Erickson-Lindsay Project: Bigfoot is a man, an ancient man, a blast from our ancient past, a subhuman, a human ancestor

My dear friend Robert Lindsay sent another bombshell our way. This one blew me out of the water. It's clear that Mr. Lindsay is in cahoots with the Erickson project one way or another. How is it possible that he's getting all this classified information when everyone is expected to be tight-lipped about until the Erickson project documentary releases sometime this year.

Read below for the complete leaked DNA study from the Erickson project documentary, courtesy of Robert Lindsay:

The leaks from people close to the Erickson Project continue to come in fast and furious.

Surely, the most breathtaking news so far involves the sequencing of Bigfoot DNA. We already reported previously on the sequencing Bigfoot mitochondrial DNA, which is coming out 100% human. That means that the Bigfoot female line goes back to human females.

However, we can now report on the sequencing of the nuclear DNA from the male side. The report is that it is absolutely non-human! It is very far away from humans. In the chart below, various hominims are measured according to their distance away from humans.

Hominim spp.   Distance in polymorphisms
Neandertal     200
Denisova       400
Bigfoot        750?
Chimpanzee     2000

As you can see, Bigfoots are approximately 1/2 way between humans and chimps. More precisely, they are 37% of the way between humans and chimp. Also, Bigfoots are 4X further away from us than Neandertals are, and they are 2X further away from us than Denisova was.

We only have DNA from three hominids: Homo sapiens, Neandertal and Denisova. We have no DNA from Flores Man or Erectus or any of the rest. One reason for this is that DNA degrades, and it is impossible to get DNA from samples more than 50,000 years old.

Therefore, evidence indicates that Bigfoots are a hybrid species. Some “thing,” some “monster,” some “subhuman,” mated with human females somewhere in Europe possibly ~20-50,000 YBP. Shades of King Kong! What this thing is is completely unknown. It must be a hominid. It quite possibly was Homo erectus. Therefore, Bigfoots may be Erectus-sapiens hybrids.

The closest thing to an Erectus-sapiens hybrid is Heidelberg Man, or Homo heidelbergensis. This was late Homo erectus trending into archaic Homo sapiens. There is suggestive evidence that a heidelbergensis skull was found in China dated 13,000 YBP.

If Bigfoot is part-Erectus, this explains certain things. Erectus still had a midtarsal break in Europe 300,000 YBP. Erectus had a saggital crest.

It is clear by now that the Bigfoot is an ape theory lies in the dust. Bigfoot is a man, an ancient man, a blast from our ancient past, a subhuman, a human ancestor. He’s one of us, but he’s not.

In addition, we can report that the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study has isolated DNA from 20 separate Bigfoot individuals from around North America. They received hundreds of samples, but many were not useful.

One of the samples was called “unknown hand.” This was hand of a “something,” but no one knows what. Inside the Project, people were taking bets on what the hand was. Dr. Melba Ketchum bet that it was a bear. Others bet that it was not a bear. Ketchum never got any money from the bet. Whatever this strange object was, it was not a bear paw. No one knows what it was. Maybe it was a Bigfoot hand.

One of the samples was a bone from a stream in Oregon. It may have been a femur. The bone looks like a human bone, but it is much too large. It was submitted by David Paulides’ North American Bigfoot Search (NABS).

We also have some updates in the story about the shooting of the two Bigfoots in California in November 2010. There were two other men in the truck with the shooter at the time. At least one of the men was absolutely hysterical that the shooter shot the two Bigfoots. The other man was also not happy at all that the shooter shot the Bigfoots.

We can also report that the section of Bigfoot thigh sent to the Erickson Project DNA test was auburn haired, and it also had a lot of grey in it. This slab was from the mother Bigfoot that was shot dead. She was probably a middle aged Bigfoot, about 45 years old in human terms or about 25 years old in Bigfoot terms. Her two offspring, one of which was also shot dead, were about 5 years old in human terms or 10 years old in Bigfoot terms.

To this date, we do not know what the shooter did after he killed the two Bigfoots. However, I do believe that he took at least a piece of one of the Bigfoots with him that day, and he may have taken more, up to and including two Bigfoot bodies.

I know the name of the shooter, but for some reason, I am not releasing it right now. It can be found by industrious web sleuths who are intelligent about Internet sleuthing.The shooter has changed his story many times, and is and was very afraid he was going to jail over the killing of these two Bigfoots.

