Bigfoot DNA Expert Dr. Melba Ketchum comments on captured Russian 'Bigfoot'

Thanks to Tom from the Crypto Hunters for the update.

Dr. Melba Ketchum, the person who is spear heading the Bigfoot DNA study that's currently in peer review made a statement about the "Bigfoot" that was purportedly captured in Russia. Here's what she wrote on her Facebook page today:

For those of you who are commenting to me on the alleged Russian BF captured, it will not affect our study at all in a negative way. No worries. The video doesn't look like the ones in North America AT ALL. I speak from personal experience.
The arms and legs are shorter, not shaped exactly correct. the gate is wrong, not in line and graceful. Hands and feet too small, I can go on but you get the idea.

- Dr. Melba Ketchum



  1. Shawn, you are ON FIRE tonight!
    I'm loving this breaking coverage -- even if it does turn out to be just shenanigans, I'm having a ball following it all. thanks!!

    Now I think I'll slip over to Cryptomundo and catch their latest news report on the movie of the International Cryptozoology Museum...

  2. Sorry ... I meant to say "move" instead of "movie" ... no rumors please!

  3. "The video doesn't look like the ones in North America AT ALL. I speak from personal experience." That's a pretty bold statement. What, has she got a real live one somewhere?

  4. At least she's still talking. Kinda puts that whole "paper rejected" theory out the window. Right?

  5. It does, but how long till her Damn paper is released? Better question is will she charge for it in some sort of documentary.

  6. That thing in the photo, carrying away the deer, looks like its wearing trousers or something. This whole this is so absurd, but if they're that desperate for a tourism boost they probably deserve it.

  7. This DNA spearhead is really commenting on Facebook? She says she speaks from "personal experience,' and then outlines what Bigfoots "should" look like, all for contributors who write worried either a hoax or something real on the other side of the world? No date or remarks about her study? Totally weird.

  8. Ketchum's better release the hounds.
    There's a Squatch in these woooooddssss

  9. No everyone just got off her hook and started heading to somebody else's line. She had to re-set the hook and reel yall back in. No pun intended lol

  10. And then, Tom Biscardi calls a press conference,
    announces he's on his way to Moscow with a
    1 million ruble offer to buy it! I can't wait.

  11. Ketchum has seen Erickson's footage.

  12. Plus she says "No worries". WTF! We are all worried and anxious over this whole thing (the DNA, NOT the silly thing out of Russia). You could be right James but the shitty thing is we're all biting. :(

  13. Hahaha, looks like a gorilla suit to me but I hope I'am wrong. The Russian Yeti, known as Almas, is more human like and probably closely related to Homo neanderthalensis where as the North American Sasquatch is closely related to Gigantopithecus blackii.

  14. Does it bother anyone else that Dr. Ketchum misspelled "gait" in her Facebook comment? Granted, scientists are not awarded credentials based on spelling/grammar, but, more often than not, I find poor command of language to be an easy way to call into question reliabiliy, especially when you're working with an alleged "professional."

  15. A ral life Bigfoot will look like someone in a suit. This basing opinions on what people think something will look like has to end.

    There is a suit and then saying it looks like a suit because it does not appear like you think it should.

    You can make no conclusions from that picture. It could be just as real as fake. There are many other reasons to be skeptical and that picture is not one of them.

    How do you think anything about a picture when the real animal is in captivity? This is the story where we supposedly have what we want- we can know for sure and people do not like the first picture taken on a phone by an amateur that is released because the government has not released what they have.

    Here is the big reason to be skeptical. Soldiers in this area have alot of interaction with these creatures. They know they can make money by catching one- they planned to give it a try but the rumor was they would be finding something no matter what.

  16. I wish that the "educated" people like Ketchum and the FB/FB guy would learn how to spell gait. "Gait" is the walk. "Gate" is the thing that swings open and closes on your butt.

    1. Thank you, 'MamaBear'! Why are so many "educated" people such dunces when using our official language? (I know... there are going to be people who take issue with the "official language" part, but they are just deniers.)

  17. Replies
    1. Okay, 'Rictor'... settle down with your blankie and warm milk; it's time for the grown-ups to do all the "talking."

