Bigfoot On Native Land

Troy Hudson joins the She Squatchers to talk about his bigfoot experiences in Oklahoma that started at an early age.


  1. She Squatchers have big feet !

  2. I flew down from Canada and went on a bigfoot tour in Hanobia, Oaklahoma withTroy ,what a guy !!!.He know s so much about the topic and is as humble as they come . he speaks the truth and is one of the nicest persons in the bigfoot community , listen up pilgrims ...ALL THE BEST TROY...

    1. Is Troy the strange looking freak with the long grey beard in the bottom left corner?

    2. Don't know much about Troy but he does seem like a top bloke who knows his stuff ! i'd luv to talk bigfoot with him anytime . Maybe this year as i'm planning to visit the states finally and do some squatching in the wilds



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