Sierra Kills Bigfoot shooter cracks under pressure, reveals location and everything under the sun

Justin Smeja was introduced to Derek Randles after an encounter with a Sasquatch in the mountains of Northern Ca.  Texas native, he now makes his home near Sacramento California and works in the construction trade.  Avid hunter, tracker and fisherman, Justin specializes in scent control and camera set up.

Update: Sierra Kills: Why Justin Smeja refuses to give exact location of Bigfoot shooting [EXCLUSIVE]
Update #2: Watch: A Conversation With Justin Smeja: I Killed Bigfoot

(Please pardon any spelling mistakes. It's 4:30 in the morning here and I'm half asleep as I'm writing this... Enjoy!)

Well, it only took one whole year for the Bigfoot shooter to finally give us the details of his story. We've heard Derek Randles' side of the story, but under strict Non-Disclosure Agreement involving DNA sampling, the shooter was not allowed to give any details... until now.

In August, Justin Smeja (the shooter) and I spoke on the phone. I have to admit, I was not prepared to take any notes. Sorry, I'm not a journalist and I'm not the type to carry around a notepad (I was shopping at Costco when he called).

Instead of asking him important questions like, "Can you tell me where you shot the creatures?" or "What did they [the creatures] sound like?", I was asking intimate questions. I asked him what his dad thought about this and what did it feel like to shoot the creatures. I got the gist of it. He said he felt terrible for killing the "little one". It was very difficult for him to talk about shooting the "little one". It "looked human" up-close he said.

We spoke for about an hour. Justin was very forthcoming and willing to tell me anything about the creatures he shot. There were some things he couldn't tell me. He warned me from the beginning that he was not allowed to talk about the DNA study, I respected that and we talked about other things instead... like bear hunting and camping.

Before we hung-up, I promised him I wouldn't talk about our conversation until he decides spill the beans. He said Derek Randles was his boss and I did not want to cause him any trouble with his boss. As you all know by now, we've posted many stories about the Sierra Kills and to be honest, we have no idea what Mr. Randles think about Bigfoot Evidence (us). That doesn't matter any more. The cat just jumped out of the bag.

Justin Smeja finally cracked last night. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. He has never revealed the approximate location of the shooting... until now. If you must know, the shooting happened near Gold Lake, CA.

So what or who made him crack? We believe it was one question that cracked him and it was a question posted by Tautriadelta:

General [Justin Smeja's screename] .. if you where hunting for bear as you claim you would have been prepared to extract the carcass from the kill site immediately. If you shot two Sasquatch out of fear for your well-being that is understandable, however it should be noted that bear hunters are typically very cool customers.

The prospect is high that the first shot will not bring the bear down and you have to be prepared to respond; it's the same way when shooting people who are armed and wearing body-armor. But you stated that you did not remove the bodies that day because they looked too human and you where afraid. The above example offered by the grandfather above clearly defines that your excuse is (forgive my Marine Corps vernacular) ****-poor.

Personally I believe that you went out with the full intention of killing a Sasquatch. I don't believe there where proper bear tags withing 100 miles of you, let-a-lone in your possession at the time and after the shooting you realized you had bitten of much much more than you could chew legally and ethically and you panicked. To add further tragedy to this gruesome situation you (seemingly) chose to let the "too human appearing" dead Sasquatch/s, one of which you say died in your arms lay like roadkill to be devoured or rot whichever came first; until of course you had time to think and went back for a tissue sample only to find the carcasses allegedly gone yet you elude to finding a fetus although you did not come right out and say it openly.

I am glad that if this did in fact take place that you eventually came forward, although I don't speculate that it was for the sole purpose of clearing your conscience. Maybe the supposed book will tell the whole story in it's entirety? Who knows. Maybe your tissue samples, whatever they might be will be confirmed by Ketchum and Erickson's film? I'll get back to that in a second.

Basically, Tautriadelta was trying to suggest that Justin had "full intention of killing a Sasquatch" when he was out bear hunting that day. Tautriadelta did not believe there were proper bear tags within 100 miles of where Justin was rumored to have killed the Bigfoots.

The accusation didn't sit well with Justin, so he responds with the whole shebang:

Justin Smeja's response:

thats an interesting theory. that reminds me rwridley i think it was said something along the lines of ''did anyone check to see if justin smeja had a bear tag? if so he would have to turn in that bear tag if he was successful, after all some people say it was just a bear''. Well in CA DFG requires that EVERY bear hunter turn in their bear tag at the end of the year whether or not they were successful. So yes I had a bear tag and yes I did send it in at the end of the year. No I did not kill a bear in 2010.

Heres a bone for you all. I personally havent said much at all about the location of the kill. Lots of assumptions have been made and I've remained quiet about it. well here you go it was by Gold lake, CA. Maybe it was 2 miles away maybe it was 10 miles away. It really doesnt matter at this point, as time goes on I will release the exact location of the kill site more then likely in the book.

Of course I had a bear tag with me in my possession. I was bear hunting. Not squatch hunting. Your theory is far fetched taut.

I think it is silly what some of you must think a bear hunter does after he shoots something. Lets say its a medium size 300 pounder. Then you are going to take that home with you? REALLY? That sounds logical? well gee roy we gotta carry this 300lb bear 2 miles to the truck.... that sounds like a lot of work............. I dont doubt there are people that do that. I live in ca i see people doing some pretty stupid ****.

When the animal goes down it goes something like this and this remains the same if its a deer hog or bear. So I'm usually in the back country on foot if I'm further then 100 yards from the truck I usually still do it this way tho. It hits the ground I get on the radio to whoever I'm hunting with give em my gps location and tell em to come help me pack it out. I through the animal on its back skin front side then use the skin as a blanket to keep the meat clean. Then I cut the meat off. I load it in a trash bag then into my back pack then load up my buddies pack. Then we take the skull (to present to DFG and have them pull a tooth) and the cape/fur if its worth saving we carry that by hand. It all goes down in about 1.5 hrs (it blows my mind some people spend that long just dragging the animal the last 200 yards to the truck). Then once i'm home its vaccum sealed and thrown in the freezer. Thats about it. Theres no Crains or special equipment to move such a large animal that I've ever used or seen used. Personally I would probably move that 300lb bear about 20 ft and give up. That would be a lot of work....

I dont really feel like addressing the whole ''why didnt you grab the little one'' again again (thats once again the problem with this thread/way of forum layout. no i dont have a better suggestion). In short. I just dont know. No excuses here. I just wanted to get out of there.

Julio, no i do not worry about being prosecuted for this. There is a lot of people out there who TELL ME I should be and theres others who have said I'm ''shakin in my boots'' about the whole thing. Thats not the case. Yes something terrible has happened. I'm not making light of the situation BUT really.... I've seen the justice system and how it really works... This would be ruled as nothing more then a hunting accident. People get killed every year in CA while deer hunting with their best friend because somebody took a stupid shot they shouldnt have. Nothing ever happens to the best friend. In fact last week a few hours from my house 2 brothers were deer hunting. one heard a noise turned and shot into the bush and killed his brother. Terrible story. Its simply a another hunting accident. In the real world I do not believe anyone will stand trail for killing an imaginary creature....

