Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage Caught on I-Phone, or is it?

No. It's not Bigfoot, but these bears are so cute!

There is much debate and skepticism about false identification of Bigfoot. There are many that hold with the idea that Bigfoot sightings are nothing more than a bear that has been miss-identified by a person unfamiliar with wildlife. Looking at this footage, it seems unlikely a person could confuse Bigfoot with a bear. For bears, the ears stand straight up. In every instance, you see the ears clearly.

Uploaded by BIGFOOTBUBBA on Jul 26, 2011
I apologize for not being able to edit this piece, but I was so proud of the Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage I caught on my I- Phone in Eastern Tennessee I had to share it on Youtube. Hope you enjoy the Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage I caught on my I-Phone


  1. it shows as private. Kinda hard to watch a private video. I am glad however that you are proud of your private video.


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