The Scarred Bigfoot

From the Buckeye Bigfoot channel, The Scarred Bigfoot of Lake Vesuvius. A story about a bigfoot that has a hunger for fish.


  1. Why does this seem like a made up BS story?

    1. Because it has nothing to back it up. Ever notice how most of these stories provide nothing you can verify? Names remain anonymous, locations are very general, the story related has often occurred years or decades ago etc. We are just asked to believe these stories in good faith and that every word is exactly as it happened. Well, people lie, memories fade and something misidentified is turned into a Bigfoot. Unless you have some flesh and blood evidence to back up your story it remains just that - a story nothing more.

    2. Yup. The vast majority of bigfoot stories are non-verifiable BS. But bigfoot makes millions of dollars annually, including people who make a living with bigfoot. As long as money can be made, bigfoot will continue to "exist."

    3. Exactly. It's in many's financial interest to keep the legend alive. After all you can tailor it anyway you wish and no one can dispute it because there is no living representative. This gives you a lot of leeway in marketing it. For many others they just wish to join in socially and belong to a group who will readily accept them as long as they don't question. Still others just want to have fun with it and will go to an occasional Bigfoot convention for amusement.


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