Skalkaho Giants

From World Bigfoot Radio - 

A teaser of just a tiny portion of the Sasquatch Overkill of the upcoming episodes documenting the 1st annual Top of the Continent Sasquatch Expedition! This part filmed Saturday afternoon, August 18 2019 @ about 7,000ft. in the Sapphire mountains with Michael Matt and Duke.


  1. THIS from a year ago - talk about running out of ideas

  2. Its also from Puke Sullivan who has the credibility of Wesley Germer.

    1. Germer then Bob Garrett then the Pukester are all BS artists.

  3. Dude used to look like Brad Pitt till he ran into a FACE EATER.

  4. Dude on Vics show was forced to blow a dogman.

  5. Yup his hair turned grey instantly and he soiled his disagrees and only talked gibberish for the rest of his short life.

  6. The most well hung researcher is Kelly Shaw, I was told by a BF groupie that he has an honest 12 inches and wide as a tuna can. Least Impressive Reo. 4 max and thin like a baby carrot. He's very very sensitive about it.


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