Erickson Project: Clarification on the Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies, Friend of Shooter Responds

On Monday, Robert Lindsay sent me a link to his article about an extraordinary claim by a man known as "Bear Hunter". This man tells a tale of another hunter who during an illegal bear hunting season shot and killed two Bigfoots. He said the man knew the larger creature he shot wasn't a bear because it was standing upright and waving it's arms. As we read the story, it became more intriguing and started to sound like the National Inquirer magazine interviews. It went into great details about how this man has killed over a 1000 bears in his lifetime, and how he might have chopped up the bodies and threw it into his freezer for safekeeping.

One Bigfoot he shot was just a juvenile and actually died in the shooter's arms. "The hunter said that two small creatures, 'half-bear and half-ape,' appeared sometimes on two legs and sometimes on four legs. They got aggressive with him and moved very close to him. At one point, one got on a ledge above him and seemed to be threatening it. He shot it out of fear it was going to attack him," said Bear Hunter.

On the same day Lindsay's article was posted, Cryptomundo picked it up and re-posted it on their website. A reader named Derek Randles, founder of the Olympic Project decided to comment and gave some clarity to this story:
RWRidley responds:

June 28th, 2011 at 8:41 am

The discussion on BF Forum about this is interesting and intense. There’s a poster named “Derekfoot” who claims to know the shooter. Apparently, the existence of bodies is overstated a bit. He writes:

“It’s also very important to note, he never gave Sasquatch a second thought. He was a complete skeptic. Because of his unfamiliarity with the Bigfoot subject he had no idea of what he was looking at through his riffle site. He assumed that it was a very strange looking bear that was standing on it’s hind legs. In his mind that’s all it could have been, a bear. When the bullet hit its mark, it started to become apparent that it wasn’t a bear. It did not drop right there, it ran off. They thought they heard it crash in the brush but did not see it go down. Things started getting very weird at this point. Two smaller creatures appeared from the brush, sometimes on two feet, and sometimes on all fours. In his description they looked like a cross between an ape and a bear. They got very close to him and at one point one positioned itself above him on a outcrop. He shot it out of fear of being attacked. Probably the same thing I would have done in the given circumstance. When I’m in the wilderness I always pack a gun to protect my self from wild, sometimes unpredictable animals. There are a few times I thanked God I had it. This was starting to feel like a nightmare to him and he quickly left trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened.

It’s very important to note that he doesn’t feel good about this incident. As a matter of fact he felt terrible. This was a case of miss-identification plane and simple.

At a later date a search was carried out at the site and a piece of flesh was recovered. NOT A BODY, only a small piece of flesh witch was later cut in two pieces, hence the cut line. I’ll say it one more time, no body’s were found or recovered.”



  1. Interesting. If this is in regards to the Smeja case, the story changes yet again!

    Smeja CLAIMS he was hunting legally and had tags, yet his behavior described in his interview was more like an illegal hunter.

    The description of why he shot the juvenile was quite different from his own.

    Was this friend THERE or recipient of Smeja's first story, and holding to what he was told? He'd be the most honest thing about the Smeja case, as Smeja's story changes with shifts in the wind.

    Need more first hand info from someone who isn't making stuff up!

    1. presumably its only a matter of time before the guy is seen as a liar or genuine. I would guess its the first one! It will be a bear! Thats why he passed the poly! If he did in fact take it,its just his word that he did! Who knows. All he would have to do is replace the word bear with BF[esp[ecialy if it were an abnormal bear in some way/size/appearance ] and he would pass a polygraph test.

      I think most people know it will be the same outcome as the Georgia hoaxers IE This guy will say it was a joke,he never thought people would take seriously, and it 'got out of hand'.
      For me in his interview on here,he is cleary laughing at the fact he is being taken seriously! All he has done is hand in a clump of hair covered something! we dont know!
      For me why didnt he take a pic there and then. Why didnt he throw the juvinle into his truck. why was there no sign of the 10ft one! wtf! it just dissappeared.

      There are red flagseverywhere
      The guy is a chancer who will make a few grand out of this in the way of books,interviews etc.. Then the DNA will say its a bear or inconclusive[the usual one] and he dissappear.

      Maybe its time we all admitted there isnt a shred of evidence this thing exists. we'd all love it too. The fact its 100 of years later and we have zip suggests this.
      Obviously eye witness testomony isnt worth anything.If it were then loch ness monster is real as vicars,police etc..all testify to seeing oit over the years. It cleary nonsense. same as BF


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