Jerry, My hounds name is Cammi. She is a black and tan blood hound and yes she has tracked and hunted bears. That part of her life is over with due to my wife. She was always afraid cammi would come back missing a face or not come back at all. which obviously happens from time to time. now she just sleeps in bed with us and spends her days chasing squirrels in the back yard. That breed is very popular in russia for fox hunting. I believe they call them ''fox hound'' out there. They are all around good hunting dogs..... but they dont always come back when you call them.. like any hound. Randles knew of the blood hound but was more going for a summary of the story. Many details were left out. It would take a whole book to write them all like slim said.....

Of course, many are still skeptical of the whole story. One person wrote:

Man Roger Patterson was on TV within weeks of his filming at Bluff Creek! I'd like to know how much $$$ is happening during this "development" period. I wonder if there is a plan to build this thing up over time then getting someone to commit sight unseen to paying out a sizable sum for the rights to take it go public even if it's a bust.

Justin Smeja's boss, Derek Randles replied to this comment and reassure skeptics that this is no hoax:

Payday huh?? Wow,still haven't seen that money yet. LOL It's so hard for people to believe that we are serious researchers with good true intentions. We are! This isn't Georgia , that I will promise you, and we sure as hell aren't the Georgia boys. You'll see.
I can assure you I'm not trying to attempt researcher suicide. I've been in this for a long time, over half my life. I do take this very seriously. Why in Gods name would we be trying to pull the wool over anyone eyes? Please don't forget, we would not even be talking about this event if it wouldn't have been leaked by Lindsay. Where's the beef? The beef is in the study. We have no control over when it's released to the world. That is up to Melba. I know the results, and I trust her completely. Those are the facts. Everything I've said on this form is true, and I'd take a lie detector test right now, tomorrow or whenever. How the study is received remains to be seen. I have no control over that either.

If any of you here on this forum have worked with me you'd know I'm a very honest person and very true to my field of research. I have 0 tolerance for BS. People have the right to be skeptical, and I respect most peoples opinion, but to think that we're doing this for some money making scheme is laughable. In fact it's hilarious! I work closely with one of the richest men in California, yet I've NEVER asked him for one penny. This is not about money, it's about the truth. It's a sad state of affairs when nobody believes that someone is acting for the right reasons.

I sleep well at night.

So what new things did we learn here?

We learned a few things.

  • The approximate location is at Gold Lake, CA
  • Justin Smeja is writing a tell-all book
  • They did cut out a piece of steak from the Bigfoot
  • According to one comment, Justin THINKS he has photos of the steak in an old cell phone.
  • According to Derek Randles, he already knows the DNA results, "I know the results, and I trust her completely. Those are the facts. Everything I've said on this form is true, and I'd take a lie detector test right now, tomorrow or whenever"

Here's another important information someone on the forum gathered for us about the Bigfoot creatures:

Let’s recap the attributes of the animals General [Justin Smeja] says he killed (in no particular order).

  1. Bigfoot Youth -- “rounded” mouths like humans, with no tusks or fangs, enlarged but not long canines, similar to a gorilla’s.
  2. Bigfoot Youth -- black hands, with palms padded like a dog’s paw, with fingers of same proportion to palm as in humans.
  3. Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth -- omnivores.
  4. Bigfoot Youth and Bigfoot Adult --- smarter than any other animals in the wild.
  5. Bigfoot Youth --- around 40 lbs.
  6. Bigfoot Youth --- communicated, “talked” like humans, in the vocal way of the deaf, with no ape like grunts.
  7. Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth --- “Bad body order x 12 mixed with a coyote.”
  8. Bigfoot Youth --- eyes like humans.
  9. Bigfoot Youth --- looked very different than the Bigfoot Adult.
  10. Bigfoot Youth --- dark brown hair.
  11. Bigfoot Youth --- appeared unafraid yet worried and panicky.
  12. Bigfoot Adult --- color of a pale coyote.
  13. Bigfoot Adult --- no “cone-head”.
  14. Bigfoot Adult --- “8’ tall and was hairy and walked like a man.”
  15. Bigfoot Youth --- facially “somewhere in the middle between human ape and boxer [dog].”
  16. Bigfoot Adult --- compared to Roger Patterson’s film subject, “it was so much like that but totally totally different and not even close in appearance” and it looked “as different from patty as chuck norris and the cable guy.”
  17. Bigfoot Adult --- 600 lbs.
  18. Bigfoot Adult --- not muscular looking, not fat, not as wide as generally portrayed in recreations.
  19. Bigfoot Adult --- when shot, it ran on two legs, and then on all fours, then on two legs, then on all fours before it left view. (this part was in Randles’ recounting).


Update: Sasquatches Shot and Killed: Interview with the Shooter [30 Minute YouTube Clip]:



  1. I have to admit, true or not, the sierra kills saga is an engaging story to follow.

    1. NO one has ANY right to go killing one of these creatures^!!! Take Video/Pictures but DO NOT KILL - You don't have that F'N right^!!!

    2. So very true I totally agree what gives us the right to another animals life when we're the ones intruding and invading there homes.. it so feels that Justin Smeja is making this up trying to get his 5 minutes of fame and that's the real reason why his friend wants no part of the spotlight.. of the big foot they shot is made up by Justin Smeja.... when all he's after is the spotlight and money from what his cousin told me....

  2. I don't think Smeja was admitting he cut the steak from the adult. I think he was responding to comments that a bear hunter would be prepared to haul back a large body. He's basically saying that assumption isn't necessarily true. That's how I read it.

    I noticed he didn't address the "fetus" comment though.

    1. I wonder if this story is related to:

      Because if so, Smeja is lying. The "friend" states they were hunting illegally, yet Smeja goes on about the tags here. The friend also gives a decent account of why the juvenile was shot, and Smeja really didn't in what I had heard.

      It seems the friend wasn't present and got the first story and is holding to it, and Smeja is changing his story to fit the questions.

      Either way, the story doesn't hold up well.

      Do the people he says he has an NDA with also say that? They can say there is an NDA without giving up what it is about, has anyone asked these other people about it?

    2. hope the mf dies and goes to hell.

    3. DON'T KILL THESE ANIMALS ASSHOLES^!!! Take pictures, and or video ONLY^!!!

  3. I don't know why this isn't sitting well with me.

    1. Because he's lying. In the radio statement, he says after he shot, he was afraid that DFG would come from hearing the shots. Umm, first, if he's there legally, and he has the tags he claims (The paperwork to get bear tags is concise, DFG could have his app and turned in tag, not that this would prove much of his story.) he has nothing to fear. DFG or anyone who hears a shot in that area would think, "hunter', not "killer", and wouldn't give it a second thought. So why was he afraid of being caught shooting in a hunting area?

      No cell phone for emergencies? No camera to capture the image of his kill - like the one of him with the deer, taken at the kill site? He's either lying or a VERY poor game hunter, and that buck in the picture is pretty nice!

      And to not have taken a hand, foot, head, piece of pelt? Unlikely. He'd have been prepared to skin a BEAR, he would have the tools to do that. And bears look kinda human, the way their legs bend just like ours.

      His story doesn't add up to me.

  4. I can't help it, but my interest in this subject is such that I do something I never like to do, I opened myself up psychically. There is a whole huge portion of this story he isn't revealing. I think at first, he managed to cut himself off from what happened, dissociate as a story was formed, but now that he's letting it sink in over time, he's losing some confidence in his own story. I can't help but be skeptical when someone shoots 2 BF's and doesn't take anything back with him. If lights start blinking for me, it's that, especially if you think you shot a creature and it took off and you didn't go and give it a mercy kill. I'm not sure. I feel kind of "off" about this whole thing. It's always been my belief BF is definitely more human than ape, thus the ability to hide so well and walk erect, but I find it hard to believe BF would be so dumb as to be caught with his young and also haven't heard if the adult was a female or not. A mother would never let her young go off with the male--even in humans we have a freaking hard time letting the men babysit.

