself. Your issue with Mr. Bravo is old news and who cares. I do not see Mr. Bravo worried about these trivial childish banters.

      You say that his articles do not contribute anything,what are contributing from you so called Skunkape research? What do you do that educates others new to this search or other so called researchers, I do not see you making videos that are educative or informative. Anyone can go put game cams in the woods, so that makes them Bigfoot researchers.

      Where are you notes, your documents supportig your skunk ape findings that prove it exist. Mr. Bravo is not making any claims he is a expert on Bigfoot yet it seems to me he is studying this enigma of the existence of Bigfoot very well, but you are baiscally saying your a true expert...really, Mr. fasano what makes you and expert?

      Having game cams and running around in the woods of Florida does not make you an expert on Bigfoot or the skunkape for that matter. Get you crap together, get a life and move on.

    2. Perhaps Mr Fasano, if your reading comprehension was more developed, you would not have misunderstood a "hoaxer" comment, and then fouled your own nest with idiotic threats. Go read your "Poacher" comments, you dumb ass.

      It seems to me Damian Bravo is a journalist specializing in Sasquatch lore. When did he ever claim to be, or say he wanted to be a "researcher"?

    3. Tim, do you expect everyone to forget what you have done in the recent past? And the company you keep? Dude, if you ever want to get back any respectability at all, take the high road from now on.

    4. Some of us actaully like you Tim

    5. So Tim what have you done for big footing? NOTHING.

    6. I don't like fasano 1 bit. He posts to many videos of changing cards in the trailcams. And way to many videos of himself picking his arse on camera..But he does go out in the woods alot.

  5. SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, TASTE NO EVIL, FEEL NO EVIL, That's a Squatch for ya !

  6. It is neat to see a newby like bravo writing articles about squatching when he has done less then well most anybody. Armchair at his core

    1. Man you must be a genious Anon at 9:34, Bravo is not writing about squatching, is he talking about being in the field and casting foot prints, does he mention wood knocks and FLIR cameras in his article, is he claiming he is a expert in the field of bigfooting, NO! moron, he is not. It seems to me he knows more about this subject then your saying he does not.

      His information seems very accurate and well put together and looks to be well researched and not in the sense of a bigfoot researching but in research for a journalistic article about how Bigfoots could be and have existed in North America. Sounds like a very smart guy to me that knows what he is talking about. Also if i am not incorrect, he has been doing research in the lore of bigfoot and the effects on the enigma of this creature for over 26 years.

      From understanding and reading the articles I have seen posted on here and the subjects he writes about. it seems that Mr. Bravo has a vast knowledge of the subject to be able to write very informative articles which make you think and are fair handed and do not insult anyones intelligence.

      So go away trol and come back when you have something constructive to share.

  7. Arguing over who is the better Bigfoot researcher is retarded. On a scale of 1 to 10 every single researcher is sat firmly on 1. Get some evidence and then you can move up the scale.

  8. Nice job Damian, although your selection of using Larry the Cable guy as an example of Bigfoot is perhaps not the best choice. Other than that, the article was well done, and had some good information in it. Keep up the great work guys.

    1. Thanks Anon at 8:07, I understand using the Larry the cable guy as and example may seem to be the wrong choice. But if you watch the video posted on here about that event, I was making a point on how everyone was more interested in what was going with Larry then the surrondings. A large group with a dark figure watching them and no one notices it, not even the camera guy.

      At one time I thought that would be impossible to view somethign in a camera and not notice somethig else was present in the same view until it happend to me,I am a photographer and take photos on a regular bases, sometimes while reviewing the photos I have notice, birds that flew in my shot I did not see or people behind the subject i was taking the picture of I did not see.

      I was using that as more of a example on how disconected we are of our surrondings at times when we are too busy paying attention to other things that we are focused upon.



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