He is wise to be afraid of this, because I know some wealthy and connected people who told me that they are dedicated to seeing that this guy goes to prison over killing the Bigfoots. So if I were the shooter, I would not be straight up about this matter either. Further, I would retain a good attorney. If the Olympic Project has any sense, they will have also spoken to an attorney too, because their mitts are all over these two Bigfoots killed in mysterious circumstances.

The shooter is a narcissist and a redneck, and I don’t personally like him at the moment. I don’t know if I will ever like him. Probably not! You can tell he’s a narcissist. Just look at that smug, smarmy look in eyes in his photos. I don’t think he’s a good person. There are different kinds of hunters. Most hunters are good people, but a minority are not. You can tell who the bad ones are. You can see it in their eyes. They will shoot just about anything as long as it is not illegal. This guy has that look about him.

They have the same mindset about hunting. They basically just like to kill things because they like to kill. This is what kind of a person and hunter the shooter is. He is well known in the hunting and taxidermy community and is not well liked at all. In that community, he is thought of as a “maniac hunter.”

He could change any time he wants, quit being bad and start being good. His choice. I don’t think he will ever change though, because he is very happy being the smug prick that he is. Most of his friends are the same as he is, and so is the California woman who became his wife two years ago, who is now expecting.

Most narcissists don’t ever feel guilt about anything that they do. There are some reports that the shooter feels bad about killing the two Bigfoots. Perhaps he does. He may well have some sort of a conscience.

The Olympic Project has changed their story about this shooting several times now.

For several months after November, their line was that they never went out to the shooting site.

Then they said that they did go to the shooting site 2 weeks later, and they found a chunk of Bigfoot flesh in the snow.

Now they say that only the shooter went back 2 weeks later and found the piece of flesh.

The story about going back later and finding a hunk of flesh strikes me as preposterous, and I don’t believe it.

In addition, the OP said for a long time after the shooting, “Let’s make one thing clear! There were no two Bigfoots shot and killed!”

But after I broke the story, they changed their line to saying that a man that the OP knows well did shoot and kill the two Bigfoot. But it’s worse than that, because the OP itself shot and killed two Bigfoots.

They say he shot the first one because it was a bear and the second one because it was threatening him.

Neither report is true. The shooter knew she was not a bear. His line is he thought she was threatening him.

The shooter was a passenger in the truck. They came around a bend, and there was a Bigfoot in the road on all fours. The shooter grabbed his gun and jumped out of his vehicle. As he jumped out, he saw the Bigfoot get up on two legs and start running towards him waving her arms at him. When the Bigfoot saw the gun, she turned and started to run away. The shooter shot her in the side of the chest, and the bullet penetrated her lungs.

She crashed off into the brush and died. The three men went down into the brush and saw her there. It was then that they realized that she was not a bear at all. They walked back up onto the road.

When they got to the road, they saw two small, strange creatures running towards them, sometimes on two legs, sometimes in four legs. The shooter raised his gun, fired and shot one of the creatures dead. The other small creature apparently escaped. As the shooter cradled the dying creatures in his arms, they all three realized that it was a young creature of the same type that got shot. The shooter did not shoot the young Bigfoot because it was threatening him. Apparently he just shot it for some unknown reason. At this point, they figured out that they had killed two Bigfoots.

The two men with the shooter were so hysterical and upset about the shootings that they took the shooter’s gun away from him and pointed it at him, threatening him. They told him that if he tried to shoot another one of those animals, they would shoot him instead. The story is that everyone was so upset by that point, that they left the area. The shooter said that they left the animals in the road. The shooter said he was not going back to the area until next fall.

There is a lot of fighting inside the Erickson Project. Adrian Erickson and Melba Ketchum are not getting along well. At least one reason is that Erickson paid Ketchum $70,000 for the sequencing of six possible Bigfoot samples. To this date, he has not received results from these samples. He did receive results from one DNA test, the test he had done on himself. Most of the principals had their own DNA tested.

Erickson had an agreement with Ketchum that if his Bigfoot samples tested out as coming from real Bigfoots, they would then be used in the final writeup. One or more of his samples were from real Bigfoots, but Ketchum is apparently threatening to not include them in her paper due to their falling out. So Erickson is threatening to sue her for violating their agreement.

Erickson has also threatened to sue a couple of other folks, including Dennis Pfohl, but I am not sure of the reason. Erickson is well liked, but he is also deeply respected. At the same time, most seem like they afraid of him. He has sunk $3 million into this project, and he is not going to get it back.

One great thing to come out of the release of the Erickson Project results is that maybe Bigfoot witnesses will not be so persecuted. Roger Patterson was not an honorable man, but he did shoot a real video a Bigfoot in California in 1967. He was so hounded by skeptics that they may have driven him to an early grave.

