Dogman Encounters

A dogman witness talks about the two encounters he has had, including one where he was actually grabbed by a dogman.


  1. The rise of the Dogman is imminent.
    These demons have been breeding and planning for their foretold release on the world. Soon the order will be given and these creatures will be unleashed on humanity. Those with the mark of God will be spared but those without will be devoured. Revelation says "locusts" but the original translation from Aramic, Greek and Latin reveals that locust or Loki means ravenous appetite wolfmen. July 4 2020 is when America will be destroyed by a cataclysmic event. Make the most of the time you have left.

    1. ....whereas JokeTomi is a real dogsbreathboy

      - true story

  2. Famed Area 51 employee Bob Lazar has apparently gone rogue and stolen an alien craft. If you see Mr. Lazar do not approach. He is considered armed and dangerous. Please call Duncan at once.

  3. Apparently Al and Duncan Bielek have returned from the year 2026. The Bielek bros. reveal a shocking message to humanity. Aliens will land on the White House law in July 2020. They are here to help mankind and have brought an ancient scroll which details how humans were created by using pig, ape and Neanderthal DNA. The scroll is currently being deciphered by a Quantam computer.

  4. URGENT UPDATE - Scientists at Los Alamos and Wright Patterson are rejoicing after breaking the Alien code on the scroll. Apparently the title page reads "To Serve Man". Impromptu celebrations have been reported across the Scientific community at the Lockheed Skunk works, Groom Lake, and underneath the Denver airport. Primatologist Todd Disotel is quoted as saying " Wow, just wow! I can't believe I lived long enough to witness this interspecies shindig". Dr. Jack Finke of McMaster U in Hamilton says " In your face" Dr. and Mrs. Squatch"

  5. Admiral Byrd of Antarctic fame has left behind an encrypted document says NASA spokesperson Cally Homet yesterday during a press briefing. "We have the best minds in the Scientific community working on this enigma Ms. HHomet reported yesterday at JPL in Pasadena. Preliminary analysis reveal Trump to be the Antichrist and Pence Baalzebul. "Yes I'm a demon Pence admitted to the whitehouse press corp. "Anyone got a problem with it?", Pence responded after spewing fire and setting the lectern with the Presidential seal on fire.

  6. Cyanocephali are dogheaded peoples of legend or are they?
    Marco Polo, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Mohhamed all claimed to see these creatures and interact with them. Different from todays Dogman these gentle creatures were silk weavers and wore pant suits.


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