25 Times People Sworn They Saw Bigfoot

From the list25 channel on youtube, 25 times people have sworn they encountered bigfoot.


  1. Did Albert Ostman have any evidence/support for his story?

    1. C'mon - everyone knows people who have Bigfoot encounters NEVER lie or are mistaken. By God - they seen what they seen and that's proof enough!

    2. People lie. People are sometimes mistaken.

      However... Your role playing requires for every single eyewitness, even instances of multiple eyewitnesses at one time... spanning thousands of years transcending cultures and from a time when people didn’t even know what non-human primates looked like... to be bunk. Not only is that an impossible amount of people accounting for every single last credible background possible, but there is the problem of physical evidence that ticks every box necessary for a living breathing mammal being pointed to.

      "The two things that are fact & that cannot be disputed, not knowledgeably disputed anyway... Is that something makes enormous footprints that indicate enormous weight, and there are thousands of people whose word would not be questioned on any other subject, who tell of seeing a huge hair covered biped in North America. And science cannot explain that fact and isn't trying to."
      - John Green


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