Bob Gimlin was so upset at the hounding that he more or less retreated from the public eye for over 20 years after the shooting of the video. He only came out in 1989. Gimlin is a tough man, but all of the attacks have still hurt him. Entire books and countless articles and Internet pieces have been written about how he hoaxed the famous video.

From Canada, word comes that Bigfoots are much more common around Indian communities than around non-Indians. It seems that Bigfoots are more comfortable around Indians than around non-Indians.

Updating a previous story, a trapper in McBride, British Colombia has told people that he was kidnapped by Bigfoots, who took him back to a cave and tried to make him have sex with a female Bigfoot. It’s an updated Albert Ostman story.

Another trapper somewhere in British Colombia is living by himself way out in the woods far away from anyone else. He is reportedly nearly living with a group of Bigfoots. He sees them every single day. This may possibly be the same man who says he was kidnapped by Bigfoots. The story should be followed up.

A previous post reported on some Canadians who dug up a muskeg and found a Bigfoot bone in it. It was a Bigfoot burial ground. In northern Canada, Bigfoots use muskegs as burial grounds. This particular muskeg was in northern Saskatchewan.

Here's Richard Stubstad's response. He recognized an error in the article and added this comment.
Richard was the first to leak the DNA test results and concluded that Sasquatch is %100 human:

Richard Stubstad
July 4, 2011 at 11:30 AM
Hey, ‘ol buddy Robert L.!

I hate to differ with you, but in fact the chart you listed is for the mito DNA, not the nuclear. Here is the correct mito chart, somewhat enhanced, in terms of distance from the Cambridge Reference Sequence, the CRS (roughly):
CRS = Zer0 Polymorphisms
Typical (isolated) African tribe = 80
Neanderthal = 200
Denisovans = 400
Chimp = 2,000
Sasquai = Between 10 and 90 (based on only three complete sequences)

In all cases above, the nuDNA is MUCH further away from the CRS (assuming they even have the nuDNA for the CRS) for each and every one on the above list. This is because, among other reasons, there are literally millions of DNA bases in our nuDNA while there are “only” 16,569 in our circular mtDNA genome.

While Adrian Erickson may have more updated information than I do, I kind of doubt it. As I said before, during the part of the Texas DNA study I was involved in, to my knowledge at least Adrian didn’t get ANY DNA information from Dr. K whatsoever; everything he knew, though, about the sequencing HE paid for, I shared with him because we have an NDA (Erickson and I) that allows us to share such information.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s the extent of my own knowledge at this point. I would point out, however, that FURTHER mtDNA testing may have revealed yet another “haplotype” of sasquai that ARE that far away from the CRS. If Erickson or someone else knows about this, however, I sincerely doubt that they have the data to support this claim, which was likely verbally transmitted, if at all.

I’ll believe it when I see the DATA on the mtDNA side. On the nuclear side, I absolutely believe the 37% of the way report; but not the 750 pair part. The differences on the nuclear side should be in the thousands or tens of thousands, not just in the tens or hundreds.

Lastly, while your write-up on what may have actually happened during the shooting incident, it is STILL just a story, at best third-hand. Also, as you point out, the story changes from time to time, so WHO KNOWS, really?

Personally, I don’t believe it but it may be true, I admit. Maybe I just don’t WANT to believe it. For sure, it does NOT match a sasquatch MO–eg. “running towards the truck, waving her arms”. A “normal” sasquatch Mom would IMMEDIATELY head into the bush and TAKE HER YOUNG AWAY AND HIDE. They are simply NOT confrontational.

Some day soon, I will visit my son in Truckee & take a drive up there to see if the terrain etc. matches the idea that “they were stuck on the roadway” & had nowhere else to get in our out.”

I’ll let you know–all of you.


Richard Stubstad



  1. Well, I don't doubt that this evidence is real. But, I've thought alot about it and, maybe, Bigfoot is a Homo Erectus hybrid. Then again, "Patty" looks pretty ape-like. Actually, almost all Sasqui look like apes and not ancient men. A couple of the stories tell of more of a man beast, but most say he looks like an ape. Now, is Sasquatch a Homo Erectus hybrid OR gigantopithecus? Maybe there are 2 very different creatures we're dealing with. I'm not sure, but Loren Coleman stated that "Bigfoot is an ancient man [Homo Erectus hybrid] and Yeti is an ape [gigantopethecus]" So, make your own conclusion, but I'm still sold that "Patty" is an ape. I also think that there is both a Homo Erectus hybrid and gigantopithecus. They, in my opinion, are both the cause of our plagues of sightings. The ancient man is more rare, I believe. So make a conclusion and tell me what you think. Thankyou!