    1. ive never hunted or shot a real gun before but being a sensible man i could understand being a rookie hunter in new territory getting freaked out and killing a bigfoot then getting the hell outta there. but if your a seasoned hunter with a friend legally there, no1 is gonna arrest you for the kill. say it charged or you thought it was a bear. if you have the time to sit around and debate whether or not to kill a toddler bigfoot, your not scared or not in the sense that your panicking and wanna get outta the area ASAP. i find the whole story weird. i also find it weird that instead of throwing the baby over his shoulder and then calling the media, go to local university or something in those lines, he instead goes to melba ketchem and signs secrecy agreements?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anonymous, the psychic, I think Justin shot an adult human and murdered a human child. JMO, but when I watched a program he was in, he looked spaced out and like he was on something. He was lying about the bigfoot adult and bigfoot child.

  5. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the story, Dr. Melba Ketchum seems to believe she received a bigfoot "steak" in the mail.

  6. Coming from some one who thinks she talks to ghosts and opens up psychically. There are dozens of pages on the BFF thread about this. He answers every question the best he can. The only questions he does not answer, are those that would violate the NDA that he and Mr. Randles are under with Dr. Ketchum. By the way, most decent, non-sexist women trust their husbands with their kids.


    1. I'm thinking, even hoping, she meant to say psychologically. Hopefully!

    2. Randy is a liar. He went to see Kam Yuen, and OFF CAMERA, he admitted to us that yes, this is something he can't explain. But on camera, he called Kam a sham despite his having helped many people with his energetic healing.

      Can Randy explain how the Shaolin do the things they do? Nope. He's the fraud.

  8. James Randy is a total tool and wouldn't believe no matter what anyone would do or say...I wish he would just disappear like Al Gore.

    1. Awww, believers wishing skeptics would vanish. How cute.

    2. James Randy is no skeptic, he's a reductionist debunker. He's like your "always right" dad that gets half the things right and then thinks he knows everything there is to know about the other half and comes off looking ridiculous as he dismisses things he was wrong on. I actually support Randy's efforts to challenge things, but he also has fallen into the same trap that "believers" fall into where evidence that doesn't fit his world view is marginalized with faulty philosophical arguments.

  9. Lights went off for me when he said he is writing a book. He doesn't have a body! No matter what anyone says, dna will not prove ANYTHING. At days end we will just have more dna fom an unknown species and we already have instances of that. If you dont have the body or distinguishing parts of the body, ie head etc., we have nothing. All we have is a story and we have enough of those.

    1. I think you'll be very surprised to find that DNA will do just that indeed.

  10. I disagree. the nuclear DNA sequencing that is supposedly being done can give loads of insight. It can give clues into the appearance of the creature and also help map put their evolution and relation to known species.

    1. Very true, those saying anything differently only imagine they know but don't really have a clue about it.

  11. Why does Smeja say that, " in the real world I do not think anyone will stand trial for killing an 'imaginary' creature... "? I don't get it, is he admitting a hoax?

  12. I just want the DNA report and Ericksons movie to come out. Then all this can be put to rest. Lindsay said the movie will be coming out "this fall". So if winter starts on Dec.22 this year, 59 more sleeps to go. :)


  13. If anyone told me they shot and killed a 40 pound juvenile sasquatch, and left it there to rot without taking it, I'd call them a bloody lier. No way you wouldn't throw it in the truck and make the discovery of the millenium. Any resposible hunter goes to great lenghts to retrieve the animal they just shot. There was no question that the junenile bigfoot that supposedly died in his arms could have been easily thrown in the truck. And all this repeated NDA with so and so also sounds like BS. Why would the suppliers of the supposed evidence have to sign their rights to it away. It's their evidence and property, not Ketchums'. This whole "story" makes no logical sense. I think it's a stupid joke that's wasting everyones time. In fact it's wasting my time to even responding to this

    1. Most people speak safely from a chair in front of a computer screen, really being out there confronted by the sudden realization this supposedly nonexisting legend actually is real is enough to make anybody go panicky. It's one thing to shoot in panic like here, somehow it's perhaps understandable, it's quite another thing to then act logically afterwards when you realized what you've done and the humanlike qualities of the victims. Most people wouldn't know what to do having all sorts of fears and questions, hence most kills go unheard of except for this one.

    2. Only a liar would leave the corpse - any nonsense about being overwhelmed at killing a "nonexisting legend" is just that: nonsense. Anyway, men who like killing things for fun are seriously disturbed.

    3. Not believable, if true, proves shooter is an A-HOLEWas steak taken day of incident or found neatly sliced 2wks later?One of the 2 men would have taken the 40 lb carcass, no if, ands, or buts, or the HANDS!THIS Neanderthal law-abiding citizen and his buddy got the hairy man ass somewhere else!

  14. Thanks Shawn for being on top of all of this. I check all of the forums when I get off of work to see if there is any news of this, and you are usually the only one on top of your game. That's what makes your blog the best. You always lay opinion to the side and present these updates for what they are. You also are very good about citing your sources on the rare occasions you weren't the first to crack the story. Can't tell you how glad I am to have found your blog. You have truly set yourself apart in this messy mudslinging Bigfoot news world. Don't cut yourself short, I think your blog comes as close to journalism as is humanly possible when it comes to the subject of Sasquatch. Keep up all the great work, there are a lot of us who appreciate your integrity. Thanks, John

  15. Anonymous said-Why does Smeja say that, " in the real world I do not think anyone will stand trial for killing an 'imaginary' creature... "? I don't get it, is he admitting a hoax?

    What I got from that comment was this:Bigfoot is not a "legitimate" creature in the eyes of science,or for that matter,the average person.It's not a recognized species,therefore it does not exist.
    No reasonable Judge or jury would throw a person in jail regardless of the reason for killing.I'm sure self defense would be a reasonable excuse in the eyes of any court.
    I do agree with Autumnforest that not everything is being told.

    From what I've read here Justin doesn't go in to any detail of the bigfoot killing(s) in his telling of the story.
    Did Bigfoot actually run off to the point Justin couldn't find it,or did it succumb to the shot fired?
    ANY hunter I have ever known says you do NOT leave a wounded animal behind.You track it all day if you have to,then finish the job.
    Justin Smeja describes in explicit terms what a hunter does with any animal after it's killed.
    Is this what happened?Did he skin it it and cut it up?It would sure be easy for a hunter to hide bags of BF meat to sell.
    I'm speculating.This story is bringing out my cynical side so right now I'm looking at this suspiciously.
    The guy is writing a book,and hey,he has one hell of a story to tell.Maybe he has his own insurance policy should things go sideways.Again,speculation.
    If I had accidentally killed two Bigfoot,I would make damned sure their deaths were not for nothing.Mind you I'd have no idea who to contact locally.
    My point is; if Bigfoots were killed this guy had the opportunity of a lifetime.He could've been set for life without a book.That would be gravy and so would a movie deal.
    If things were handled differently,this guy would be famous instead of infamous.

