Could Bigfoot Live In The Desert?

Leonardo! Just kidding. Turtles are one of the few sources of protein found in desert climates, such as Southern California. It doesn't seem likely a bigfoot could survive in such conditions, yet the stories live on. One such story being of the "Yucca Man".


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    1. "iktomi"---what a silly little "man" you are with your fake indian name pretending that there are 10 foot tall hairy men in other men's country.

    2. Iktomi..caucasian playing indian looking for bigfoot.

      Abholi Fala..caucasian playing indian looking for bigfoot.

      See a trend?

    3. Your obsession with iktomi is as annoying as his with bigfoot!

    4. ^ I hear it isn`t Joe`s obsession with bigfoot that is the problem...but because he is major arse.

  2. Well if Native Americans lived in those areas why not Bigfoot?

    1. Who do you think moves those huge boulders across those dry lake beds? dumass.


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