Woman Gets Dragged By Bigfoot

From the PacWest Bigfoot channel on youtube: (Updated) Young Woman Gets Dragged While In Tent By Bigfoot...

It’s one thing to play with the idea that Bigfoot “might” exist, it is a whole other to have not just one, but two of them drag your tent with you in it! I know it sounds extraordinary, and it was to tell you the truth, and it is what happened that spring break to me in northern California. And yes, I thought at the time I was in mortal danger. Here is my encounter, and I hope it keeps you safe…


  1. Khat Hansen was dragged away once when she was on an archeology dig in Central America. The BF clan kept her for six years and she became the clans Medicine Woman. She also works for the UN as a special ambassador between humans and BF.

  2. She also was instrumental in development of the Manhattan Project when she tells the story about how Al Bielek and his brother Duncan were told that they were to transport her through a time machine in 1991 back to 1944 where she attempted to persuade Emperor Hirohito to surrender before the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

    1. It’s also a little known fact that in the 1960’s, Khat Hansen owned a film development lab in Yakima, Washington and that after Patterson and Gimlin airmailed the Patty film to Al Deatley, he took it to Khat Hansen who developed the famous footage and she kept an original copy which she retains to this day. PGF timeline problem solved!

    2. "little known" because it ain`t true - as has been shown

  3. Absouletly correct. She has mentioned this on World Bigfoot Radio.


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