Cliff Barackman's Virginia Field Notes Reveals Photo Of Car Dented By Possible Bigfoot Collision

The dent on the front quarter panel
from whatever-it-was that Tyler hit.

Last year, around October 22 / 23, BFRO investigator Tyler Bounds from Washington reported that he had hit a Bigfoot while driving near High Knob, VA at around 2 AM.

We reported about this incident a few hours after it happened. The next morning, Tyler's story was posted anonymously in the comments section explaining to us what actually happened that night.

According to Cliff Barackman, Tyler's story was shot during the Virginia episode of Finding Bigfoot. Unfortunately it was one of the things that didn't make the cut. "This was the episode when bigfoot-production-assistant, and friend of the sasquatch, Tyler Bounds hit amysterious figure on the road one night,"  wrote Cliff.

Here's Tyler's story from last October:

Hey everybody,

so here is how events of that night (Oct 22/23) played out. For the Virginia episode of 'Finding Bigfoot', the afternoon of Oct. 22 I had to go to an area 90 minutes away from our base, and set up some bait stations. Due to a lack of communication, I had to return to the area later that evening and set up some more bait stations. This kept me out in a remote mountain area until 1:25am (I noted the exact time I left so the show's field coordinator would know how long it would take to go to and from the site, for scheduling purposes.) As I left the gravel road and got onto a two-lane, curvy secondary road, I noted that it was very foggy, due to a large creek adjacent to the road, and because I was down in a hollow (or "holler", as the locals call them). After a few miles, I left the secondary road, and turned onto a two-lane highway, still shrouded in fog. It was now 1:50am. As I was driving the rental Dodge Grand Caravan, I looked down for a moment to set the cruise control and get myself up to 55mph, and was momentarily stymied by the amount of glowing buttons on the steering wheel (remember, I had been hiking all day long, both in the daytime and at night, and had spent a great deal of time sitting on my butt, so I was fairly exhausted). Now, this is where things happened, very quickly.

As I looked up from the steering wheel back to the road, I noticed a large (as tall or taller than the van), upright, all black "figure" stationary, on the centerline (or just to the right of the centerline). I say "noticed" a figure, but, in reality, as I looked up, I was right on top of it. The van shuddered, the drivers' side mirror was forcefully folded into the vehicle, and I felt and heard the object hit the side of the van behind me, like a slapping sound. I stopped the car, after some choice cursing and a lot of "what the f@#k?!?" and tried to look in the side mirror to see behind me, but the mirror had been cranked towards the van. I looked in the rearview, but the brakelights on the fog just obscured anything that may have been in the road. I then drove forward about 40 feet and turned the van around, and returned to the site. Only a handful of seconds had elapsed, maybe 10 to 12. There was nothing in the road, and no sign of anything having been in the road- blood, hair, guts, etc. I drove a bit further, turned around again, and again returned to the site. Parking the van on the shoulder, I immediately grabbed a FLIR that I just happened to have on standby mode, and I thermed the area for 40-45 minutes, while yelling out to whatever, or whoever I had hit. At that point, I was still thinking that I may have hit a person. Nothing answered, and there were no heat signatures anywhere.

Tyler Wm. Bounds
BFRO Investigator

In the field notes, Cliff explains his side of the story and mentions DNA samples were swabbed from Tyler's vehicle:

I was asleep, and at 2:24 in the morning my phone rang. Seeing it was Tyler Bounds, I knew it was important, so I picked up. Tyler, in a panicked voice, told me that he had either just hit a person or a bigfoot with his car. He was speeding up through fog banks to get on the freeway at the base of High Knob when he looked up too late and collided with a tall, upright figure standing on the left hand side of the road. Whatever he hit was far taller than his car (later measured to be five feet, five inches tall) and seemingly just standing there. Tyler stopped his car, got out, and ran back to where he hit the figure, but found nobody. He called out to the darkness saying he was just there to help. He told me that at that point he was thinking he hit somebody’s grandfather who had dementia or something. Nobody answered, so Tyler freaked out a little harder and continued to call out while searching the area. Nothing was found.