    I removed my original comment because of typos,and I needed to add a couple of things.

    1. What life would that be though, a life made in the blood and misery of another human race possibly. This is also why so few shootings ever surface, it's just a wrong act in so many ways.

    2. I think he killed human beings. His "story is all over the place. I heard him say the reason they left the bodies is he wasn't supposed to be hunting where he was.

  16. I said it before and I'll say it again It's all bullshit and these people are idiots for signing NDA's and significant away there rights. You morons aren't getting anything you were promised that's why you she had you sign them so if this does produce anything she has all the rights and royalties.

    1. You said? We don't know or remember that.

  17. Well, I don't think much of the shooter or the BF "players" whether hoax or not.

    All seem to have behaved in their own self interests. Shootings, glass on plates and...


    Apparently Paulides is ready online for his new book and or position with the Sasquatch Genome Project?

    And Justin Smeja going to write a book, should be a real literary achievment. EP project has a film waiting, maybe even National Geo deals....

    It appears to be less about Sasquatch and more about the parties claiming this amazing species as their own discovery.

    I have seen more jockeying for position and less honest credit given where due than...what? There is no comparison to the BF field.

    It is no longer interesting, but irritating.

    Dr. Ketchum has a prayer posted on Facebook for a leak source...

    It just gets weirder and weirder. I want this "situation" and all the profiteers to just go away. If our reaction to this truth plays out even a fraction of how badly BFers play....the tribe is doomed by our efforts.

  18. What doesn't make sense is the willingness of the shooter to be public, join a BF group, make posts, send in a steak, and wait for his DNA results (beholden to a private confidentiality agreement (never knew those to take precedence over legality) all the while making back room book deals?

    Since when has it been OK to not call authorities, like the police even (especially given the "young one" looked so human), when something like this happens? The guy just decides on his own to hide/recover/whatever two bodies and then go public?

    It is all too bizarre to believe and yet just stupid enough to believe.

    It is as though the BF "hunters" sit around listening to themselves and forget the real world (see reference in Justin's words)....
    and real consequences, real lives....they are so focused on being first...for something that has been discovered and rediscovered for decades now... I guess I have a sinking feeling this won't be any different.

    I understand now why the BF community is so split. Who would want to prove a species in this fashion? With this intrigue? With this many soiled Bf profiteers...

    This whole study/event may set us back a good bit... or not. So much BS..

    Waiting For Bigfoot.

  19. I agree with all of the above Anon posters.
    It doesn't appear to be about the discovery of the century,it's about signing deals before anything is finalized.
    I don't begrudge anyone for making a dollar if this is your only source of income.Bills don't pay themselves.But for god's sake,do it with some class.
    Plenty of money can be made after the discovery so why not do things properly,scientifically and communally.Is there not enough accolades for everyone?
    Greed and ego are the problems.I'm sure if Bigfoot are proven to exist,these beings will go the way of the Gorilla.
    I have little,if any respect for any major player in this sad state of affairs.

  20. I have said many times that I cannot wait for the excuses to start flying when this story starts unraveling. I'm sure the all the evidence and dna will be whisked away by the governments "men in black", the bad bad logging company's, or maybe aliens. I am sure this is a load of bs. Remember the great marketing right before the movie "The Blair Witch Project" was released? They marketed it as being a true story.... Kinda reminds me of this....

  21. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains in central Ca and am pleased to announce a family of Bigfoot visit every morning. I feed them Fruity Pebbles and Beef jerky and in return they braid my rabbit's ears. The family Patriarch has an impressive singing voice and does a nice cover of " I Gotta be Me " although i confess this can be irritating at 5 am. While i cant prove any of this, i expect you will believe me. Why would i lie?

  22. Seriously, this whole thing is a farce. Not everyone with an interest in this subject has an IQ of 50. Either put up real evidence, or shut up. Simple as that.

  23. Typical bigfoot B.S. Who would shoot the "bigfoot youth" and not put it into the truck that was right there (the earlier story indicated that the door frame of the vehicle was used to steady the first shot). This is such a no brainer that not doing so, in my mind, makes this whole story a bunch of bologna. Nobody would leave the find of the century (and the untold amounts of $$$ that would go with it) and not put it in the back of the truck.

  24. I'll put money on it that any "evidence" put forth related to this story will continue to keep bigfoot firmly in the inconclusive camp. I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

  25. Anonymous in the Santa Cruz Mountains,
    Are you the one they call........ "The Squatch Whisperer"?

  26. Just because people sign NDA's doesn't mean they are giving up any rights. It just means they are part of the group. I'm a business man, and this group is handling, and doing everything the way I would want it dealt with in a business relationship. There are definately more than one persons involved in the decisions. Someone had to have the money to get this started (probably erickson), ketchun and randles are probably involved as well, whether financially or by service. Just beacuse u don't have financial investment doesn't mean u can't legally be a shareholder of whatever type of organization they created. They are probably splitting the pot one way or another. The fact we don't have the information "we" (as in the people not involved) want, to me, gives this a lot more credibility. I really believe that there is something here. The group/organization seems to run by some very smart business minds, and I think they should be given more credit.......maybe when credit is due.


  27. I think this guy is full of feces. The burden of proof is on him and so far all we have to go on is rumor and speculation.

    It is time for some type of enforcement agency to pay him a visit and ask a few questions. He needs to be investigated.

    As an open-minded skeptic, I truly hope that there does indeed exist an unknown North American hominid. It is very possible.

    Many legitimate researchers have claimed to have seen Orang Pendek in Sumatra. So there maybe hope for Bigfoot.

    It appears Smeja is an accomplished hunter who knows his way around the outdoors and must surely know every North American big game animal and the silhouette they cast.

    I find it highly unlikely that he did not know what he was shooting at. If we take him at his word, he wantonly killed the most sought after cryptid on earth. He not only killed one but two! One being a youngster. How despicable!

    I wonder if he would kill a few mountain gorillas just for the fun of it?

    So...He is either a liar and fabricated the whole story or a trigger happy psychopath.

    Hey Smeja do you eat what you kill?

    I have his name. The investigation will begin. It is time he comes clean.

  28. Typical bigfoot dung. All talk.

  29. It must have been a bear as you all keep calling a piece of flesh a "piece of steak" like you are going to a bar b que.
    I don't think I can ever eat another steak again.

  30. I hope BIGFOOT is real. I hope there's a whole family of BIGFOOT (BIGFEET?) and they take turns bashing Justin's head in with a rock as payback for all the animals Justin has shot.

    Now if only we can get BIGFOOT to take a photo of themselves smiling and sitting on Justin, we'll be square.

  31. it just seems that every tom, dick, and harry want to be this big sasquatch guy. just ask idiots like fasano, lindsay, and moneymaker. these people want to be famous from bigfoot. i got no problem with making money, but this stuff is really sad. just think about all the people that have been the joke of the day. for just saying they seen a bigfoot. now these jokers, like the one's iv'e listed go around on the liar-net and dissrespect every other bigfoot hunter especially FASANO. these jokers want so bad to have the picture first! that they will talk trash on others. and they have nothing. no proof or no pictures. it seems that all they got is an attitude and a cocky know-it-all mouth. they got nothing. except expensive equiptment.(mostly paid for by others)it's funny watching these so-called leaders in the field of sasquatch turn on each other. that is instead of helping each other. think about this if they got lucky and got a body. who would by their book. i think it would go something like this: i was walking in the woods and i snapped a photo! big f-ing deal dude. we don't want to learn how you stabbed everyone in the back.we just want to learn about bigfoot. and as mr. linsay the socialist would say make sure you share the wealth from that bigfoot book. spoken like a true socialist. if anyone should get the money it should sasquatch for letting us in his neighborhood.