  2. Oh, sorry I posted that comment as anonymous. My name is Dorothy and I'm 13 years old. I've studied bigfoot for a long time and I hope that my comments will be valued and thought about.

  3. Very smart for your age. Keep up the good work. Most folks will find your enlighted insight refeshing.
    Remember " Be willing to be wrong and prepared should you happen to be right".

  4. It is a shame that no one on this site, at least at what I have encountered so far, seeks free guidance from our CREATOR. Absolute believer in Bigfoot, not a believer in evolution. Yahweh tells us of this tribe that once were great builders, but would never inhabit their constructions anymore. Check out Esau getting his birthright stolen. Truth!

    1. I agree with you 110%. God,s word tells us repeatedly about the accounts of giants. The reason these investigators have so many dead end is due to the fact of the lie of evolution. There is not supporting evidence and there is NO fossil record. It is a lie that so many have fallen into. God's word gives us the answers and is a constant source of hope because of Jesus.

    2. I think your really pushing your conclusions.
      I've had 2 encounters with bigfoots and both times I was not only followed but I was hunting, and I'm told they know weapons?
      All i do know is i heard a sound and took aim and no sooner then i did that ,i heard a strange whistle behind me and i spun to see a 10foot tall blond bigfoot about 25ft from me . I was so shocked and scared that i actually dropped my rifle and backed up a bit while he jus stood there for what seemed like 30mins!
      I heard the other one moving away behind me and kinda turned to look and as soon as I turned back the big guy was not there..I got my weapon and started to head out of there and not sure if I could shoot something that seems so much like a human and if they wanted me dead I am sure I'd be long gone..

      Western Virginia near the Kentucky border really close to the river that runs between the 2 states really close to the old Hatfield and macoy area.
      Ps. I dont care if yall wanna say I'm lien ...I know what happened and I know there out there and should be left alone!

  5. There are many who talk about this "bigfoot" but who never go out and try to discover evidence. If they do they go stomping around, talking, wearing after shave, bright colored clothes. If this "whatever" exists it is very intelligent and operates at a human level. I am told by native americans here that they have a language similar to "Salish" or "Callam". If this "whatever" walks like a man, has human like footprints(no divergent toe), has a language and communicates then to me that does not sound like an "ape"!

  6. I am leaving soon to a very rugged and remote area in the Cascade mountains of Washington state. I am told by native americans that a tribe of these "whatever" live there and not to go there. If I do go there then do not spend the night there?? I plan to go for several days and nights. I am looking for one or two "experienced" people to go with me. If there are no "takers" I will go alone. I am former military (special forces) and if there is anything there I will find it!

  7. all this "proof" yet all we see are really obvious hoax videos of "bigfoot" online...

    i mean... how on earth do you expect anyone to believe you?

    proof. no proof = no bigfoot.

    if you have proof... show us already.

    1. You'll never get proof while the government is doing all they can to keep them hidden along with the truth!

  8. Bigfoot is the clan of Cain from the book of Genesis. After Cain committed the first murder God cursed him by making him a wanderer and vagabond on the earth. God put a mark on him also. The mark could be mutated DNA. In an ancient writing found in the caves of Qumran where the dead sea scrolls were found a scroll from the writing of Adam records the great grandson of Cain ( Lamech) killing cain. Lamech and his son were frightened because Cains appearance was that of an animal. In the Lost book of Enoch, Enoch the grandfather of Noah writes about Giants inhabiting the earth creating mass chaos. Other writings go on to tell of giant humans called the Watchers who created the Nephilim another race of giants and giant animals/creatures we call dinosaurs. These massive beings were created by Satan in order to destroy God's creation so God brought about the flood. Some did survive as we see in the account of Goliath and his sons. Many giant skeletons have been found and very recently. As soon as they are brought to the attention of the scientific community they dissapear. Satan is going to do whatever he can to keep your eyes of Jesus and what He did for us all.Check it out for yourselves .There is no such thing as a fossil record. Dont be fooled.

    1. Wow you really believe everything that sounds right to you ..for 1 how did Noah's grandfather write about them and both his writings and he are supposed to have made it past the flood ?
      And further more the giant in the bible that we all know david killed was before your flood not after!!
      The bible is pretty clear about the nephilem there not watchers ? There fallen angels who as the fallen are a demonic type and possessed men that were married in order to rape women and pass there demonic seed on hence maybe they were the giants or perhaps they are what we call bigfoot. Idk? But you should go out to the woods for like a week and experience them yourself. jus dont call on God to come save you when you see them!

