The Ohio Grassman

From Dogman Narratives: The Ohio Grassman

The Ohio Grassman is a legend that has has been around for nearly 150 years in Ohio. The first sightings date back to 1869.The Grassman is similar to Bigfoot It's a large, hairy, bipedal creature. However, its behavior and habits set it apart from typical Bigfoot tales. The Grassman seems to largely eat tall grasses. Which is where the Grassman gets it's name from. The Grassman and other bigfoot encounters, are often seen around farms and fields. Eating tall grass such as wheat. The BFRO has done many bigfoot research around this area. The Grassman is very similar to a skunk ape, but reports show it being slightly shorter. Ohio State University is not that only thing that is famous in the state of Ohio now.


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