  32. I'am very intrested in this story. I have found out that Sasquatch have been shot at many times, but either the hunter misses, the hunter thikns it is too human, or it hits it and it runs into the brush wounded. Sasquatch have either been killed or found dead in 1880, 1894, 1903, 1905, 1920, 1965, 1967 & 1970. The reason not as many naturally dead reamins have been found is that dying animals generally retreat to remote areas and then their body is eaten by other animals. I hope this will once and for all prove the exsistence of Sasquatch.

  33. Where do those saaquatch kill dates in the above post come from?

  34. I think the shooter's name is Robert least the guy in the photo above is Robert....Justin is his brother...I have to wonder why would such a detail be confused...

  35. This is a complete hoax. The quicker it is put behind us. The better for the serious sasquatch hunters.,

  36. What is a serious squatch hunter? They all seem to go out and bang on trees and hoot and holler with no tangible result.

  37. So when the evidence turns out to not be Bigfoot related, will we hear the truth and the retraction of the story from the shooter? I've seen stories like this to always turn out to be BS. Time will tell the story well.

  38. Who are these people? Robert Lindsay? RW Ridley? They have websites...and that's about it. This is so reminiscent of Tom Biscardi's nonsense.

  39. ok. my last statement was harsh, but this dude killed a MOTHER AND HER CHILD. i'd say it was a shitty thing to do if it were a coyote or a skunk. but if it was an ape, or an intelligent ape-cousin (my opinion), then it was murder. plain and simple. and like i said, this guy had a gun, so you'll never convince me he was scared enough to kill someone. i hope he gets charged with something. n goes to jail. and has to share a cell with the worlds biggest, horniest, gayest rapist in the whole state....

  40. this is my revised comment since my last one was borderline incitement. this guy is the lowest form of life there is, right there with lawyers, cops, and politicians. low. he kills for fun. he said that he leaves bears he's shot in the woods, cuz he's too cheap to buy a used 4-wheeler or a damn used donkey. then he says he was afraid for his life. ok, if they were so close that he was afraid, even with his rifle, then he had to notice beforehand how human they were. and he killed a CHILD AND ITS MOTHER. man, thats just unforgivable. i know everyone wants to see these things proven real, but i would rather they stay a myth forever rather than kill two of the last ones. (you can't tell me there are many left) but this a-hole shoots anyway. i hope he dies. horribly. for real. if he lived in misery (missouri) like me, i would beat the shit out of him and slowly remove his trigger fingers with a butter knife. then castrate him. and tattoo 'child murderer' on his forehead. n shoot both his kneecaps while i was at it. he's probably one of those guys that will take the shot even if it isn't a clean one n he has to wound the critter. then he pats himself on the back n thinks he's a tracker because he can follow a blood trail. thinks his gun makes up for his lack of manhood. just my opinion...

    1. What in hell did you print that your comment was removed and yet the one you print here is OK???

  41. I couldn't agree more that this Smeja jerk is an unconscionable natural-born killer and should be prosecuted for murder, assuming his story is true. But frankly, this story stinks as much as Smeja's rotten soul. According to the dirt-bag and his partner, when they saw this "bear," the driver looked at it through his binoculars and instructed Smeja not to shoot because it appeared to be a man in a gorilla suit. You mean to tell me that this self-ascribed seasoned hunter lost his cool and shot anyway? He felt threatened? BS!! He's nothing but a murderer.

  42. Well if he did shot one we get to test the old Indian legend as well. He got seven years and the clock is ticking. Mistaking a bear for a Sasquatch is lamest excuse I have ever heard. I saw both this year in my Central Colorado location, no way an experienced hunter would do that. Midwestern term we use is hogwash. If he shot two it was calculated and planned. Michael Johnson SIR

    1. you have seen both a bear and a bigfoot, you are full of shit too!

  43. Please forgive me, I was overwhelmed last night with the greed, ignornance and foolishness of others even wanting or considering shooting two Sasquatches. Especially a mother with a baby. In my efforts to reconnect and befriend an old race of beings this type of behavior sickens me and taints the bonds of friendship I am worked so hard to try and achieve. Mike J-SIR

  44. poor creatures!! and that includes all of us, the human race really should be better than this.

  45. Wow what a big man this guy is with his rifle and all. He must have a complex about something....mmm?? can't put my finger on it.

  46. Familiarize yourself with The Olympic Project and Derek Randles. These are yahoos. They are professional trackers that in their deep hunting trips into the Olympic Mountains (where there have been dozens of encounters at Lake Cushman, Hoodsport, Dosewallips Trail--where I've hiked and camped personally), they found huge tracks in areas where no humans have been. They know by the evidence trail they exist and are looking for definitive proof, which will come from DNA sequencing. They have already captured a squatch on a trail cam, as the squatch was messing with the camera. It's on their website. These guys aren't hoaxers--they know the animal exists and are coming up with definitive proof.

    I have spoken with Derek previously about sightings of a family in my town and I am quietly installing trail cams along the wildlife corridors. These things travel on the "animal highways" just like known species and hikers, which is why there are so many sightings along the north/south migratory trails like the Pacific Coast Trail and Appalachian Trail.

    1. you're an idiot just like the rest these so called bigfoot sighters, it's amazing that you idiots can even dress yourselves in the morning!

  47. I meant to say, "These AREN'T yahoos". My apology Derek. Would correct the previous post if I was able to.

  48. The child died in his arms! But he cuts a steak off the other creature? (STEAK, as eating a steak?) So after the child dies in his arms, he DISCARDS the child.Doesnt carry the child with him? Too much to carry? Did he figure it was evidence in case the police would be called to investigate the shooting? How long was it before he agreed to a book deal? He says he felt scared and threatened so he fired shots, then realized there was a child he killed? I hope this guy has nightmares where the scene is played over and over again. I guess being payed out for this so called event is going to help him sleep at night. Someone needs to take his firearms away from him, because this guy is Not a hunter, God only knows what else he'll kill out there when the next time he "feels scared and threatened" Geez it could have been your son or husband out there hunting too and walking around! I also wonder how he got to telling people about this, did he go right to he money sources?

    1. haha just what i thought, sounds like he did it for fun how ignorant and cruel, hope it wasnt a human child and adult hope he gets nightmares is right!!

  49. Justin Smeja is a liar in my opinion. A simple picture from his cell phone would have proved his story. He is lying and is too stupid to realize what he is saying.

    In a recorded interview he states clearly that the "little one" he shot and killed "looked like a little black kid". Saying he shot an animal he claims looked like a "little black kid" is going to come back to haunt him.

    He will be forever know as a racist, lying, supposed killer of small animals he claimed looked like a "little black kid",

    If it looked like a little WHITE kid would you have shot and killed it justin? Yeah, sell your book now

    1. thts exactly what i sadi,if u r out hunting wit a friend. 1 of u ,at the very least,i suspect bith hadphones on them. he could simpy have proved his story by clickig away on his camea phone. tht would have done it and he would be believed.

      experinced hunters taken shots at unknown source isnt what a hunter would do. he even admits it looked 'like a man in ghillie suit',if u thought that, then u r a murderer opure n simple.tht would men u shot what was a man and son in a suit. no wy or u r deranged.

      this is utternonsense and georgia boys events all over again. redknecks looking for quick cash payout bforeits proven as rubbish

      they should be prosecuted for misleading the public at least and his guns license taken away,if this is how he acts with them. he shouldnt be allowed alisence

    2. Maybe it really was a little black kid, a human being and the other one was an adult black person. I think he's covering up a murder of humans.