  9. I was wondering when the "Mark of Cain" theology would pop up about this. That theology doesn't hold water. It's based on the "sons of God" being men and having sex with women and that led to them birthing giants. Google it and learn something. Another thing, never does it mention Satan being able to create. He's just an angel. Creation is the soul act of God. He's not omnipotent and doesn't have dominion over everything that people go on about. He can't be in all places at once so knock it off.

    Ok, back to the article. A large femur was found? This femur is suspected to be a possible bigfoot femur? There are no pics of it or no news of any legit institutions studying this? Don't you guys think that Meldrum would be all over this if it were true?

    More hype and no results. No one shot a bigfoot either. Remember the Georgia fellows with the costume in the freezer? Those guys knew what kind of money could be made from that stunt. Imagine the money a real dead bigfoot would bring in. I am inclined to believe that moral integrity would not win out over greed and fame in a situation like this. You can bet your ass if I killed a sasquatch that I wouldn at least have pics of it posted all over the internet.

    1. Cain was cursed before the Sons of God are mentioned in Genesis 6. Again you need to view the supporting texts that have been discovered in the caves of Qumran in light of Gods word. The Bible mentions these texts also such in Joshua with the book of Jasher (Book of Heroes) and the book of Enoch is mentioned also. The Jews were and are very familiar with these writings since they are considered history. You are right to say satan has no creative ability but he can manipulate. His goal is to destroy God’s creation. Gods Word puts everything into place. Again who can question these ancient writings since we were not there. Enoch was and he recorded what he witnessed. Enoch mentions fallen angels casting spells on animals and men creating a race of monsters. Please look into the writings such the lost book of Enoch, Jubilee, Jasher, the writings of Adam. They are not Gnostic writings since they are mentioned way before Gnosticism was formed. They are Jewish history books and to date have not been disputed. I would just check it out for your self. Joseph Lumpkin has researched these writings extensively and makes them available. Look at his credentials. More than that let the Holy Spirit be your guide and don’t be fooled by the evolutionist.

  10. Interesting post. What was even more interesting was the little squabble among the know it alls on Robert Lindsay's website. I just wish they'd hurry the hell up so I can prove to all my buddies that good ol' Squatchy does in fact exist.

  11. I believe these creatures to be Nephilim/giants, they are a mix of animal/human hybrids and are ancient relics which still breed and occupy cave systems.

  12. It is theorized that WE, man, displaced or hunted down and wiped out the Neandertals and others. If that theory holds credence, then would it be too far-fetched to think that some of those earlier hominids scattered to less populated areas, areas that are considered "uninhabitable" by modern man? It would give credence to their reluctance to associate with Humans, who earlier in time had tried to destroy them because man is not so good at co-existence.

    As to the Christian references, I find that frightening. The Mayan writings, a vast majority of them, were found and destroyed by Christians. Why? Did they hold some information that would have given us answers to the cosmos? That would have possibly shown that Christianity and polytheism were pretty much one and the same? Odin was called "All Father". Zeus was the central God in the Greek mythos, with all the demi-gods below him. Sounds like God and the Angels, doesn't it? All our religious accounts, monotheistic or polytheistic are all garnered from the same source, the same path, and was condensed into a singular higher power. I have read the dead sea scrolls, but like anything else in the realm of religious writings, is interpreted by man. Who is to say that what was actually written is interpreted correctly, or that certain organizations didn't change the writings to fit their beliefs?

    I believe in a higher power, in all its many names. But, likening bigfoot to a bunch of evil monsters is ludicrous. What would you have us do now? Hunt them down and exterminate them because you "believe" they are the creatures told of in an ancient text that may or may not be factual? We, as Human beings, need to recognize that just because we don't understand something doesn't mean we have to kill it out of fear.

  13. I believe some of the latest science on human evolution indicates that we – our ancestors - separated from the great apes something like 6.5to 7 million years ago. Following that there was some 4 million years in which bipeds radiated species-wise over part so Africa and Asia. Then some 3.5 million years ago, out of this fairly broad gene pool of bipeds came a line of evolution (Australopithecus, etc.) leading to humans. If this is all true, Sasquatch must be a holdover from the biped era, separate from the great apes and closer to humans, but not human. It would NOT be a great ape as some speculate, but it would not be human either, although it certainly might have many human characteristics, possibly including rudimentary language.

  14. Strongly recommend you watch this - I found it to be very enlightening.

  15. Wonderful post. and you Nice used words in this article and beautifully post it.


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