The Mystery of the Three-Toed Bigfoot

From The Mystery of the Three-Toed Bigfoot

Fifteen-year-old Doris Harrison got the fright of her life in July 1972 as she stood in the kitchen of her family home at the foot of Marzolf Hill in the tiny town of Louisiana, Missouri. When she last checked, her brothers Terry, 8, and Wally, 5, were chasing their dog through the trees, but sudden screams brought Doris’s attention to the window. A bipedal monster about seven feet tall covered in hair stood at the edge of the yard as her brothers ran toward the house. The creature, its face obscured, held a dead dog under its arm.
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  1. Three toed bipedal cryptids have a long and sordid history in America. Starting after the Jerry Crew flap of the late 50's three toed bipedal hominids have been making occasional appearences throughout America. However like other cryptids like BF, Dogman, Ghouls and the like, these creatures are leaving a lot of tracks and they're most certainly in the midst of a population explosion. It would seem logical that these are the so called "beasts of the earth" who eat 1/3 of mankind.

  2. Oh and by the way they like nice young tender meat. ( like Stuey).

    1. If that's true then Puke, Skat, Jerry Cline, Ron Sewerhead, and most other footers are safe.


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