Every Night It Came To Their Cabin

Sstories on youtube shares another round of "slow burn" bigfoot encounter stories for your entertainment.


  1. Reuters-Reuters announced today that Osama Bin Laden's son Hazmat the de-facto leader of Al-Queda since his Father's death in 2013 was neutralized by Bigfoot enthusiast and CIA operative Jerry Cline. Cline is quoted as saying 'I blowed up that raghead, I blowed him up real good". President Trump in a tweet later in the day called Cline an example of white men's courage in dealing with savages". With Cline's credentials now confirmed he said he will be retiring to Florida to "kick it with Fat-Sano".

    1. i knew there was sumpin SPOOKY about Jerry...

  2. And every night their camera and cell phones were always out of reach. I hate when that happens.


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