Too Close To Bigfoot

From NvTv, a look at some close up bigfoot encounters caught on video. Check them out and see what you think.


  1. This video wasn’t very lovely.
    Just a tip... include the time stamp to where we can FF to
    because watching 20 minutes of a video to catch a fleeting glimpse of a shadow at 19:45
    is kind of a big waste of time.
    Don’t you think?

    1. ^ particularly when the whole issue of "bigfoot" [haha how ludicrous] is a total lie of ridiculous proportions, yes.

    2. bigfoot is real, you say it because you don't investigate

    3. Argh yes of course! For thousands of years, the subject has been propagated by a culture-hopping secret society of gorilla suit wearing, conspiratorial liars. These people, though finding each others customs undesirable, and spanning from a time when people in North America didn't even know what a non-human primate‘s appearance and behaviour looked like, have in fact managed to lie-up the exact same anatomical and behavioural traits across major geographical divide, as well as cheat experts with fake morphological traits that are consistent with homo erectus trackways in trace evidence too!!

      You know what they say about people who adhere to conspiracy theories, don’t you?

    4. the conspiracy theories are just people who make up stories that involve the political or historical side. Also, you have proof that there is a secret society of liars and gorilla suits?
      You don't believe either for the simple fact that you have never been to a forest, you are only there waiting for some internet news to come out that ratifies your answer.

    5. It was too sarcastic, i know there are secret societies, but they have never tried one that involves gorillas suits.
      There are people who are believers because they have seen the real creature. The non believers are usually those who have not even gone out into a forest and see them for themselves. That's why the phrase ''seeing is believing''

    6. ^ I`m afraid that the Joe/Iktomi boy poster is a very bitter person who can`t bear the thought of anybody believing a thing he doesn`t...they might be right and he just couldn`t handle that at he hides his insecurities by being nasty and bitter...that`s his idea of being "sarcastic"...which as we all can very well see is merely his vile persona making a showing.

    7. “... a very bitter person who can`t bear the thought of anybody believing a thing he doesn`t...”

      Wouldn’t that perfectly describe someone who’s at a Bigfoot blog harassing others daily about what they’re convinced by? Do you have any self-awareness at all among that chronic narcissism you reek of?

      I can assure you PS, I suffer from no concern about you being right about much. You’ve had ten years to convince someone around here that the thousands of years of anthropological data, three databases of modern reports and 80 years of accompanying physical evidence is based on nothing but a lie. All the while obsessing over a subject you apparently “don’t believe in.”

      Safe to say you’re a complex little fella hanging on to some demons. One can only hope that one day you’ll find some peace.

    8. I don't care if he says something is not real with the simple fact that he has never decided to verify it himself as real researchers.
      No one has to listen to the DNA samples made by scientists who simply stay there in their laboratories as good children instead of taking a simple walk in the forest to see the real creature.
      And also the newspaper articles that claim that ''there's no evidence'' only with the simple fact that they pay attention to people who are not believers who stay at home every day instead of going to see the real bigfoot for themselves.

    9. ^ Iktomi Joe is way too lazy to travel to the woods to verify anything for himself.

    10. Bingo ! Iktomi really knows how to own PS !



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