Minnesota Bigfoot Sightings

Check out the recent bigfoot activity in St. Louis County, Minnesota, as featured on the radio channel B105.

There have been several Bigfoot sightings in St. Louis County - 19 to be exact!

The last one was on April 26th of 2018. Bigfoot was spotted 2 and a half miles south of MN Highway 73 and Highway 53 North near Cook, Minnesota.

According to the report, the witness saw a "large brown animal sitting on the north side of the road in the grassy area of the ditch." After a few seconds, the animal stood up and took a few steps to cross the road. The grass where the creature had been was patted down.

The report also says the creature was about 7 to 8 feet tall. It all went down around 2:15 in the afternoon.

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  1. Will the real GooglyEyes Gollumn please stand up.



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