  50. @michael it is true,i have native american in my blood and keep the traditions with the culture. It is said that if you kill a sasquatch you will die within 7 years and have bad luck when your still alive. The native american salso see the sasquatch as a sacred spirit notice how nobody else bothers them,but bitches like smeja lie about killing something he knew damn well was a fucking bear. He was not telling the truth,how the fuck could he have killed a baby big foot and not be able to carry it? for crying out loud he's a man and men can carry heavy things,i admit 40 lbs is sort of heavy for a baby but even so how the hell did he know it was 40 lbs?,did he weigh them?,lies i tell you. That bitch shot a bear and just made up a story just so he can pretend that he discovered something new, What does he mean he cut a steak?,makes no sense at all he also mentioned beef. Cows are beef so wtf is he saying?,does he know his animals correctly?,such a disgrace and discusting how he would even have the nerve to continue this made up story,he knows he didn't shoot any sasquatch that's why he keeps on changing his story up.

    Also the person who said smeja claimed that baby looked like a little black kid,the hell is wrong with him?,he is racist for that. You mean to tell me you thought a baby bigfoot was a little black kid and still shot and killed it?,yeah right i would love to meet smeja and show him how mothers react when you kill their babies,being a single mother myself i find this very offenseive. If this story is true i'd track his ass down like a wolf and tear his ass to shreds,then find bigfoot and feed him to the family.

    Another dumb comment he made was when he said, " it was somewhere near gold lake CA ,probably 2 miles or 20 miles idk, but i will tell the exact location in my book." what the f**k is that??????? that tells me that he is making this all up,how can you say you know the exact location and then say you dont know,and then say you will write it in your book. The nerve of this SOB,and he claims he is not in it for the money,bitch you trying to make money from your upcoming book. DNA will prove nothing but the origin,making the closest relative and if it is male or female. That's about it,can't tell if it was in fact a sasquatch unless one if capture alive or a legitimate dead body,and that will never happen.

  51. sorry i mean 2 miles or 10 miles, had a little typo error. And please excuse me for cursing,but i can't stand morons like these people and their lies. Then they try to attack us and say we are the ones who don't knwo what we're talking about,like someone else said. Either show your evidence or shut up.

    1. Exactly! They are full of **** and it is really sad that they are even getting this much attention. Too many typos in the whole freakin story!!!!

  52. i dont think this is logical i have seen a adult big foot i have been wanting to see another since the day i saw it i think you would n ever see one as a baby/kid they have been around long anoff so they would be smarter than that i saw the adult at night dont think thats the time u go out hunting for bear if i had a gun and could make the shot u would have to see even at night in the full moon i could tell that it wasnt a bear if u had any thought it wasnt a bear if it was me depending where i was i wouldnt shot to kill but i wouldn't let it get away i would think some one would pay weather it was to hide it or expose it i dont think this story is possible and if u got a baby u could toss it over your shoulder if you didnt have a vigina not going to lie if i saw one 2 miles out deep in the woods i would be to scared to kill it in fear of my own life they have a wierd native/voodoo/sacred vibe about them that this would check up to you if you still go hunter after you did this think the hunter might become the hunted depending what one you shot first if it was the baby the mom or dad would be moving toward or away from u at a frighting pace

  53. A real human,hunter or not,that shoots and kills a creature with it's young,is a cold hearted killer with no sense of simpathy...It's just plain bad ju-ju..May the fleas of a thousand Bigfeet infest your arm pits you non remorseful idiot..!

  54. This is a hoax and all BS , he is doing a book and really he has no money, thats why he made this up.
    First bigfoot does not hang around and wiat for you to shoot at it. 2nd) Bigfoot will not wave his hands up and down they don;t know this. Bigfoot do not travel like this in the open they always find shade. The guy changed his story 5 times .. all BS.
    I been doing this for 10 years and have seen 2 youh bigfoot before.

    1. Humans might wave their hands up, though. He said the adult raised its hands. Sounds more like a human trying to tell someone with a gun not to shoot them.

  55. If he really shot even one sasquatch, then..... Why didn't he take pictures? No excuses are acceptable for that.
    either he's insane or developmentally disabled (if indeed he did shoot a BF)
    he's actually got people convinced of his 'game' (no pun intended)!
    To me the funniest thing isn't what that guy is claiming, rather it is the attention he's getting as a result! :-)

  56. Anyone who shoots a big foot is a scum of the earth, tantamount to murder. But that's just the way half humanity is, A BUNCH OF FUCKING HEARTLESS ARROGANT, IGNORANT, SELFISH, COWARDS.

  57. Any new info on this or just the same old promises to produce something?

    1. One of my friends suggested they ought to rename, Finding Bigfoot, Not finding Bigfoot. I thought that was priceless.

  58. Nope nothing new, The guy just moved from his hometown, nobody can get a hold of him! I guess he knows the game is up!!! I told you all the time it's all fake!

    If he killed it, why didn't he took pictures or the body of the bigfoot, or called the press, or news reporter! Because it's all BS.

  59. I can tell you right now this person did not shot and kill any Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I know 100% what sasquatch/Bigfoot really is and whythey are seen all over the world.

    Read who I am then join my site and it will be revealed to you. No more TV shows, No more theories, just the facts, you will be very surprised.

  60. B.S. the whole story plain and simple. Someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Amazing all the "theories" to explain "why". There is no "why" because the dude is a cool BS'er

  61. I think buying a book or even watching his or their you-tube video would be just a huge mistake, who gave him a squatch tag , I know in many states its illegal to harass or kill a bigfoot, so if he was to see the two brothers out of mexico with the disease that totally covers ones face with hair, would he be writing a book about it.Nope he'd be going to prison.. If you want to shoot a squatch do it with a camera.. give yourself a great big pat on the back.

  62. Untill we see a body;I would say it is a Fake.Why would the animal be kept so secret and out of the public eye.There,s nothing to say a bigfoot was shot.No Camera photo,no nothing.No Hair...No Body...Come on.....

  63. I have to agree that the whole story smells worse than a Bigfoot who hasn't had a bath in a month!!!
    Too many holes in the story, and not a shred of proof!

