Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter

From the Bigfoot Case Files comes a terrifying and gruesome bigfoot encounter story. Check it out.


  1. The problem with this website is that it mixes BS bigfoot stories with legitimate bigfoot information. The most deceitful kind of lie is when it is mixed with some truth.

    As Charlie Chan said, "Truth like oil. Always comes to surface."

    Do we have to go to other bigfoot sites to see only the "oil" and not the BS too? I've been asking myself this off and on for weeks now. We can't keep supporting truth, half-truths, and outright lies, can we? What kind of bigfoot enthusiasts would we be if we continue to visit websites that also peddle BS?

  2. I hope BF and Dogman rip Trump to shreds. The lousy bastard gave more money to his fish pals and himself instead of giving tax paying Americans $2000 a month like the Canadian government is doing. Thanks for the measly $1200 one time asswipe.

    1. Let go of the hate. Don't give in to the power of the dark side.

      What is an ass wipe? Is that like an ass clown or an ass hat? Or are they different? As an expert on the topic, you're the one to ask.

    2. Hey Einstein, the $1200 was from Congress, not the "lousy bastard" Trump. Why don't you spend some time educating yourself on how the US government works.

      Regarding bigfoot, are sasquatches more like apes or more like humans? If they are a type of human, doesn't that make them eligible for a stimulus check?

    3. Typical low IQ democrat ^

    4. So - are you REALLY saying that the vile and corrupt defender of rapists and embezzlers Hillary Clinton should have won the election?

      No, of course you are not...so shut the foc up then.

    5. ^^ @ 7:27

      are there any other kind?


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