The next day, Tyler returned to the spot to search the area in daylight. No dead bodies were found in the brush, so the adjacent meadows were also scoured. There was a deer herd nearby, and it is possible that Tyler hit a deer.

I have to wonder what Tyler collided with, though. He is no camping newbie, and when I spoke to him that night in the wee hours, it was clear that at that point he thought he probably hit a person. He was absolutely sober that night, and had his head about him. At the time, I even suggested to him that it could have been a deer, and he admitted that it was a possibility. He just said that it looked like a man at the time.

Bobo and I made a fuss about this possibility with the producers. They eventually let us swab the car for DNA, and they filmed us doing so. It is part of our contract that any evidence gathered belongs to the powers-that-be, so the sample is in the hands of Ping Pong Productions at the moment. I no longer have control over it, but I did my part by gathering it. I don’t think that any testing will be done on it. DNA testing is quite expensive, especially when there is a possibility that it could be a deer.
A close up of the rear view mirror (that was pushed in)
Note the dirty marks that seem to indicate hair

You can read the rest of Cliff's field notes here.


  1. I wonder if others that have always believed that Sasquatch is out there though I haven't seen it myself are having the same feelings I am watching Finding Bigfoot each week. Watching tis show has not increased my belief that this creature exists but is has dominished it. They never get anything evidence during the show that makes me believe their out there.

  2. I knew about this quite soon after it happened and so hoped it would be investigated during the Virginia episode. It was,but the producers did not see fit to include it. I can not imagine why. As for standing upright far taller than 5'5" that pretty much eliminates any deer, and leaves only two choice. If it had been a human at that speed death or at the very least severe injury would have resulted, and for sure it would have never left the scene. I'm sure Tyler has replayed this in his mind many times and agonizes that he was not paying as much attention to the road as I'm sure he normally does, in order to know exactly what he hit, especially since it seems there is very good possibility it was a Bigfoot.



    1. I can see why they would not include this: liability. This show is a known product that generates $$ for Animal Planet. A staff member hit something - there is evidence of that - and described it as standing upright like a man and even said "He worried he hit someone's grandfather." If they aired this without proof of what he hit, what is to prevent someone from coming forward about "that reckless van that hit me/my father/etc"? It's the world in which we live, sadly.

      Also re: that show, it's a reality show folk - it's scripted and edited for entertainment. Most of the field researchers that post here speak of searching years with only hair samples, questionable pics, footprint casts, sound files - all substantial, but nothing media glamorous. So why should we expect these folk to find something "amazing" searching an area for a few days?

      I suspect the folk who will make the BIG discovery are the ones who don't have a TV show. But the universe is big enough for both serious and entertaining stuff. So when naysayers point to the show and say "It's all fake!" respond "Duh, it's a reality show not a documentary!" Don't empower blind idiots.

      I'd like to have lunch with Cliff someday - he seems pretty cool.

      Dave the Photoshop from WA
      (David from NW is real; I'm just pixelated)

  3. Yeah cut this out of the show because there was soooo much compelling footage they had for the episode. I like the show, but that one sucked.

  4. He hit a deer. The 5'-5" height estimate I am sure is a function of the height of the damage on the car. My wife hit a deer that tried to leap over the car, and it only did damage to the upper part of our SUV. If we had applied the same logic, we would have hit a 6 foot tall animal. The deer shattered the window, was momentarily stunned, and ran off into the woods, presumably to die. Went back to the scene of the collision, no blood, no animal. All sounds vaguely familiar. It's unfortunate that people who want to believe in Bigfoot immediately tumble to Bigfoot for anything that happens.

  5. You'll never know what they hit for sure as rumor has it "the skeptic" ranae apparently contaminated any forensic evidence by physically touching the areas of impact

  6. Is it just me or has BoBo and Matt became the voice of reason and Renaee has gotten to a point that everything she says is just silly? Some of her theories are so "off the wall" in an attempt to explain animal behavior and how it couldn't be a bigfoot because animals who don't want to be detected........I am starting to wonder if she has actually did any real field work.