  64. Pure B.S. this story is a waste of time and pure crap

  65. Unbelievable---how does one draw down on a creature unknown to him that "appears to be waving-don't shoot", quite possible to protect its offspring, have a vehicle 20 feet away and the means/ability/desire to seek safety in the vehicle. A friend-a very good childhood friend-(his words not mine) begging him not to shoot and casually/without compassion pull the trigger. Then approach this creature occupying the same area as the "two" juveniles-seemingly showing no aggression toward him calmly draw down on the (40 pound)"child" and without hesitation put a bullet in its neck? REALLY? BTW as a medical professional 40pound child is equivalent to a human 5 year old. Assuming that this species is in fact as large as they have been described than most likely this juvenile was far younger and therefor posing even less a threat. Folks, the DSM V-R which is the psychological bibal explaining mental conditions and DEFECTS would without question classify this person as an anti social personality, incapabable of compassion or remorse. This person does not belong free much less hunting with a gun among the human race. After listening to this story I must admit to be ashamed to be part and parcel to the race of animals associated with this clown (murderer). Yes I believe in Sasquatch. Yes I consider myself a man of science. Yes I am in fact an avid outdoorsman and hunter. Its no wonder these creatures fear us and avoid humans at all cost. We are a rectched race. I do take great solace in the fact that these creatures are far more powerful and resilient than humans and should this knucklehead escape prosecution and continue to venture in the woods to "hunt" whatever quarry is unlucky enough to find themselves in his cowardly gun sights---that luck evades his shot and Sasquatch can set the natural order of things right. Please Justin I implore your brain damaged ass to come hunting up this way in NY. Allot of minds would be put at ease when you failed to return to camp and search parties were unable to locate your remains. Just sayin.

    1. I have to give you an AMEN on this one ! raised a hunter , have had the hair standing on the back of my neck in deep woods areas ! Yes even carrying a high powered rifle and side arm I have left areas backwards just from the sense of there presence ! I have had all of the forest animals in ca closer to me then people believe ! including couger n bear , they however do not instill the primal flight instinct that BF does when in his area ! note to the ones that say he shot bear , last I checked it was illegal to harvest a sow with cub And especially the cub in ca !

  66. This guy didn't shoot a thing I have shoot moose at 50 yard in the neck and by the time I walk up to the moose it is dead so if you shoot a bigfoot in the neck it would not be still alive after roll down the hill at your feet and what about the blood on your boots I will not read his book

  67. Well one thing is for sure, they are not going to prosecute due to the fact that all Instituions around the world doesnt want this information leaking, they are going to keep a tight lid on this for reasons of control and they want you to bleieve that this is a mythical creature. And if he did shoot two bigfoot why did he shoot them? Was he scared? Did he mistaken it to be a bear? Did they Attack him? I agree with Anonymous: This guy is a dumb ass i hate people like this! Fu*in pissis me off that there are people like this. And no im not going to buy this guys book. Probably this is a real story but im gonna call this guy a fake anyway caust thats what he is. Real story, fake dude!!

  68. reeks of georgia boys' events! there isnothing surer than this will turn out to be nothing. why not take a camera phone shot of ,lets face it, would be the biggest story sine Christ was crucifed. i dont care how much u panicked etc...youd no proof was neded. ifi were standing in front of 2 BFs d shoot them with my camera phone do something toprove it.
    this whole 'dont shoot' etc...why did he shoot at it if he thought it was 'a man in a suit'. thats murder to some degree. yes it wold be stupid for a ma to put on a gorrila uit in bear hunting season. its s either a bear,man[so hes a murderer, a BF or hox. its cleary the latter.

    he evidence to this is this guy is an experienced hunter so standing in front of uge dead animals wouldnt freak him out like it would te rest of us. even it were BF. he wouldnt have shot it if he dint think it was a bear,which he claims he knew it wasnt, you simly wouldnt takethat chance. at very least you would aimfr its legs to wound it or else u r on murder chatges.

    so his story is he decided it was not a bear but a BF withkid so he shoots it. no way!

    Took no pics,no dna,not even a slice of it, this is tter nonsense a total hoax which will be clear to s all when hes had his 'payout'from the book. typical of Bigfootery. i guess its always going to be either a redkneck or a researcher who gets it. sadly a reasercher will shoot it on camera a redneck will shoot to kill i guess or hoax it fo cash.

    he adits he eeded eveidence why didnt they photo of hem obviouslywould have a phone.u dont go out in wilderness hunting without means of contacting people in cse of accident.

    bled on his boots-er,why not get the bootshanded in for dna esting- clarify his story.

    utter crap and sadly typical of bogfootery! ie hoaxers out for a quick payday before evidence shows its nonsense

    we'll see,i hpe im wrong,but the story is too whacky and deranged.experienced hunters wouldnt panic like this. you could go on n on about all th inconsistecies inthis story. a good story it has to be sad!
    But story is all it is!

  69. You sir are an idiot, don't you follow anything? i can't say if incident is real but a lot is diff from ga boys who arrogantly bragged about their bfoot body. You'd have to have been an idiot to believe they had a real body with who was involved.

    With this incident, none of us would know about it if it wasn't leaked as Smeja has done a few radio shows reluctantly well after the story leaked and his partner has stayed behind scenes. Now, it's coming out that Smeja thinks Ketchum is a potential fraud/untrustworthy even after she's proclaimed his collected flesh is of a bigfoot, yet
    Smeja maintains the incident happened 1000%. Why would a hoaxer bite the hand that feeds?? if he's trying to hoax, wouldn't you just support the person covering for your
    Also you mentioned "boots" and there's rumors flying around that Oly Pro/Bfro Bart C
    (OK I know it's Robert L saying it) has them as they were given to him by Smeja for
    safekeeping and is keeping them for future examination.
    Why wouldn't these guys just give them to Ketchum previously? Maybe they know something we don't, but either way, Smeja's behavior is not consistent with a hoaxer imo
    where the Ga boys were just textbook obvious.

    1. someone needs attention. I cannot believe that a hunter who claims this kill would not some how drag the carcasses back to their truck. The hunters i have lived with all my life and myself have always honored the earth and respect what has been harvested with any kill. Now I know all the hunters I have in my life including myself would not be able to go on knowing that there were not 1 but 2 crypto carcasses somewhere out there and not be able to go back to the scene of the crime. This sounds like a sunday night made for TV movie. this man is a liar and if hes not lying then he is a murderer. Why would anyone shoot a crypto baby of any kind. No respect for life on the planet. This man is an ass and does not deserve anyones attention. hes a neglected baby and a bafoon. Lets hunt him and see if he enjoys the adventure. Its assholes like this that make people scoof at any bigfoot possiblility and also they are protected in many states. so hes a law breaker too. GET A REAL LIFE THAT HAS MEANING LIAR LIAR.

  70. True or not, story of killing big or little is just wrong and disturbing. There should be a law to prevent shooting these creatures for just show and tell / FN entertaintainment. It's sickening. For the shooter to say the big one was a monster, he might want to look at himself in the mirror. And what about shooting the little one claiming the face looked human. Why why why on earth would he kill the little one?? Where are the FN limits? Where does it stop? Sad. very sad

  71. What an Ass hole! Where was this idiot born and educated? This whole story has to many holes in it like a screen.

  72. Hey Dumb Ass,
    Your the reason why people hate us. You shoot things you don't know anything about. How about if some aliens come down and shoot you because your different. Wake up dude, and let go of the big ego of yours. To me you are a whimp because you hide behind a gun. You are a disgrace. I believe that could also be considered animal cruelty. Don't worry you will get yours through "Karma". You only kill if you are going to eat what you kill. Your a jerk!

    1. A POS JERK^!!! What gives you any F;n right to go killing anything you don't eat^!?!?

  73. I'm not buying it. He said he thought it was a man in a suit, that there may have been a film crew, that it was waving "don't shoot", that his buddy was telling him not to shoot, and with all of that he shot it anyway? Doesn't make any logical sense. Then he shoots a little one and doesn't take it with him. I think he's making it all up.

  74. when you shoot anything that has waved or you think is in a suit, is totally not fit to carry a gun. and you shoot them knowing what it is. you should be locked up. aint there a law agaist shooting them.

