FB/FB: Blobsquatch watches kid do circles on ATV

BF watches Kid do circles on ATV. Stands up and lopes into woods 

One of the blurriest break-down videos from Facebook Find Bigfoot. We put this in the blobsquatch category because there is no "brown" bigfoot in this footage.

Uploaded by TeamYin on Jul 26, 2011
Another ATV video, this one with a kid. "like moths to a flame" Find a forest, with hills, streams and game. Then run a kid with an ATV and presto! a BF.

This took a ton of effort to authenticate. We took many photo's of each step and enhanced them to determine if there was a pause at top. Yep. this is real.

The term "blobsquatch" refers to any vaguely bigfoot-shaped mass seen (or not) in an otherwise unremarkable photograph of trees. This also means "blurry indistinct objects in photos that could either be a real, live Bigfoot or, well, a branch, a shadow, a rock, a tree stump, a smudge on the lens, etc."


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