    Example: How many of you reading this post has seen a wild animal while riding/walking in the woods? I have seen hundreds.

    Now, how many of these animals actually want to be seen by human? Answer: None.

    Cliff's explanation made so much more sense than Raneaa's. She is seriously losing credibility because she is refusing to even remotely acknowledge anything. I'm not saying that she has to proclaim Bigfoot for everything, but sometimes it makes just as much sense to say Bigfoot rather than her explanations.

    The only explanation for the Beast of Gum Hill is this:

    A. Definate hoax and the witness was part of the hoax. Based on location, the fact that the thing in the video resembles a bigfoot, etc.
    B. Actual footage of a bigfoot.

    Either call the guy a liar Renea, or acknowledge that you can't explain what is on the video.

    1. Most all skeptics\scientists sound that way. There's something very desperate about their feeble attempts to explain away every single sighting or encounter.

      It's as though the knowledge they learned in school is their only asset. And if something chips away at that then EVERYTHING they've ever learned or believed is wrong.

      It's OK if science doesn't know everything guys. We KNOW you don't know it all. Once the best minds thought the world was flat - they were wrong too.

    2. Good point. I wonder how many debates and arguments were had over the world being flat or round? I agree though that Ranea has lost her credibility when she refuses to be the least bit objective. She is no longer searching for truth or evidence, it looks as if she wants to get the show over with. You can even tell by her body language, the way she is continually rolling her eyes, scoffing, snurling her lips, etc.

      If an investigator has a closed minded approach to what they are examining, the truth will always evade them. They will see what they want to see regardless. The "can't see the forest for the trees" applies here.

      When Matt and Bo-Bo are now being level headed by using words like "inconclusive" for a large hair covered bi-ped, it seems like they need to find another biologist who has actually did some real field work to go out with them.

      I am starting to think the show should be renamed, "Finding Any Reason to Disprove Bigfoot".

    3. It's not just you Mr. Anon. at 9:22. I have been thinking and saying same thing for weeks. Every week she slams witness that have close sightings and insinuates that these people must be having hallucinations. She just did it again this episode to Anthony and the girl. For her to state that a 9 foot man could not have made the getaway downhill in three steps is correct. There are no 9 foot tall humans and if there were they would be very clumsy and have poor athleticism. However large Bigfoots have been documented through witness sightings time and time again to go up and down steep terrain with a prowess that no human could duplicate. I talked to a lady at Christmas time that saw a Bigfoot in West Virginia go up a steep hill with little effort. Cliff should have pointed this out at the time. Maybe he did and it was edited.

      If this show needs a wildlife biologist then they should swap her for Dr. John Bindernagle in season three. I think the audience would be amazed at what this elderly scholar would bring to the science part of this program.

    4. Agreed, I thought the statement of "the girl has had a hallucination" was way off base. (And down-right disrespectful.)

      Either the show is editing out certain details that would discredit the witnesses, or the show is starting to make Ranea look very non-credible. If she is the "scientific" side of the debate, than some of her silly comments are really starting to make the scientific community lose any credibility it had.

      If all else fails, simply accuse people of telling lies, creating hoaxes, or best of all, having mass hallucinations.

    5. to anon at 7:59. According to Cliff there has been some ongoing Bigfoot related stuff at the girls residence for some time, and all this was edited out. That is why Bobo wanted to know if the property was for sale.
      Knowing this makes Ranaes statements even more ridiculous.


  7. Can the producers provide Tyler with a booster seat so he can see over the steering wheel?

  8. Haha. Thats funny but tyler's the man just so you know

  9. Haha! That IS pretty funny. I know I'm hobbit-like, but I haven't used a booster seat for a few years now. And in response to the poster who said I was basing the height on visible damage to the car- that isn't true. I'm basing the estimate on what I observed BEFORE I made contact with the figure. I have always acknowledged that it COULD have been a deer, and a trick of headlights + fog + exhaustion made it somehow look like a tall, black, upright shadowy figure. But, for the record, I have seen countless numbers of deer, so I know what they look like, and I've never mistaken one for something other than a deer.


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