  75. The story has some inconsistancy issue. First, Gold Lake is in Sierra County, and located inside the Tahoe National Forest, north of state highway 49 & south of state highway 89. It is nowhere even close to the Dixie Mountain Game Refuge which IS in Plumas County and Plumas National Forest. Please see pages 70-71 of the Northern California Delorme Atlas map book. Dixie Mtn Game Refuge is approximately 30 miles overlan away and almost 40 by paved and or forest service road. Gold Lake has limited vehicle access to the west and some open forest service roads to the north east within the 2 to 10 miles referred to by the RP. As a 19 year LEO and an avid hunter and published outdoor journalist, this basic information was the first thing I wished to investigate to confirm whether this incident might be factual. Additionally, Fish and Game code requires that a person who is lawfully hunting, who then shoots any domestic livestock or non game animal species not authorized for harvest, report such shooting immediately to the departments wardens forthwith. To my research, this did not happen. Has anyone seen a comment from either the US Forest Service law enforcement Rangers, the DFG Wardens or the Sheriff's Department? Also, every hunter carries a camera. The alleged shooter has photos of himself with deer and other game posted on the internet. It is hard to believe that that same camera was not in his possession or at least in the truck and accessible at the time of the incident. So, based on these observations, I have doubts. I know that a responsible and ethical sportsman would not fire on an unknown target and the claim of being threatened at 80 yards does not equate to immediate life threatening danger resulting in a justified use of deadly force. Just some things to think about.

    1. I agree I used live in the city right by there, And the number one rule about Hunter safety, don't shoot if you don't know what it is! You don't shoot!!! Plus he changed his story about 4 times now! I'm a hunter and I will never shoot at things that our running or walking in the meadow! I been LEO for over 20 years, this is BS, story! No body! No proof! What a liar!

    2. Leo, Did you think to research humans who went missing during that particular time? It's the waving it's arms not to shoot that really bothers me. I think this guy was on the National Geographics channel about search for bigfoot. I don't remember what the name of the program was called. I'm trying to recover the email from a friend telling me to watch it that night. Haven't found it yet, but I will.

  76. Justin
    You mentioning Roger Pattersons name and $$$ is showing what kind of person you are. You probably thought of $$$ as soon as you saw it through your scope and so you pulled the triger.
    You are now probably a marked man. If you happen to run into one on a dark night they will know who you are and what you did and you will just dissapear.
    I would stay out of the woods if i were you.

  77. AGAIN! Great story. NO BODY! Got to have the BODY! And people will not believe the DNA report because humans made the report.

  78. thats very true you need the body for eveidence if you dont have the body of a sasquatch then its a hoax

    i believe in sasquacth and everthing but if i was to kill one i would bring the body to the police instantly

  79. Justin looks 40 pounds lighter in that picture.

  80. I think we should declare a permanent open season no limit status on hunting for these heartless bastards that kill Sasquatch. Then we can mount their heads on a tree in Bigfoot's living room.

  81. If you're going to kill one to prove they exist, do it. If you can't handle that, and many can't, don't.

  82. I agree I used live in the city right by there, And the number one rule about Hunter safety, don't shoot if you don't know what it is! You don't shoot!!! Plus he changed his story about 4 times now! I'm a hunter and I will never shoot at things that our running or walking in the meadow! I been LEO for over 20 years, this is BS, story! No body! No proof! What a liar!

  83. I pray that this DNA report is a fraud. This would mean Smeja is a fraud and no baby or mother BF was killed or horribly wounded. Then again, in this freaked up society, nothing is sacred. Smeja is a piece of shit.

  84. I pray that this DNA report is a fraud. This would mean Smeja is a fraud and no baby or mother BF was killed or horribly wounded. Then again, in this freaked up society, nothing is sacred. Smeja is a piece of shit.

  85. Is Matt Moneymaker and the B.F.R. Aware of this? If so, why aren't they actively hunting for bones, teeth, hide in the area?Sounds like a hoax, and SHAME to any shooter for WASTING those 2lives.What evidence is going to SURFACE? B.S.!

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  105. Justin your a d#%k!!
    If your story is true,(which I don't believe) then you are not much of a hunter. And should not poses a lice.
    Good hunters don't just shoot at anything that moves.
    To do it once, makes you an ass.
    Twice makes you a d%$k.

  106. many experts on so many subjects, it makes for a fascinating and quite entertaining read.

    I lived in the NorthWest for over 10 yrs and fished on a few occasions on the Quinalt Indian Res. Speaking with the local native boat captain I was told of a few different experiences out there regarding Bigfoot and the problems they caused when they logged a certain hillside. They've seen them, I know people who have and I have no doubt they exist.

    I believe he knew what he was shooting and from a fear perspective, I probably would have done the same. Once you prove their existence...then you can pass laws to try and protect them, everywhere. Its unfortunate for him he then shot a juvenile...people will remember that if/when they do prove they exist.
    I don't know about the steak story but getting your ass to safety after shooting them would be paramount for me as well. I'm a lifelong hunter but shooting a large animal, even with a great shot doesn't mean they're down for the count right away...alot of people have been messed up by dead or dying animals. (of all kinds)

    Hey...time will tell for sure but I'm leaning towards believing he DID kill one (or 2)...

    1. Hate to say it, but im thinking he might have done just that. He said how he messed-up, by killing the baby. He said how he felt bad. Well I should hope so Justin. I hope you do feel really bad. This was not just "A" mistake this was a cluster #@!% of many mistakes. How can you sleep at night? Do you see that Little babies face everynight as it died in your hands holding the babies head after you shot it in the neck, as it choked to death on its own blood. Your so sad... This whole thing is sickening> Your an experienced hunter you said all of your life. You knew exactly what you were doing. Now your going to capitalize on a movie and book deals. Your a pathetic excuse for a man,shame on you.

    2. I agree


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  126. murderer justin smeja killing de cute little ewok and for fun sad u hater

  127. Justin didn't crack he did what a lot or most hunters would of done I've seen worse thing's , I've shot competitive archery all over this country and taught at archery at my home and guided archery hunts on my property. And if you think what Justin has done , you don't know very much about hunting


  128. Why is no one discussing the FACT that Smeja's samples are BEAR, he lied about the blood on his boots--there was none--and then got paused when the results were presented? He was given a chance to come clean, when they said, Well you shot a bear...maybe. Where's the true rest of this pathetic story?

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  130. I think it's true that he did shoot and kill 2 Bigfoot. I also think he is an a**hole.

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. What gave you the right to kill them? You weren't being attacked and they definately weren't a threat to you. Shame on you. And yes, you should feel bad. I'd like to see how you hunters fair out there in the woods with no hunting equipment, no gear, nothing. Just you alone with nature. And I would have liked to see you up against Bigfoot in that way too, because you wouldn't have stood a chance against it.

    You think you're a real man out there. You're a pathetic excuse for a man and a disgrace to mankind. The so called "research" you do is disgusting. Proving that Bigfoot exists I'll admit would be groundbreaking for science but it will also extinguish that air of mystery which is what captivates everyone and what I'll bet, drew you to start searching at first. Sometimes as humans, our quests for scientific facts have done more harm than good, as so clearly proven in this case. It's not about being right. You think you'll go down as the person who discovered Bigfoot. To me, you are the biggest a******s on this planet.


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