Television Crew Scour Oregon Woods For Bigfoot

The Travel Channel's Expedition Bigfoot team spent three weeks in the Oregon woods looking for the creature.
A man crouches on the Oregon forest floor late at night, peering between the trees for signs of nocturnal life. The scene is pitch-black but his face and hands are visible in infrared footage, and he scans the landscape with a thermal camera, looking for a heat signature that would indicate he isn't alone.

Suddenly, a red blob emerges in the distance.

"Do you see that?" he whispers. "It's something big."

But could it be Bigfoot, North America's fabled apelike creature? That's the question this man — author and explorer Russell Acord — and his colleagues are trying to answer, in the new Travel Channel documentary series "Expedition Bigfoot," premiering tonight (Dec. 8) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. I was devastated when RPG was rushed to the hospital and couldn't continue on with the expedition. I was crying.

    I hope the rest of them find bigfoot (fingers crossed).

    1. RPG sounds like role playing game , hope that isn't what they are doing out there. Watched the first episode and it's not much different then the other "bigfoot hunting " shows except they seem to be spending a lot more time in the same area . Have to admit mate , i felt the loss when RPG went down but at least he didn't end up like JFK


    2. I thought RPG was rocket propelled grenade.

  2. Can someone explain how you can use a complicated algorithm to predict where a bigfoot is expected to be? It sounds like a bunch of horse shit.

    1. ....not only that but how could they expect to film a Bigfoot when it could simply cloak itself by turning it's hair clear?

    2. Yeah, I'm also calling horseshit on that bigfoot algorithm.


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