Top 5 Bigfoot Finds of the Past Decade

The Blue Mountain Bigfoot Research group presents their top 5 finds of the past decade. Check it out.


  1. Ha ha ha ha - everyone needs to watch this from the beginning to the end. This comes from a Bigfoot BELIEVER!

  2. Iktomi loses weight! Sees penis for first time in eleven years.

  3. Number 3. Giant Sasquatch turd. Found in Spring 1998 this "log" astounded scientists when discovered by Justin Smeja. "The damn things as thick as my thigh and as long as shin bone". Weighing in at a whopping 48 lbs.

  4. The Skookum cast.

    The National Geographic documentary in which they did an in depth examination of the Patterson film and concluded that the footage does not show a human in a suit/costume.

    Dozens of credible eyewitness accounts.


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