  18. I feel confident in referring to the posters here as fools and that is how they will be addressed.

    To all you fools:

    Perhaps you would refrain from making assumptions if you knew that right now Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Jack Bindernagel are flying to Russia at this moment for a History Channel Special on the greatest scientific find of the last 400 years.

    I spoke with Jack earlier and he was giddy and people were jokingly calling him Comrad Bindernagel. He can't confirm anything without seeing it but has seen closeups and spoken with a Russian Scientist. He said he feels confident packing quickly and rushing off to Russia unplanned before the new year will be worth it.

    I challenge people to post with real names and say this is a hoax so we can all hold you up to the scorn and ridicule your ignorance truly deserves.

    Russia has found Bigfoot.

  19. It is obvious what happened here. Russian soldiers saw Jim LeBus's recent video saying how America must be the first to find Bigfoot.

    Angry Russian soldiers viewed as slap in face, American would claim he could beat Russia in race.

    The Russians viewed LeBus's comments as disrespectful and representing a challenge just like the race to the moon.

    Lebus showing his pride in this country, a country where he represents the vision and ideal of everyman, actually inspire the Russians.

  20. I really do hope this is real. I guess we will just have to wait and see.......

  21. Hi.

    My name is Sasquatch, others call me Bigfoot.

    Please stop hunting me, I do not want anything to do with humans!

    Thank you, and happy new year!
    - Patty

  22. All that the Russians have captured is a citizen that probably didn't get paid for the humiliation of doning a cheap gorilla suit and loitering around inside a cage.

  23. Yeah that thing was nothing like a bigfoot, unless it's mentally handicapped in some way. Standing there as a guy with a gun approached, and then awkwardly shuffling towards the trees. But maybe they found something? Who knows?

  24. Umm Anonymous don't you mean *JOHN* bindernagle?

  25. Challenge excepted! It's a publicity stunt and a hoax!

    I couldn't care a less who's going to check it out. It's just too bad they are wasting the time and effort.

    I guess Dr. Jeff Meldrum learned his

  26. And yeah "Anonymous" up there calling all us "anonomytes" fools and challenging to post with real names??? LMFAO. Practice what you preach moron. "Russia has found Bigfoot" and we have found a gigantic bafoon posting to us! Go call "Jack". We are sure you have a direct line.

  27. You can see the "gorilla suite" shaking in some scenes. Doesnt behave live "skin" - looks like a too large suite. FAKE

    Greetz from Germany

  28. I asked Melba on her facebook how the video would need to differ to convince someone who had seen a north american one. Trying to word it in a way she could reply to. The latter paragragh above was her reply. Thanks Melba.


  29. Also interesing. When I sais "I hope your hard work pays off soon" she replied... "IT will. I promise".



  31. Read the older Olstman report about being captured by a family of bigfoot.

    What you are seeing in this video is a hybrid form of bigfoot--the Banjosquatch. Half sasquatch, half banjo playin' woodsman DNA is running through it's veins. Thus the explanation of the smallish body size and lack of fear from shotgun blasts.

    This is the real deal people, we have finally captured a Banjosquatch.

  32. “Concern for orphans is not something one would normally associate with the Yeti. But now, in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia, the Abominable Snowman has been raising funds and public awareness of orphans’ problems.
    Earlier, sensational news about the capture of a mysterious Yeti was spread by none other than the local Minister for Labor and Social Development, Bagaudin Marshani.
    He announced that the beast would be placed in a zoo, and visitors flocked to see the animal.
    On Thursday though, the minister spilled the beans. It turned out that the Yeti was an ordinary Ingush hotel worker, dressed up to resemble the fantastic creature.
    The minister revealed the reason behind the show.

    “It was a promotional event, a New Year joke to put the spotlight on orphans and children from dysfunctional and low-income families,” Marshani said.
    He explained that the “Snowman” was kept at the zoo for people to come and see, and make a donation. All the money raised will go to help children in need.
    The prank was a huge success, with crowds from across the republic and even neighboring states hurrying to see the Yeti in the flesh.

  33. This has got to be fake; in Soviet Russia, Yeti hunt YOU!

  34. OMG...Is it just me, or is Dr.Melba Ketchum a full fledged hottie. I never noticed how lovely she is. Sorry not on topic, but sometimes ya got to just let your hair down, and lighten up a little.

    It can't be just me,




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