Police Encounters With Bigfoot

Sometimes bigfoot crosses paths with the long arm of the law. Check out these encounters between bigfoot and the police.

Among the various supposed witnesses of the giant hairy man of the Northwest, Bigfoot, we have accounts from people from all walks of life. There truly is a vast spectrum of sightings that run the range of locales and witnesses, some which are intriguing and some which are bordering on the absurd. Yet, one type of report that always catches the attention are those made by the men and women of law enforcement. After all, these are trained professionals usually not out looking for the strange or hairy ape-men, so when they come forward with their own accounts, people tend to listen. Here is a selection of odd encounters with police officers in which they came across something for which their experience and training did not prepare them for.

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  1. My cousin is an OPP officer in Northern Ontario. (Equal to a Sherriff in the States). and about 15 years ago He responded to a burglary in progress. When he got to the house he found the owner cowering inside surrounded by an arsenal of weapons. The front porch was littered with 30.06 and 12 gauge shot shells. He didn't see the creature but he took pics of the footprints with a flashlight to shoe scale. They were about 17". Fish and Game got involved and told him that they were aware of these creatures and there were other "much worse" things in the bush but would not say anything more. I wish I knew what he meant by that!, Dogman, Wendigo, Rake who knows? I wish I did.

    1. ^ I would like to hear any of the details if you know them.

  2. There is a bigfoot who has been arrested seven times for public intoxic nation. His name is Rutger and we are staging an intervention for Feb 7. Hopefully he will accept the help and go to Passages Malibu for 90 days.


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