Interview With Expedition Bigfoot Cast Members

Check out this interview with Expedition Bigfoot cast members Bryce Johnson and Russell Accord.

Horror News Network: How did each of you get involved with Expedition Bigfoot?

Bryce Johnson: I spoke to my friend Tim Healy, who is a TV producer known for Death Valley, The Hunt, American Daredevils, and many others, about wanting to get into the Bigfoot game with a new documentary series. He knew I had a big interest in Bigfoot through my film Willow Creek and my podcast, Bigfoot Collector’s Club.

Russell Acord: I was into Bigfoot ever since I first saw the Patterson film. I’ve written a few books on the subject and organized The International Bigfoot Conference and I’ve always wanted to do more active research in the wild.

HNN: There are many Bigfoot series on the air right now, so what makes Expedition Bigfoot unique?

Johnson: It is an extremely exciting time for Bigfoot research. It seems like every day there are new stories about Bigfoot; there were two recent articles about two teenage kids recording some very convincing howls and another about a dogman/Bigfoot sighting. It’s never been a better time and it feels like a sighting will occur at any time.

With other programs about Bigfoot, the researchers show up to the sighting location after the fact . On Expedition Bigfoot, we use a complex algorithm that analyzes where and when sightings are likely to occur and get there before Bigfoot. The team spent three weeks in habitation in the same location so the wildlife and Bigfoot could get used to the the people. It was a way to get ahead of the sighting and be a part of it.

Acord: It’s a unique idea to stay in the same location for the entire season and really dig in. You’re not only spending a weekend on location; we get to show everything we do, and get down and dirty.

Johnson: The team are no strangers to spending time in the wilderness and this is a location where no one would want to trek, and one with a very small human population.

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  1. Pseudo Cliff and pseudo Matt.

    1. + paedo Joe and paedo Iktomi ... although they are the same sad old creepy guy

  2. Acord: "With all episodes being filmed in one great, large piece of land, a trace of land, it offered a great opportunity to capture footage and experiences"......and cut down production costs - LOL!

    I will guarantee they will find something.....not that there is anything to find but they have to come up with something to keep viewers interested. With lack of anything solid they will turn to the paranormal for explanation just watch and see.

    1. skeptics love to wear the Blevins monkey suit to bed. it's kinda like a comfort blanket to them while they count sheep or whatever bloody animals they do to nod off


    2. Rumferlife/Edward Nolan and all the other names he goes by... has a Blevins onesie he gets hammered in and then finally falls unconscious at the desktop.

    3. ^ here hoping for the fart jokes

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  4. The woman looks quite a bit like bigfoot, or is it just the duck lip injections?

    1. How did Albert Ostman describe the adult female in the bigfoot family?


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